Universität Magdeburg
Magdeburg, Germany
October 9-12, 2016
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Last updated on September 29, 2016. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday October 12, 2016

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WePMP Plenary Session, Nave Add to My Program 
Diego Di Bernardo  
08:30-09:15, Paper WePMP.1 Add to My Program
Controlling Gene Expression from Inducible Promoters in Yeast and Mammalian Cells
di Bernardo, Diego (TIGEM)
WeKMP Keynote Session, Nave Add to My Program 
Birgit Schöberl  
09:15-09:45, Paper WeKMP.1 Add to My Program
From Systems Biology to Systems Medicine
Schöberl, Birgit (Merrimack)
WeCMP Coffee, Nave Add to My Program 
Coffee Break WM  
WeM1 Regular Session, Nave Add to My Program 
Systems Medicine  
10:20-10:40, Paper WeM1.1 Add to My Program
Optimum Experimental Design for Patient Specific Mathematical Leukopenia Models
Jost, Felix (Otto-Von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg), Rinke, Kristine (Otto-Von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg), Fischer, Thomas (Univ. Hospital Magdeburg), Schalk, Enrico (Univ. Hospital Magdeburg), Sager, Sebastian (Otto-Von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg)
10:40-11:00, Paper WeM1.2 Add to My Program
Modelling the Dynamics of Liver Renewal During Homeostasis and Regeneration
Cook, Daniel (Univ. of Delaware), Ogunnaike, Babatunde A. (Univ. of Delaware), Vadigepalli, Rajanikanth (Thomas Jefferson Univ)
11:00-11:20, Paper WeM1.3 Add to My Program
Mathematical Modelling the Decision Making of Lung Epithelial Cells under Infection
Santos Rosales, Guido (FAU Univ. Nürnberg-Erlangen), Lai, Xin (Erlangen Univ. Hospital), Vera-Gonzalez, Julio (Univ. Erlangen)
11:20-11:40, Paper WeM1.4 Add to My Program
Inferring Causal Gene Targets from Time Course Expression Data
Noh, Heeju (ETH Zurich, Swiss Inst. of Bioinformatics), Hua, Ziyi (ETH Zurich), Gunawan, Rudiyanto (ETH Zurich, Swiss Inst. of Bioinformatics)
WeKAP Keynote Session, Nave Add to My Program 
Edda Klipp  
11:40-12:10, Paper WeKAP.1 Add to My Program
Yeast Mating in Space and Time
Klipp, Edda (Humboldt-Univ. Zu Berlin)
WeClP Closing, Nave Add to My Program 




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