3rd IFAC Conference on Embedded Systems, Computational Intelligence and Telematics in Control June 6-8, 2018. University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

3rd IFAC Conference on Embedded Systems, Computational Intelligence and Telematics in Control
June 6-8, 2018, University of Algarve, Gambelas Campus, Faro, Portugal

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Last updated on May 11, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CESCIT 2018 Keyword Index

A   C   D   E   F   H   I   M   P   R   S   T   V  

Architectures for real-time, distributed, intelligent embedded control sysThuA2.1, WedA2.3, WedM2.4
Communication platformsThuA2.4, ThuM2.1, WedM2.2
Computer-based control systemsThuA1.2
See also Real-time algorithms, scheduling, schedulability, temporal predictability, time analysis, Programming and programming platforms,, Logical design, physical design, and implementation of embedded computer systems, Model-driven engineering of computer-controlled systems, Inter-computer communications, Operating systems, Partitioned embedded systems, Virtualisation in embedded systems, Programmable logic controllers, Standards-based platforms and environments
Context aware systems, ambiental intelligenceWedM1.3
Data fusion and data miningThuM2.2, WedA2.2, WedA2.4
Design methodologiesThuM1.1, ThuM1.2, ThuM1.3, WedA1.1, WedA2.4
Emerging areasThuPM1.1
Fault detection, fault toleranceThuM1.1, WedA1.3, WedA2.1, WedA2.2
Hybrids of computational intelligence systems (neuro-fuzzy systems, neuro-genetic)ThuA1.5
Intelligent house, environmental systemsWedM1.1, WedM1.2, WedM1.4, WedM1.5
Intelligent systems and instrumentation (smart systems, sensors, actuators and distributed systems)ThuA1.1, ThuM2.2
Inter-computer communicationsWedM2.2
Internet of thingsThuM2.1, ThuM2.3, ThuM2.4, ThuPM1.1, WedM1.1, WedM2.1, WedM2.2, WedM2.3, WedM2.4, WedM2.5
Mechatronics, robotics and autonomous systemsThuA1.3, ThuM1.2, ThuM1.5
Middleware, ASICs, etcThuM2.3
Mobile embedded applicationsWedA2.5
Model-driven engineering of computer-controlled systemsThuA2.5, ThuM1.4, WedA1.1, WedA1.5
Modelling of the physical embedding systemsWedA1.3, WedA1.5
Modelling, design and implementation of real-time, distributed, intelligent embedded control systemsThuA2.2, ThuM1.2, ThuM1.3, ThuM2.3, WedA1.3
Power systems, energy managementThuA1.2, WedA1.4, WedM1.1, WedM1.3, WedM1.4, WedM1.5
Process control, manufacturingThuA1.4, ThuA2.3, ThuA2.5, ThuM1.4, ThuM2.2, ThuM2.4, WedA2.4
Programmable logic controllersThuA2.3, ThuA2.5, WedA1.2
Re-configurable controlThuM1.3
Real-time algorithms, scheduling, schedulability, temporal predictability, time analysisThuA2.1, ThuA2.2, ThuA2.4, ThuPA1.1, WedA1.4
Remote and distributed controlThuA2.2, WedM2.5
Remote sensor data acquisitionThuM2.1, WedM1.2, WedM2.4
Remote servicingThuM2.5
Safety, reliability, maintainability, securityThuM2.5, WedA1.1, WedA2.1
Search methods and decision-making: neural networks, evolutionary computing, fuzzy techniquesThuA1.3, ThuA1.4, ThuM1.5, WedM1.5, WedPM1.1
Spacecraft servicingThuA2.1
Structures for computational intelligenceThuM1.5
Swarm Intelligence (ant colony, particle swarm, differential evolution, cultural algorithms)ThuA1.2
Telecommunication-based automation systemsThuA2.4, ThuM2.4, WedM2.3
Traffic control systemsWedM2.3, WedPA1.1
Training and adaptation algorithms, Constructive algorithmsThuA1.1, ThuA1.5, WedM2.5
Transport, aerospace, agriculture, economics and business systemsThuM1.4, WedPA1.1
Validation, verification, testing, evaluation of embedded systems and applicationsThuA2.3, WedA1.2




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