AMEST2020  |  10-11 SEP  |  CAMBRIDGE UK
Maintenance in the Digital Era
4th IFAC Workshop on
Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technologies
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Last updated on September 17, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday September 10, 2020

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Th7T0  Plenary Session, Room T4 Add to My Program 
Chair: Parlikad, Ajith KumarUniversity of Cambridge
Co-Chair: Macchi, MarcoPolitecnico Di Milano
Th1T0  Plenary Session, Room T4 Add to My Program 
Keynote Speech - I: Digital Twins: Past, Present and Future (Prof. Mark
Chair: Emmanouilidis, ChristosCranfield Univeristy
09:30-10:30, Paper Th1T0.1 Add to My Program
Digital Twins – Past, Present and Future

Girolami, Mark (Univ of Glasgow)
Th2T1  Regular Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Asset and Maintenance Management in the Industry 4.0 Context  
Chair: Kortelainen, HelenaVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Co-Chair: Turner, ChrisUniversity of Surrey
10:45-11:05, Paper Th2T1.1 Add to My Program
Integration of I4.0 Technologies with Maintenance Processes: What Are the Effects on Sustainable Manufacturing?

Franciosi, Chiara (University of Salerno, Fisciano (SA), Italy), Voisin, Alexandre (Nancy-University), Miranda, Salvatore (University of Salerno), Iung, Benoît (Lorraine University)
11:05-11:25, Paper Th2T1.2 Add to My Program
Advanced Technologies for Effective Asset Management - Two Cases in Capital Intensive Branches

Kortelainen, Helena (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Hanski, Jyri (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Valkokari, Pasi (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
11:25-11:45, Paper Th2T1.3 Add to My Program
A New Model to Compare Intelligent Asset Management Platforms (IAMP)

Martínez-Galán Fernández, Pablo (University of Seville), Crespo Marquez, Adolfo (UNIVERSITY of SEVILLE. School of Engineering), De La Fuente Carmona, Antonio (UNIVERSITY of SEVILLE, School of Engineering), Guillen, Antonio (University of Seville)
11:45-12:05, Paper Th2T1.4 Add to My Program
A Digital Maintenance Practice Framework for Circular Production of Automotive Parts (I)

Turner, Chris (University of Surrey), Okorie, Okechukwu (University of Exeter), Emmanouilidis, Christos (Cranfield Univeristy)
12:05-12:25, Paper Th2T1.5 Add to My Program
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Machine Acquisitions and Design by the Impact on Maintenance Cost - a Case Study (I)

Hane Hagström, Malin (Chalmers University of Technology), Gandhi, Kanika (Volvo Group Trucks Operations), Dag, Bergsjö (Chalmers University of Technology), Skoogh, Anders (Chalmers University of Technology)
Th2T2  Regular Session, Room T2 Add to My Program 
PHM Considerations for Advanced Maintenance Systems  
Chair: Ma, JianBeihang University
Co-Chair: Iung, BenoîtLorraine University
10:45-11:05, Paper Th2T2.1 Add to My Program
Recommendation of PHM Algorithms Based on Fuzzy Information Fusion

Suo, Mingliang (Beihang University), Liu, Xue (Beihang University), Ma, Ke (Beihang University), Tao, Laifa (Beihang University)
11:05-11:25, Paper Th2T2.2 Add to My Program
Health Assessment for Hydraulic System Based on GRNN and Metric Learning

Song, Dengwei (Beihang University), Lu, Chen (Beihang University), Ma, Jian (Beihang University), Cheng, Yujie (Beihang University)
11:25-11:45, Paper Th2T2.3 Add to My Program
An EWT-PCA and Extreme Learning Machine Based Diagnosis Approach for Hydraulic Pump

Ding, Yu (Beihang University), Ma, Liang (Beihang University), Wang, Chao (Beihang University), Tao, Laifa (Beihang University)
11:45-12:05, Paper Th2T2.4 Add to My Program
An Ensemble Learning Method for the Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Aircraft Turbine Engine

Zeng, Jiyan (Beihang University), Cheng, Yujie (Beihang University), Ma, Yunyun (Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, C)
12:05-12:25, Paper Th2T2.5 Add to My Program
Remaining Useful Life Transfer Prediction and Cycle Life Test Optimization for Different Formula Li-Ion Power Batteries Using a Robust Deep Learning Method

