CPHS'16 1st IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems 7-9 December 2016, Florianopolis, Brazil

1st IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems
December 7-9, 2016, Florianopolis, Brazil

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CPHS'16 Keyword Index

A   B   C   D   E   F   I   N   P   R   S   U  

Advanced control design-linear, non-linear, stochastic, large scale control systemsFrAT.2, FrCT.4, FrCT.5, ThAT.1, ThBT.2, WeAT.2
Aircraft control, Human-Machine interaction in aircraftThAT.1, ThAT.2, ThAT.4, ThBT.4, ThCT.1, ThCT.2, ThCT.3, ThCT.5, WeBT.4
Assistive devicesFrAT.1, FrAT.2, FrAT.5, FrCT.6, WeBT.3, WeCT.2
Assistive roboticsFrAT.6, FrCT.6, WeBT.2, WeBT.3, WeBT.5
Automotive cooperated control (ADAS, etc)WeCT.2, WeCT.3
Biomedical implantsFrAT.3
Cognitive controlFrCT.2, ThAT.2, ThAT.3, ThAT.5, ThBT.5, WeAT.4, WeBT.3, WeCT.1
Comfort control in homesWeAT.5, WeAT.6
Control in hazardous environmentsWeAT.2
Decision-support for human operatorsFrAT.1, FrCT.2, ThAT.2, ThAT.3, ThAT.5, ThBT.1, ThBT.5, ThCT.4, WeAT.1, WeAT.2, WeAT.3, WeBT.1, WeBT.4, WeBT.5, WeCT.1
Flexible manufacturingThBT.3, WeBT.5
Intelligent road transportationWeCT.2, WeCT.3, WeCT.4, WeCT.5
NeurostimulationFrAT.1, FrAT.2, FrAT.3, FrAT.5, FrAT.6
Potential impact of automation and open problemsFrCT.4, FrCT.6, ThBT.2, ThBT.4, ThBT.5, WeBT.1
Process plant operationThAT.3, ThBT.1, ThBT.2, ThBT.3
Public policiesThAT.5, WeAT.1, WeAT.3
Remote operation of robotic teamsFrCT.1
Rescue roboticsFrCT.2, FrCT.3
Semi-autonomous and mixed-initiative systemsFrCT.1, FrCT.4, ThAT.1, WeBT.2, WeBT.4, WeCT.1, WeCT.3
Shared controlWeBT.1, WeBT.2
Smart citiesWeAT.1, WeAT.6, WeCT.4
Smart Grid and Demand ResponseWeAT.3, WeAT.5
Smart infrastructureThBT.3, WeAT.4, WeAT.5, WeAT.6
Spacecraft controlThBT.4, ThCT.2, ThCT.5
Urban mobilityWeCT.4, WeCT.5




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