CAMS 2022 14th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in
Marine Systems, Robotics, and Vehicles
September 14-16 2022  |  DTU Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
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Last updated on September 21, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CAMS 2022 Keyword Index

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Actuators, thrusters, propulsion systems, and sensors in marine systemsFrPMS3.2, ThAMS1.1, ThAMS1.3, ThAMS1.4, ThAMS1.5, ThPMS3.2, WeAMS1.1, WeAMS2.1, WeAMS2.5
Adaptive and robust control in marine systemsFrAMS1.1, ThPMS2.6, WeAMS1.2, WeAMS1.3, WeAMS1.4, WeAMS1.5, WeAMS3.1
AquacultureFrAMS2.1, FrAMS3.3, ThAMS2.4, ThPMS3.4, WePMS1.6
Automation of ship’s systemsFrPMS2.3, ThPMS3.1, ThPMS3.2, ThPMS3.3, WeAMS3.1
Autonomous and remotely operated (surface and underwater) marine vesselsFrAMS3.1, FrAMS3.2, FrPMS2.5, FrPMS3.1, FrPMS3.4, FrPMS3.5, ThPMS1.1, ThPMS1.2, ThPMS1.3, ThPMS1.5, ThPMS2.1, ThPMS2.2, ThPMS2.4, ThPMS2.6, WeAMS1.4, WeAMS1.5, WeAMS2.1, WeAMS2.2, WeAMS2.3, WeAMS3.1, WeAMS3.2, WeAMS3.3, WeAMS3.4, WeAMS3.5, WePMS1.3, WePMS1.4, WePMS3.1, WePMS3.2, WePMS3.3, WePMS3.4, WePMS3.6
Biomimetics in marine roboticsWePMS1.2
Condition-based monitoring in marine systemsThPMS3.3, ThPMS3.5
Control applications in marine renewable energyFrAMS1.1, FrAMS1.2, FrAMS1.3, FrAMS1.4, FrPMS1.2, FrPMS1.3, FrPMS1.4, WePMS2.1, WePMS2.2, WePMS2.3, WePMS2.6
Cooperative navigation and controlThPMS1.5, WeAMS3.5, WePMS1.3
Decision support and safe operationFrPMS3.5, ThAMS2.3, ThPMS3.1, ThPMS3.3, WeAMS3.2, WePMS1.5
Dynamic positioning & position mooring systems for ships & platformsThPMS1.3, WeAMS2.3, WeAMS2.4
Fault tolerant control and fault handling for marine vesselsThPMS2.2, ThPMS3.5, WePMS2.5
Guidance, navigation and control (GNC) of marine vesselsFrAMS3.4, FrPMS2.1, FrPMS2.2, FrPMS3.1, ThPMS1.4, ThPMS2.3, ThPMS2.5, WeAMS2.5, WeAMS3.3, WePMS3.1
Guidance, navigation and control (GNC) of unmanned marine vehicles (surface and underwater)FrAMS2.3, FrAMS2.4, FrAMS3.3, FrPMS3.4, ThAMS2.1, ThPMS1.1, ThPMS1.2, ThPMS1.6, ThPMS3.1, WeAMS1.3, WeAMS1.4, WeAMS2.1, WeAMS2.2, WeAMS3.5, WePMS1.2, WePMS1.4, WePMS3.2, WePMS3.3, WePMS3.5
Human-machine interaction in marine systemsWePMS1.1
Hybrid power generation in marine systemsThAMS1.3, ThAMS1.4, ThAMS1.5, ThPMS2.4, ThPMS3.6
Information systems and methods in marine applicationsThAMS1.1, ThAMS1.2, ThAMS2.1, ThAMS2.2, ThPMS1.4, WeAMS1.1, WePMS1.5
Intelligence and autonomy in marine systems and operationsFrAMS3.1, FrAMS3.4, FrAMS3.5, FrPMS2.2, ThAMS2.2, ThAMS2.4, ThAMS2.5, ThAMS2.6, ThPMS1.1, ThPMS1.2, ThPMS1.4, ThPMS1.6, ThPMS2.1, ThPMS3.2, WeAMS1.2, WePMS1.5, WePMS3.4, WePMS3.5, WePMS3.6
Internet of things (IoT) in maritime domainThAMS2.4
Marine cyber-physical systemsFrAMS3.2, ThPMS3.4, WePMS1.1, WePMS1.6
Marine swarms of heterogeneous agentsWePMS3.6
Marine traffic systems & intelligent marine transportation systemsThPMS1.6
Maritime robotics (underwater, surface, aerial)FrAMS3.2, FrAMS3.4, FrPMS3.2, ThAMS2.1, ThAMS2.3, ThAMS2.5, ThAMS2.6, ThPMS1.3, ThPMS2.3, WeAMS1.3, WePMS1.2, WePMS1.3, WePMS1.4, WePMS1.6, WePMS3.2, WePMS3.3, WePMS3.4, WePMS3.5
Maritime safety and security for ports and shipsFrPMS2.5, ThAMS2.6, WeAMS3.3
Modeling, identification, simulation, and control of marine systemsFrAMS1.2, FrAMS3.3, FrPMS1.2, FrPMS2.1, FrPMS2.2, FrPMS2.3, FrPMS2.4, FrPMS2.5, ThPMS2.5, ThPMS3.6, WeAMS2.3, WeAMS3.2, WePMS2.3, WePMS2.5
Monitoring, diagnosis and fault handlingFrAMS3.5, ThPMS3.5
Nonlinear and optimal control in marine systemsFrAMS1.4, FrPMS1.1, ThPMS2.1, ThPMS2.2, ThPMS2.3, ThPMS2.4, ThPMS2.5, ThPMS2.6, WeAMS2.4
Ocean renewable energyFrAMS1.1, FrAMS1.4, FrPMS1.1, FrPMS1.2, FrPMS1.3, FrPMS1.4, WePMS2.1, WePMS2.2, WePMS2.3, WePMS2.4, WePMS2.6
Offshore systems modeling and controlFrAMS1.2, FrPMS1.1, FrPMS1.3, FrPMS1.4, FrPMS2.1, WePMS2.1, WePMS2.5, WePMS2.6
Risk and life cycle assessment in marine systemsFrPMS3.2
Subsea construction and operationWeAMS3.4
Supervision and surveillance in marine applicationsThAMS2.2, ThAMS2.3
Surface and underwater vehiclesFrAMS2.3, FrAMS2.4, FrAMS2.5, FrPMS3.4, ThPMS3.4, WeAMS1.1, WeAMS3.4
Systems for integrated operationWePMS3.1
Underwater localization techniquesFrAMS2.1, FrAMS2.5, FrPMS3.1, FrPMS3.3, ThAMS2.5
Virtual reality in marine applicationsWePMS1.1
Vision, recognition and reconstruction for underwater applicationsFrAMS2.1, FrAMS2.3, FrAMS2.4, FrAMS2.5, FrAMS3.5




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