Ma, Jian (Beihang University), Shang, Pengchao (Beihang University), Zou, Xinyu (Beihang University), Ma, Ning (Air Force Engineering University), Ding, Yu (Beihang University), Su, Yuzhuan (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited), Chong, Jin (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited), Jin, Haizu (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited), Lin, Yongshou (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited)
Th2T3  Invited Session, Room T3 Add to My Program 
Industrial Monitoring Approaches  
Chair: Hodkiewicz, MelindaUniversity of Western Australia
Co-Chair: Parlikad, Ajith KumarUniversity of Cambridge
Organizer: de Silva, LavindraThe University of Nottingham
Organizer: McFarlane, Duncan CampbellUniversity of Cambridge
Organizer: Parlikad, Ajith KumarUniversity of Cambridge
Organizer: Arellano, Giovanna MartinezUniversity of Nottingham
10:45-11:05, Paper Th2T3.1 Add to My Program
Sensing System for Low Cost Condition Monitoring of Remote Assets

Ziegelaar, Aiden (University of Western Australia), Travaglione, Ben (Defence Science & Technology Group), Hodkiewicz, Melinda (University of Western Australia)
11:05-11:25, Paper Th2T3.2 Add to My Program
A Miniaturised Active Thermography System for In-Situ Inspections (I)

Du, Weixiang (Cranfield University), Liu, Haochen (Cranfield University), Sirikham, Adisorn (Cranfield University), Addepalli, Sri (Cranfield University), Zhao, Yifan (Cranfield University)
11:25-11:45, Paper Th2T3.3 Add to My Program
Towards Flexible, Fault Tolerant Hardware Service Wrappers for the Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring Project (I)

McNally, Michael James (University of Nottingham), Chaplin, Jack Christopher (University of Nottingham), Arellano, Giovanna Martinez (University of Nottingham), Ratchev, Svetan (University of Nottingham)
11:45-12:05, Paper Th2T3.4 Add to My Program
Product Quality Driven Auto-Prognostics: Low-Cost Digital Solution for SMEs (I)

Jain, Amit Kumar (University of Cambridge), Dhada, Maharshi Harshadbhai (University of Cambridge), Parlikad, Ajith Kumar (University of Cambridge), Lad, Bhupesh Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Indore)
Th3T0  Plenary Session, Room T4 Add to My Program 
AMEST WG Meeting  
Chair: Macchi, MarcoPolitecnico Di Milano
Co-Chair: Emmanouilidis, ChristosCranfield Univeristy
Th4T1  Invited Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Knowledge and Data-Driven Decision-Making in Smart Maintenance  
Chair: Roda, IrenePolitecnico Di Milano
Co-Chair: Kans, MirkaLinnaeus University
Organizer: Macchi, MarcoPolitecnico Di Milano
Organizer: Roda, IrenePolitecnico Di Milano
Organizer: Romero, DavidTecnológico De Monterrey
14:00-14:20, Paper Th4T1.1 Add to My Program
On the Focal Concepts of Maintenance in the Digital Era (I)

Macchi, Marco (Politecnico Di Milano), Roda, Irene (Politecnico Di Milano), Fumagalli, Luca (Politecnico Di Milano)
14:20-14:40, Paper Th4T1.2 Add to My Program
Towards Data-Centric Decision Making for Smart Infrastructure: Data and Its Challenges

Gurdur Broo, Didem (University of Cambridge), Schooling, Jennifer Mary (University of Cambridge)
14:40-15:00, Paper Th4T1.3 Add to My Program
Organisational Constraints in Data-Driven Maintenance: A Case Study in the Automotive Industry (I)

Savolainen, Pontus (Chalmers University of Technology), Johan, Magnusson (Chalmers University of Technology), Gopalakrishnan, Maheshwaran (Chalmers University of Technology), Turanoglu Bekar, Ebru (Chalmers University of Technology), Skoogh, Anders (Chalmers University of Technology)
15:00-15:20, Paper Th4T1.4 Add to My Program
A Remote Laboratory for Maintenance 4.0 Training and Education (I)

Kans, Mirka (Linnaeus University), Campos, Jaime (Linnaeus University, Sweden), Håkansson, Lars (Linnaeus University)
15:20-15:40, Paper Th4T1.5 Add to My Program
Case Study for Problem-Based Learning Education in Fault Diagnosis Assessment

Barbieri, Giacomo (Universidad De Los Andes), Sanchez-Londono, David (Los Andes University), Cattaneo, Laura (Politecnico Di Milano), Fumagalli, Luca (Politecnico Di Milano), Romero, David (Tecnológico De Monterrey)
Th4T2  Invited Session, Room T2 Add to My Program 
Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance  
Chair: Zhao, YifanCranfield University
Co-Chair: Zhou, HangUniversity of Cambridge
Organizer: Zhao, YifanCranfield University
14:00-14:20, Paper Th4T2.1 Add to My Program
A Clustering Approach to Detect Faults with Multi-Component Degradations in Aircraft Fuel Systems (I)

