AgriControl 2019 The 6th IFAC Conference on
Sensing, Control and Automation Technologies for Agriculture
4-6 December, 2019, Sydney, Australia
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Last updated on November 22, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday December 5, 2019

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TT4T1 Heritage Ballroom
Mobile Robots Regular Session
09:00-09:20, Paper TT4T1.1 
Energy Aware Mission Planning for WMRs on Uneven Terrains
Wallace, Nathan (The University of Sydney), Kong, He (University of Sydney), Hill, Andrew John (University of Sydney), Sukkarieh, Salah (The Univ of Sydney)
09:20-09:40, Paper TT4T1.2 
Autonomous Travel of Lettuce Harvester Using Model Predictive Control
Mitsuhashi, Tomoya (Shinshu University), Chida, Yuichi (Shinshu Univ), Tanemura, Masaya (Shinshu University)
09:40-10:00, Paper TT4T1.3 
Path Planning for Multi-Object Push Problems in Continuous Domain
Swift, Marcus Thomas (University of New South Wales), Jayakody, Hiranya (University of New South Wales), Whitty, Mark (University of New South Wales)
10:00-10:20, Paper TT4T1.4 
Online 3D Mapping and Localization System for Agricultural Robots
Le, Tuan Dung (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), From, Pål Johan (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Gjevestad, Jon Glenn Omholt (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
10:20-10:40, Paper TT4T1.5 
The Development of Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance for a Robotic Mower Using Machine Vision Technique
Inoue, Kosuke (The University of Tokyo), Kaizu, Yutaka (Hokkaido University), Igarashi, Sho (The University of Tokyo), Imou, Kenji (The University of Tokyo)
TT4T2 Barnet Room
Greenhouse Management Regular Session
09:00-09:20, Paper TT4T2.1 
Remote-Control System for Greenhouse Based on Open Source Hardware
Wu, Yong (China Agricultural University), Li, Li (China Agricultural University), Li, Minzan (China Agricultural University), Zhang, Man (China Agricultural University), Sun, Hong (China Agricultural University), Sigrimis, Nick (Ag Univ of Athens), Lai, Wangfeng (Beijing Clesun Science & Technology Corporation)
09:20-09:40, Paper TT4T2.2 
Robust H Loop-Shaping Controller Design for Temperature and Air Flows Control of a Passive Nonlinear Air Conditioning Unit
tawegoum, rousseau (Agrocampus Ouset - Angers)
09:40-10:00, Paper TT4T2.3 
Greenhouse Models As a Service (GMaaS) for Simulation and Control
Muñoz-Rodríguez, Manuel (University of Almería), Guzman, Jose Luis (University of Almeria), Sánchez-Molina, Jorge Antonio (University of Almería), Rodríguez-Díaz, Francisco (Univ of Almería), Torres, Manuel (University of Almería)
10:00-10:20, Paper TT4T2.4 
Modelling and Forecasting of Greenhouse Whitefly Incidence Using Time-Series and ARIMAX Analysis
Chiu, Lin-Ya (National Taiwan University), Rustia, Dan Jeric (National Taiwan University), Lu, Chen-Yi (National Taiwan University), Lin, Ta-Te (National Taiwan University)
10:20-10:40, Paper TT4T2.5 
Development of a Control System for a Small Size Seeding-Performance Test Rig
Liu, Wei (Jiangsu University), Hu, Jianping (Jiangsu University), Pan, Haoran (Jiangsu University)
TT5T1 Heritage Ballroom
Automation and Robotics in Agriculture Regular Session
11:10-11:30, Paper TT5T1.1 
Risk-Averse Optimization for Improving Harvesting Efficiency of Autonomous Systems through Human Collaboration
Rysz, Maciej (Miami University), Ganesh, Prashant (University of Florida), Burks, Thomas (University of Florida), Mehta, Siddhartha (University of Florida)
11:30-11:50, Paper TT5T1.2 
Plant Protection UAV Operation Recommendation Using Storm Framework
Zheng, Lihua (China Agricultural University), Ji, Ronghua (China Agricultural University), Sun, Hong (China Agricultural University), Yang, Wei (China Agricultural University), Yang, Ze (China Agricultural University), Li, Minzan (China Agricultural University)
