9th IFAC International Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control, 24-27 June, 2019, Orléans, France
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Last updated on June 30, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday June 25, 2019

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TuPL Plenary Session, Chambord Add to My Program 
"Is There Nothing As Practical As a Good Theory?" Some Personal Experiences
and Reflections on Practicing Automatic Control at Robert Bosch GmbH
Chair: Dugard, LucGipsa-Lab, CNRS Grenoble-INP-Université Grenoble Alpes
TuAT1 Regular Session, Chambord Add to My Program 
Autonomous Vehicle Control  
Chair: Melchior, PierreUniversité Bordeaux 1 - IPB/ENSEIRB-MATMECA
Co-Chair: Jeong, JongryeolArgonne National Laboratory
10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT1.1 Add to My Program
A Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicles Using Big Data Analysis
Fényes, Dániel (MTA SZTAKI Institute for Computer Science and Control), Nemeth, Balazs (MTA SZTAKI), Gaspar, Peter (MTA SZTAKI)
10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT1.2 Add to My Program
Robust Lateral Control of Cars : Towards a Reduction of Pessimism and an Easy Trade-Off between Performance, Comfort and Robustness
Mustaki, Simon (IMT Atlantique/ LS2N / Renault), Chevrel, Philippe (IMT Atlantique / LS2N), Yagoubi, Mohamed (Ecole Des Mines De Nantes (IRCCyN)), Fauvel, François (Renault), Kvieska, Pedro (Renault SAS)
11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT1.3 Add to My Program
Case Study on Model Free Determination of Optimal Trajectories in Highly Automated Driving
Mutlu, Ilhan (IAV GmbH), Freese, Matthias (IAV GmbH), Mustafa, Khaled Alaaeldin Abdelfattah (University of Twente), Schrödel, Frank (IAV GmbH)
11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT1.4 Add to My Program
Driver-Centred Autonomous Vehicle Motion Control within a Blended Corridor
Wei, Chongfeng (University of Leeds), Hajiseyedjavadi, Foroogh (University of Leeds), Romano, Richard (University of Leeds), Merat, Natasha (University of Leeds), Boer, Erwin (Entropy Control, Inc)
11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT1.5 Add to My Program
Automated Vehicles in Hazardous Merging Traffic: A Chance-Constrained Approach
Dollar, Robert Austin (Clemson University), Vahidi, Ardalan (Clemson Univ)
12:10-12:30, Paper TuAT1.6 Add to My Program
Implementation of Model Predictive Control into Closed-Loop Micro-Traffic Simulation for Connected Automated Vehicle
Jeong, Jongryeol (Argonne National Laboratory), Kim, Namdoo (Argonne National Laboratory), Karbowski, Dominik (Argonne National Laboratory), Rousseau, Aymeric (Argonne National Laboratory)
TuAT2 Invited Session, Chenonceau Add to My Program 
Vehicle Suspension Control I  
Chair: Sename, OlivierGrenoble Institute of Technology / GIPSA-Lab
Co-Chair: Gaspar, PeterMTA SZTAKI
Organizer: Sename, OlivierGrenoble Institute of Technology / GIPSA-Lab
Organizer: Gaspar, PeterMTA SZTAKI
10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT2.1 Add to My Program
Effect of Fractional Order Damping Control on Braking Performance for Electric Vehicles (I)
Termous, Hussein (Lebanese University, CRSI LAB; University of Bordeaux, IMS LAB), Moreau, Xavier (University of Bordeaux, FRANCE), Francis, Clovis (Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering, Branch 1), Shraim, Hassan (LSIS, Univ AIX Marseille III)
10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT2.2 Add to My Program
Preview H-Inf Control of a Hybrid Suspension System (I)
Strohm, Johannes N. (Technische Universität München), Christ, Fabian (Technische Universität München)
11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT2.3 Add to My Program
Skyhook and CRONE Active Suspensions : A Comparative Study (I)
Hamrouni, Emna (IMS - Univ. Bordeaux), Moreau, Xavier (University of Bordeaux, FRANCE), Benine Neto, André (IMS Laboratory), Hernette, Vincent (PSA Peugeot Citroen)
11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT2.4 Add to My Program
Adaptive Semi-Active Suspension Design Considering Cloud-Based Road Information (I)
Mihaly, Andras (MTA-SZTAKI), Kisari, Adam (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Gaspar, Peter (MTA SZTAKI), Nemeth, Balazs (MTA SZTAKI)
11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT2.5 Add to My Program
Performance and Robustness Assessment of Hinf Active Anti-Roll Bar Control System by Using a Software Environment (I)
Vu, Van Tan (University of Transport and Communications), Gaspar, Peter (MTA SZTAKI)
12:10-12:30, Paper TuAT2.6 Add to My Program
Experimental Implementation of Model Predictive Control Scheme for Control of Semi-Active Suspension System (I)
Murali Madhavan Rathai, Karthik (GIPSA Lab - University of Grenoble, Alpes, Grenoble, France), Alamir, Mazen (Gipsa-Lab (CNRS-University of Grenoble)), Sename, Olivier (Grenoble Institute of Technology / GIPSA-Lab)
TuAT3 Regular Session, Chamerolles Add to My Program 
Internal Combustion Engine Diagnosis  
Chair: Arsie, IvanUniversity of Salerno
Co-Chair: Yamasaki, YudaiThe University of Tokyo
10:30-10:50, Paper TuAT3.1 Add to My Program
Engine Knock Detection: An Eigenpressure Approach
Panzani, Giulio (Politecnico Di Milano), Pozzato, Gabriele (Politecnico Di Milano), Savaresi, Sergio (Politecnico Di Milano), Rösgren, Jonatan (Wartsila), Onder, Christopher Harald (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zürich))
10:50-11:10, Paper TuAT3.2 Add to My Program
Turbocharger Rotational Speed Estimation Via Acoustic Measurements
Gagliardi, Gianfranco (University of Calabria), Tedesco, Francesco (Universitŕ Degli Studi Della Calabria), Casavola, Alessandro (Universita' Della Calabria)
11:10-11:30, Paper TuAT3.3 Add to My Program
Comparison of Input Shaping and Predictive Reference Generator Techniques for IC Engine Setpoints Commands
Boyle, Stephen (The Pennsylvania State University), Stockar, Stephanie (Penn State University)
11:30-11:50, Paper TuAT3.4 Add to My Program
Engine Fault Diagnosis Combining Model-Based Residuals and Data-Driven Classifiers
Jung, Daniel (Linköping University)
11:50-12:10, Paper TuAT3.5 Add to My Program
A Model Based Methodology for Knock Prediction in SI Engines
Rossomando, Bruno (University of Salerno), Fruncillo, Carmine (University of Salerno), Arsie, Ivan (University of Salerno), Comentale, Mario (University of Salerno), De Cesare, Matteo (Magneti Marelli SpA)
TuMatlabL Plenary Session, Chambord Add to My Program 
What If You Simulate Vehicle Dynamics with Your Control Laws and Share It
with Your Partners?