Zaporowska, Anna (Cranfield University), Liu, Haochen (Cranfield University), Skaf, Zakwan (Manchester University), Zhao, Yifan (Cranfield University)
14:20-14:40, Paper Th4T2.2 Add to My Program
Residual Life Prediction in the Presence of Human Error Using Machine Learning

Mohril, Ram (Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India), Solanki, Bhupendra (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India), Kulkarni, Makarand (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay), Lad, Bhupesh Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Indore)
14:40-15:00, Paper Th4T2.3 Add to My Program
A Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for LNG Pumps Fault Prediction in Regasification Plants

De La Fuente Carmona, Antonio (UNIVERSITY of SEVILLE, School of Engineering), Crespo Marquez, Adolfo (UNIVERSITY of SEVILLE. School of Engineering), Candon, Eduardo (University of Seville), Gomez Fernandez, Juan F. (UNIVERSITY of SEVILLE. School of Engineering), Serra Parajes, Javier (Enagas)
15:00-15:20, Paper Th4T2.4 Add to My Program
Failure Prediction on Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump in Gas Turbines Applying the Monte Carlo Modified Neural Network on Unbalanced Dataset

Zhou, Hang (University of Cambridge), Parlikad, Ajith Kumar (University of Cambridge), McGinty, Jason (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd)
15:20-15:40, Paper Th4T2.5 Add to My Program
Recurrent Neural Networks and Its Variants in Remaining Useful Life Prediction (I)

Wang, Youdao (Cranfield University), Addepalli, Sri (Cranfield University), Zhao, Yifan (Cranfield University)
Th4T3  Regular Session, Room T3 Add to My Program 
Modelling Techniques and Approaches for Planning Decisions  
Chair: Szpytko, JanuszAGH University of Science and Technology
Co-Chair: Hunt, AndrewThe Woodhouse Partnership Ltd
14:00-14:20, Paper Th4T3.1 Add to My Program
Modelling Investment Plans at Asset Portfolio Level Using Optimum Plan Rationalization Approaches

Hunt, Andrew (The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd), Meirion, Morgan (Cardiff University), Taylor, Simon (Brunel University London), Lange, Robert (Decision Support Tools Ltd)
14:20-14:40, Paper Th4T3.2 Add to My Program
Approach for the Determination of Maintenance Strategies Based on an Empirical Case Study

Rosebrock, Christoph (University of Wuppertal), Bracke, Stefan (University of Wuppertal)
14:40-15:00, Paper Th4T3.3 Add to My Program
Critical Link Analysis of a National Internet Backbone Via Dynamic Perturbation

Herrera, Manuel (University of Cambridge), Perez Hernandez, Marco (University of Cambridge), Jain, Amit Kumar (University of Cambridge), Parlikad, Ajith Kumar (University of Cambridge)
15:00-15:20, Paper Th4T3.4 Add to My Program
Preventive Maintenance Planning Based on Weibull Distribution Models: The Impact of the Scatter Behaviour of the Threshold Parameter

Bracke, Stefan (University of Wuppertal)
15:20-15:40, Paper Th4T3.5 Add to My Program
Integrated Maintenance Platform for Critical Cranes under Operation: Database for Maintenance Purposes (I)

Szpytko, Janusz (AGH University of Science and Technology), Salgado Duarte, Yorlandys (AGH University of Science and Technology)
Th6T1  Invited Session, Room T1 Add to My Program 
Versatile Predictive Maintenance Strategies for the Industry of the Future  
Chair: Nikolakis, NikolaosUniversity of Patras, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation
Co-Chair: Hribernik, KarlBIBA - Bremer Institut Für Produktion Und Logistik GmbH
Organizer: Makris, SotirisLMS, University of Patras
Organizer: Al-Najjar, BasimLennaeus University
Organizer: Surico, MicheleFIDIA S.p.A
Organizer: Zalonis, AndreasINTRASOFT International
Organizer: Hribernik, KarlBIBA - Bremer Institut Für Produktion Und Logistik GmbH
Organizer: Alexopoulos, KosmasLaboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS), Unive
16:00-16:20, Paper Th6T1.1 Add to My Program
End-To-End Industrial IoT Platform for Actionable Predictive Maintenance (I)

