AMEST2020  |  10-11 SEP  |  CAMBRIDGE UK
Maintenance in the Digital Era
4th IFAC Workshop on
Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technologies
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Last updated on September 17, 2020. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

AMEST 2020 Keyword Index

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Asset and maintenance managementFr2T1.1, Fr2T1.2, Fr2T1.3, Fr4T1.4, Fr4T2.3, Fr4T2.4, Fr4T2.5, Fr4T3.2, Fr4T3.3, Th2T1.2, Th2T1.3, Th2T1.5, Th2T3.1, Th4T1.1, Th4T2.3, Th6T3.3
Asset Lifecycle ManagementFr4T3.1, Th2T1.2, Th4T2.5, Th4T3.1
Business Models for Maintenance ServicesFr2T3.1, Fr4T3.4, Th2T1.4
Condition Monitoring, Sensors, Signal Analysis, Failure AnalysisFr1T0.1, Fr2T1.5, Fr2T2.1, Fr2T2.3, Fr2T2.4, Fr4T2.1, Fr4T3.3, Th2T2.2, Th2T2.3, Th2T3.2, Th2T3.3, Th2T3.4, Th4T1.5, Th4T2.3, Th6T2.3
Cyber-Physical SystemsFr2T1.3, Fr2T3.1, Fr4T3.2, Th2T1.1, Th4T1.2, Th6T1.1
Data-driven Maintenance Decision-makingFr2T1.2, Fr2T1.4, Fr2T2.1, Fr2T2.2, Fr2T3.4, Fr4T1.2, Fr4T3.4, Th1T0.1, Th2T1.4, Th2T2.1, Th4T1.1, Th4T1.2, Th4T1.3, Th4T2.1, Th4T2.4, Th4T2.5, Th4T3.3, Th6T1.2, Th6T1.4, Th6T2.2
Deterioration ModellingFr4T2.3, Th4T3.1, Th6T3.4
Diagnostics, Prognostics, Reasoning, Decision SupportFr2T1.1, Fr2T1.5, Fr2T2.2, Fr2T3.2, Fr2T3.4, Fr4T1.4, Fr4T2.1, Fr4T2.2, Fr4T2.3, Fr4T2.4, Fr4T2.5, Th2T1.5, Th2T2.1, Th2T2.2, Th2T2.3, Th2T2.4, Th2T2.5, Th2T3.2, Th2T3.4, Th4T1.4, Th4T1.5, Th4T2.1, Th4T2.4, Th4T3.4, Th6T1.4, Th6T3.3
Digital Twins for Asset ManagementFr2T3.1, Fr2T3.2, Fr2T3.3, Fr2T3.5, Fr4T3.1, Fr4T3.2, Fr4T3.3, Fr4T3.4, Th1T0.1, Th4T1.2, Th4T3.5, Th6T2.2
From PHM and CBM+ considerations to MaintenanceFr2T2.4, Th2T2.1, Th2T2.2, Th2T2.3, Th4T2.5, Th6T3.2
Industrial Internet of ThingsFr2T1.3, Fr4T2.4, Fr4T2.5, Th2T1.3, Th2T3.1, Th2T3.3, Th6T1.1, Th6T1.2, Th6T1.3
Integrated Maintenance and Production SystemsFr2T3.3, Fr4T1.1, Th2T1.1, Th6T1.3, Th6T3.1, Th6T3.2
Logistics and Maintenance SystemsTh6T2.1
Low Cost MonitoringTh2T3.1, Th2T3.3, Th2T3.4
Maintenance and EducationTh4T1.4, Th4T1.5, Th6T2.1
Maintenance Models and EngineeringFr2T3.3, Fr4T1.3, Fr4T3.1, Th2T1.3, Th2T1.4, Th4T2.1, Th4T2.2, Th4T3.2, Th6T1.3, Th6T2.3, Th6T3.2
Maintenance Related Services, Service ImprovementFr4T1.4, Th2T1.2, Th6T2.3
Maintenance StrategiesFr1T0.1, Fr2T1.1, Fr2T1.4, Fr2T3.5, Fr4T1.1, Th2T1.5, Th4T1.1, Th4T1.3, Th4T2.2, Th4T3.2, Th6T2.1, Th6T3.1, Th6T3.3
Predictive MaintenanceFr1T0.1, Fr2T1.4, Fr2T2.1, Fr2T2.2, Fr2T3.4, Fr2T3.5, Fr4T1.1, Fr4T1.3, Fr4T2.2, Th1T0.1, Th4T1.4, Th4T2.3, Th4T2.4, Th4T3.4, Th4T3.5, Th6T1.1, Th6T1.2, Th6T1.4, Th6T2.2
Reliability, Statistical ApproachesFr2T1.5, Fr4T1.2, Fr4T2.1, Th4T3.2, Th4T3.3, Th4T3.4
Simulation and Optimisation in MaintenanceFr2T3.2, Fr4T1.2, Fr4T1.3, Th4T3.1, Th4T3.3, Th4T3.5, Th6T3.1




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