TT5T2 Barnet Room
Root Sensing Regular Session
11:10-11:30, Paper TT5T2.1 
A Method of Plant Root Image Restoration Based on GAN
Mi, Jiaqi (China Agricultural University), Gao, Wanlin (China Agricultural University), Yang, Si (China Agricultural University), Hao, Xia (China Agricultural University), Li, Minzan (China Agricultural University), Zheng, Lihua (China Agricultural University), Wang, Minjuan (China Agricultural University)
11:30-11:50, Paper TT5T2.2 
Development of a Low-Invasive Sound-Based Root Growth Detection System
Usui, Kohei (The University of Tokyo), Kasama, Toshihiro (University of Tokyo), Godonoga, Maia (University), Koide, Tetsushi (Hiroshima University), Ogawa, Atsushi (Akita Prefectural University), Miyake, Ryo (University of Tokyo)
TI2T1 Heritage Ballroom
Invited Talk 2 Plenary Session
TT6T1 Heritage Ballroom
Aerial Vehicles Regular Session
13:30-13:50, Paper TT6T1.1 
Research on Boundary Recognition and Extraction Method of Field Operation Area Based on UAV Remote Sensing Images
zhang, jiangjiang (College of Engineering, China Agricultural University), wang, ling (China Agricultural University), Wang, Yu (Beijing Key Laboratory of Optimized Design for Modern Agricultur), Wang, Xin (China Agricultural University), Wang, Shumao (China Agricultural University)
13:50-14:10, Paper TT6T1.2 
Noise Tolerance Evaluation of Spread Spectrum Sound-Based Positioning System for a Quadcopter in a Greenhouse
Huang, Zichen (Kyoto University), Tsay, Lok Wai Jacky (Kyoto University), Zhao, Xunyue (Kyoto University), Shiigi, Tomoo (UniversityNational Fisheries University), Nakanishi, Hiroaki (Kyoto Universisty), Suzuki, Tetsuhito (Kyoto University), Kondo, Naoshi (Kyoto University)
14:10-14:30, Paper TT6T1.3 
Autonomous Canal Following by a Micro-Aerial Vehicle Using Deep CNN
Abbas, Syed Muhammad (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Ali, Hashim (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Muhammad, Abubakr (LUMS School of Science & Engineering, Pakistan)
14:30-14:50, Paper TT6T1.4 
Distributed Coverage Control of Quadrotor Multi-UAV Systems for Precision Agriculture
Elmokadem, Taha (University of New South Wales)
TT6T2 Barnet Room
Spectroscopy Regular Session
13:30-13:50, Paper TT6T2.1 
Evaluating Growth of Colletotrichum Species by Near Infrared (NIR) Hyperspectral Imaging
Chu, Xuan (Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering), Chen, Jiazheng (Academy of Contemporary Agricultural Engineering Innovations, Zh), Tang, Yu (Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering), Gao, Shengjie (Academy of Contemporary Agricultural Engineering Innovations, Zh), Zhuang, Jiajun (Academy of Contemporary Agricultural Engineering Innovations, Zh), Luo, Shaoming (Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering)
13:50-14:10, Paper TT6T2.2 
Prediction of Leaf Water Content in Maize Seedlings Based on Hyperspectral Information
GAO, YANG (China Agricultural University), Qiu, Junwei (National Archives Administration of China), Miao, Yanlong (China Agricultural University), Li, Han (China Agricultural University), Qiu, Ruicheng (China Agricultural University), Zhang, Man (China Agricultural University)
14:10-14:30, Paper TT6T2.3 
Prediction of Total Nitrogen Content in Different Soil Types Based on Spectroscopy
Yao, Xiangqian (China Agricultural University), Yang, Wei (China Agricultural University), Li, Minzan (China Agricultural University), Zhou, Peng (China Agricultural University), Liu, Zhen (China Agricultural University)
14:30-14:50, Paper TT6T2.4 
Low-Cost Filter Selection from Spectrometer Data for Multispectral Imaging Applications
Tang, Julie (University of New South Wales), Petrie, Paul (South Australian Research and Development Institute), Whitty, Mark (University of New South Wales)
TP1T1 Heritage Ballroom
Panel Discussion Plenary Session




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