Christou, Ioannis (INTRASOFT Intl. S.A), Kefalakis, Nikos (INTRASOFT Intl. S.A), Zalonis, Andreas (INTRASOFT International), Soldatos, John (INTRASOFT Intl. S.A), Bröchler, Raimund (INTRASOFT Intl. S.A)
16:20-16:40, Paper Th6T1.2 Add to My Program
Enabling Predictive Analytics for Smart Manufacturing through an IIoT Platform (I)

Cerquitelli, Tania (Politecnico Di Torino), Nikolakis, Nikolaos (University of Patras, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Aut), Bethaz, Paolo (Polito), Panicucci, Simone (COMAU S.p.A), Ventura, Francesco (Politecnico Di Torino), Macii, Enrico (Politecnico Di Torino), Andolina, Salvatore (SynArea Consultants S.r.l), Marguglio, Angelo (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A), Alexopoulos, Kosmas (Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS), Unive), Petrali, Pierluigi (Whirlpool EMEA), Pagani, Arnaldo (Whirlpool Wurope Srl), van Wilgen, Peter (VDL Weweler), Ippolito, Massimo (Comau)
16:40-17:00, Paper Th6T1.3 Add to My Program
A Framework for the Integration of Digitalised Maintenance Systems with Relevant Working Areas: A Case Study (I)

Algabroun, Hatem (Linnaeus Universisty), Al-Najjar, Basim (Lennaeus University), Jonsson, Mikael (E-Maintenance Sweden AB)
17:00-17:20, Paper Th6T1.4 Add to My Program
Unified Predictive Maintenance System – Findings Based on Its Initial Deployment in Three Use Case (I)

Hribernik, Karl (BIBA - Bremer Institut Für Produktion Und Logistik GmbH), Moritz, von Stietencron (BIBA - Bremer Institut Für Produktion Und Logistik GmbH), Ntalaperas, Dimitris (Ubiquitous Technologies Limited), Thoben, Klaus-Dieter (Bremer Institut Für Produktion Und Logistik GmbH)
Th6T2  Regular Session, Room T2 Add to My Program 
Augmented Reality in the Industrial Context  
Chair: Erkoyuncu, JohnCranfield University
Co-Chair: Yazdani Nezhad, HamedCity, University of London
16:00-16:20, Paper Th6T2.1 Add to My Program
An Augmented Reality Platform for Training in the Industrial Context

Bologna, Jennifer Kimberley (Universidad Técnica De Ambato), García, Carlos Andrés (Universidad De Las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE), Ortiz, Alexandra (Universidad Tecnica De Ambato), Ayala Baño, Elizabeth Paulina (Universidad Técnica De Ambato), Garcia, Marcelo Vladimir (Basque Country University)
16:20-16:40, Paper Th6T2.2 Add to My Program
Augmented Reality Assisted Calibration of Digital Twins of Mobile Robots

Williams, Richard (Cranfield University), Erkoyuncu, John (Cranfield University), Masood, Tariq (University of Cambridge), Vrabic, Rok (University of Ljubljana)
16:40-17:00, Paper Th6T2.3 Add to My Program
Development of an Augmented Reality Equipped Composites Bonded Assembly and Repair for Aerospace Applications (I)

Yazdani Nezhad, Hamed (City, University of London), Wang, Xi (Cranfield University), Court, Samuel (Cranfield University), Thapa, Bikram (Cranfield University), Erkoyuncu, John (Cranfield University)
Th6T3  Regular Session, Room T3 Add to My Program 
Modelling Techniques and Approaches for Planning Decisions - II  
Chair: Barbieri, GiacomoUniversidad De Los Andes
Co-Chair: Equeter, LucasUMONS
16:00-16:20, Paper Th6T3.1 Add to My Program
Hybrid Proactive Approach for Solving Maintenance and Planning Problems in the Scenario of Industry 4.0

Alves, Fernanda (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Ravetti, Martin G. (Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais)
16:20-16:40, Paper Th6T3.2 Add to My Program
Integrated Production and Maintenance Planning for a Deteriorating System under Uncertain Demands

Liu, Bin (University of Strathclyde), He, Kangzhe (City University of Hong Kong), Xie, MIn (City University of Hong Kong)
16:40-17:00, Paper Th6T3.3 Add to My Program
Cutting Tools Replacement: Toward a Holistic Framework

Equeter, Lucas (UMONS), Ducobu, François (University of Mons), Dehombreux, Pierre (Université De Mons)
17:00-17:20, Paper Th6T3.4 Add to My Program
Dynamic Revenue Control and Lot Sizing for a Diffusion Inventory Model with Deterioration

Kitaeva, Anna (National Reseach Tomsk State University), Stepanova, Natalia (V. A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Acade), Zhukovskaya, Alexandra (Tomsk State Pedagogical University)




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