AgriControl 2019 The 6th IFAC Conference on
Sensing, Control and Automation Technologies for Agriculture
4-6 December, 2019, Sydney, Australia
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Last updated on December 11, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

AgriControl 2019 Keyword Index

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Agricultural Machinery Guidance and ControlFT8T1.2, FT8T2.1, FT8T2.2, FT9T2.2, TP1T1.1, TT4T1.1, TT4T1.2, TT4T1.3, TT4T1.4, TT5T1.2, TT6T1.2, WT2T2.1, WT2T2.2
Automation and Robotics in AgricultureFI3T1.1, FT7T1.1, FT7T1.3, FT7T1.4, FT7T1.5, FT7T2.1, FT7T2.3, FT7T2.5, FT8T1.4, FT8T2.1, FT8T2.2, FT8T2.3, FT9T1.3, FT9T2.2, TP1T1.1, TT4T1.1, TT4T1.2, TT4T1.3, TT4T1.4, TT4T1.5, TT4T2.2, TT4T2.5, TT5T1.1, TT6T1.1, TT6T1.2, TT6T1.3, TT6T1.4, TT6T2.3, WKT1.1, WT1T1.2, WT1T1.3, WT1T1.4, WT1T1.5, WT1T1.6, WT1T2.1, WT2T1.1, WT2T1.3, WT2T2.4, WT3T1.1, WT3T1.2, WT3T1.3, WT3T1.4
Big Data and Cloud ComputingTT5T1.2, WT3T1.2, WT3T2.3
Crop MonitoringFT7T2.4, FT7T2.5, FT8T1.2, FT8T2.4, TT5T2.1, TT5T2.2, TT6T2.2, WT1T1.3, WT3T2.3
Crop Systems/Canopy Architectures, Breeding and Genetics for Precision and Automated AgricultureFT7T1.4, FT7T2.4, FT8T1.1, TT5T2.1, WT2T1.2
Crop Yield Estimation/Monitoring/MappingFT7T2.5, WT2T1.1, WT3T2.1, WT3T2.2, WT3T2.3
Decision Support SystemsFT8T1.1, FT8T2.4, TT4T2.3, TT5T1.1, TT5T1.2, WT1T2.4
Design and Control of Agricultural ImplementsTT4T1.4, TT4T2.5, WT2T2.1, WT2T2.2, WT2T2.4
Internet of ThingsFT8T2.3, FT9T1.1, FT9T1.2, TT4T2.1, TT4T2.3, WT2T1.2
Machine Vision and Robotics for Crop HarvestingFT7T1.1, FT7T1.2, FT7T1.3, FT7T1.4, FT7T1.5, FT8T1.2, FT8T1.3, TT6T2.4, WI2T1.1, WT1T1.4, WT1T1.5, WT1T1.6, WT2T1.1, WT3T1.2, WT3T1.4
Machine Vision and Robotics for Weed ControlTT4T1.5
Pest and Disease Detection ManagementTT4T2.4, TT6T2.1, WT1T1.1, WT1T1.2, WT1T1.3, WT1T1.4
Precision Agriculture and Variable Rate TechnologiesFT8T1.1, TT5T2.2, TT6T1.1, TT6T2.3, WT1T2.1, WT1T2.2, WT2T2.2
Robust Control Systems for AgricultureFT7T2.1, FT8T2.1, FT8T2.2, TP1T1.1, TT4T1.2, TT4T1.5, TT4T2.2, TT6T1.4, WT1T2.3, WT1T2.4, WT2T2.4, WT3T1.3
Sensing and Automation for Precision IrrigationTT4T2.1, WT1T2.4, WT1T2.5, WT3T2.4
Sensing and Automation in Animal FarmingFT7T2.1, FT7T2.2, FT8T1.3, FT9T2.1, TT4T1.3
Sensing and Automation with UAVsFT7T2.3, FT7T2.4, TT6T1.1, TT6T1.2, TT6T1.3, TT6T1.4, WT1T2.5
Sensing, Automation and Robotics for Post-Harvest/ProcessingFT8T1.4, TT6T2.1, TT6T2.4, WT1T1.5, WT1T1.6
Sensing, Automation and Robotics in Plant Factory, Protected Cultivation and GreenhousesFT8T1.4, TI2T1.1, TT4T2.2, WT1T1.2, WT3T1.4
Soil, Plant and Environment SensingFT8T1.3, FT8T2.4, FT9T2.2, TT5T2.1, TT5T2.2, TT6T1.3, TT6T2.2, TT6T2.3, TT6T2.4, WT1T2.1, WT1T2.5, WT3T2.4
Wireless Sensor NetworkFT7T2.3, TT4T2.1, WT1T2.2




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