Chair: Nelson-Gruel, DominiqueUniversity of Orleans
Co-Chair: Charlet, AlainUniv. Orléans
TuBT1 Regular Session, Chambord Add to My Program 
Control & Estimation III : Energy Sources  
Chair: Sorrentino, MarcoUniversity of Salerno
14:45-15:05, Paper TuBT1.1 Add to My Program
Quantifying Electric Vehicle Battery’s Ohmic Resistance Increase Caused by Degradation from On-Board Data
Jie, Fan (Beijing Institute of Technology), Zou, Yuan (Beijing Institute of Technology), Xudong, Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology)
15:05-15:25, Paper TuBT1.2 Add to My Program
Zone Model Predictive Control for Battery Thermal Management Including Battery Aging and Brake Energy Recovery in Electrified Powertrains
Wei, Caiyang (Eindhoven University of Technology), Hofman, Theo (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), Ilhan Caarls, Esin (Bosch Transmission Technology), van Iperen, Rokus (Bosch Transmission Technology)
15:25-15:45, Paper TuBT1.3 Add to My Program
A Model-Based Scenario Analysis for Assessing the Benefits of Fuel Cell Vehicle Hybridization
Aliberti, Marco (University of Salerno), Arsie, Ivan (University of Salerno), Cricchio, Andrea (University of Salerno), Pianese, Cesare (University of Salerno), Polverino, Pierpaolo (University of Salerno), Sorrentino, Marco (University of Salerno)
TuBT2 Regular Session, Chenonceau Add to My Program 
Vehicle Control : Gearbox  
Chair: Eriksson, LarsLinköping University
14:45-15:05, Paper TuBT2.1 Add to My Program
Development and Analysis of Optimal Control Strategy for Gear Changing Patterns During Acceleration
Ekberg, Kristoffer (Linköping University), Eriksson, Lars (Linköping University)
15:05-15:25, Paper TuBT2.2 Add to My Program
Experimental Analysis of Driveline Shuffle with Focus on the Interaction between Traction and Torsional Vibrations
Figel, Korbinian Johann (Bundeswehr University Munich), Schultalbers, Matthias (IAV GmbH, Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto Und Verkehr), Svaricek, Ferdinand (Univ of the German Armed Forces, Munich)
15:25-15:45, Paper TuBT2.3 Add to My Program
State Estimation of an Electro-Pneumatic Gearbox Actuator
Szabo, Adam (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Bécsi, Tamás (Budapest Univ of Technology and Economics), Gaspar, Peter (MTA SZTAKI), Aradi, Szilárd (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
TuBT3 Regular Session, Chamerolles Add to My Program 
Engine Control : Alternative Fuels  
Chair: Dahl, JohanPowertrain Engineering, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Co-Chair: Stockar, StephaniePenn State University
14:45-15:05, Paper TuBT3.1 Add to My Program
Air-Management and Fueling Strategy for Diesel Engines from Multi-Layer Control Perspective
Ilka, Adrian (Chalmers University of Technology), Murgovski, Nikolce (Chalmers University of Technology), Fredriksson, Jonas (Chalmers University of Technology), Sjoberg, Jonas (Chalmers University)
15:05-15:25, Paper TuBT3.2 Add to My Program
A Nonlinear Feedforward Controller Design Taking Account of Dynamics of Turbocharger and Manifolds for Diesel Engine Air-Path System
Hirata, Mitsuo (Utsunomiya University), Hayashi, Tomofumi (Utsunomiya University), Takahashi, Motoki (The University of Tokyo), Yamasaki, Yudai (The University of Tokyo), Kaneko, Shigehiko (The University of Tokyo)
15:25-15:45, Paper TuBT3.3 Add to My Program
Holistic Diesel Engine and Exhaust After-Treatment Model Predictive Control
Wassen, Henrik (Volvo Group Truck Technology Powertrain), Dahl, Johan (Powertrain Engineering, Volvo Group Trucks Technology), Idelchi, Arash (Volvo Group Truck Technology Powertrain)




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