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Last updated on June 20, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

CPES 2022 Keyword Index

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Control and Development of Conventional Thermal Hydro, and Nuclear Power PlantsThuS2T3.1, ThuS2T3.3, ThuS2T3.4, ThuS2T3.5, ThuS2T3.6, WedS1T1.5, WedS2T3.1
Deregulated Power MarketsThuS1T1.1, ThuS1T1.5, ThuS1T1.6, TueS1T2.2, TueS1T2.3
Design and Operation of Pumped Hydroelectric Storage SystemsTueS2T3.2, TueS2T3.4
Distributed Control of Networked Smart Power SystemsThuS1T2.1, ThuS1T2.4, ThuS2T1.1, ThuS2T1.5, TueS1T1.3, TueS1T2.1, TueS2T1.2, TueS2T1.3, TueS2T2.1, TueS2T3.3, TueS2T3.4, WedS1T1.1, WedS1T1.2, WedS1T1.6, WedS1T1.7, WedS1T1.8, WedS1T1.9, WedS1T2.1, WedS1T2.3
Distributed NetworksThuS1T2.3, ThuS2T1.5, ThuS2T2.3, TueS1T1.3, TueS2T1.1, TueS2T1.5, WedS2T2.1, WedS2T2.3, WedS2T2.5, WedS2T3.3
Energy Development and PlanningThuS1T1.1, ThuS1T1.3, ThuS1T1.4, ThuS1T1.6, ThuS1T2.2, ThuS2T1.3, ThuS2T2.1, ThuS2T2.3, ThuS2T2.5, ThuS2T2.6, TueS1T1.1, TueS1T3.1, TueS1T3.2, TueS1T3.4, TueS2T1.1, WedS1T1.3, WedS1T2.2, WedS1T2.5, WedS2T2.1, WedS2T2.2, WedS2T2.3, WedS2T2.4, WedS2T2.5, WedS2T2.6, WedS2T2.7
Energy Storage SystemsThuS1T1.6, ThuS1T3.4, ThuS2T2.2, TueS2T3.1, TueS2T3.2, TueS2T3.3, TueS2T3.4, TueS2T3.5, TueS2T3.6, WedS1T2.3, WedS1T2.6
Energy Storage Systems and TechnologiesThuPT1PL.1, WedPT1PL.1, WedPT2PL.1
Future Challenges To Electrical Networks and their SolutionsThuPT1PL.1, ThuS1T1.2, ThuS1T2.2, ThuS2T1.1, ThuS2T1.2, TuePT1PL.1, TuePT2PL.1, TueS1T1.1, TueS1T2.2, TueS1T2.3, TueS1T2.4, TueS1T2.5, TueS1T2.6, TueS1T2.7, TueS1T3.5, TueS2T1.4, TueS2T2.3, WedPT1PL.1, WedPT2PL.1, WedS2T2.2, WedS2T2.4
HVDC Transmission Systems and FACTSThuS1T3.3, WedS2T3.2
Instrumentation and Control Systems for Thermal and Nuclear PlantsThuS2T1.3, ThuS2T3.1, ThuS2T3.5, ThuS2T3.6, WedS1T1.2, WedS1T1.4, WedS1T1.5, WedS1T1.6, WedS1T1.7, WedS1T1.8, WedS1T1.9
Intelligent Autonomous VehiclesThuS1T1.2, TueS2T1.2
MicrogridsThuS1T2.1, ThuS2T2.3, ThuS2T3.4, TueS2T3.3, WedS1T2.2, WedS1T2.4, WedS1T2.5, WedS1T2.6
Operation and Control of Renewable Energy SystemsTuePT1PL.1, TuePT2PL.1, WedPT2PL.1
Operation of Control of Renewable Energy SystemsThuS1T2.5, ThuS1T3.2, ThuS1T3.4, ThuS1T3.6, ThuS2T1.2, ThuS2T1.3, ThuS2T1.4, ThuS2T2.1, ThuS2T2.4, ThuS2T2.5, ThuS2T2.6, TueS1T1.1, TueS1T2.5, TueS1T2.6, TueS1T3.2, TueS1T3.3, TueS1T3.4, TueS1T3.5, TueS1T3.6, TueS2T1.1, TueS2T1.6, TueS2T2.3, TueS2T3.1, WedS1T2.2, WedS1T2.4, WedS2T2.1, WedS2T2.3, WedS2T2.5, WedS2T3.3, WedS2T3.5, WedS2T3.6
Operation, Optimization, Planning, Analysis and Expansion of Large-Scale Power SystemsThuS1T1.3, ThuS1T1.4, ThuS1T1.5, ThuS1T2.2, ThuS1T2.3, ThuS1T2.4, ThuS1T2.5, ThuS1T3.1, ThuS1T3.2, ThuS1T3.3, ThuS2T1.4, ThuS2T2.1, ThuS2T2.4, ThuS2T2.5, ThuS2T3.1, ThuS2T3.2, ThuS2T3.4, ThuS2T3.7, TueS1T1.3, TueS1T2.1, TueS1T2.2, TueS1T2.3, TueS1T2.5, TueS1T3.1, TueS1T3.2, TueS1T3.5, TueS2T1.2, TueS2T1.3, TueS2T1.5, TueS2T2.1, TueS2T2.2, TueS2T2.3, WedS1T1.3, WedS1T2.1, WedS1T2.3, WedS1T2.6, WedS2T2.7, WedS2T3.2
PMU ApplicationsThuS2T1.6, TueS1T2.7, TueS2T2.5, WedS1T1.1
Power Electronics ControlThuS1T3.1, ThuS1T3.2, ThuS1T3.3, ThuS1T3.4, ThuS1T3.5, ThuS1T3.6, TueS1T3.3, TueS1T3.6, TueS2T1.3, TueS2T2.2, WedS2T3.1, WedS2T3.2, WedS2T3.3, WedS2T3.4, WedS2T3.5, WedS2T3.6
Power system modelling, variable renewable generation, hourly based balance of production and consumption, load duration curve, ramp rateTueS1T1.2
Smart Grid TechnologiesThuS1T1.5, ThuS1T2.1, ThuS1T2.3, ThuS1T2.4, ThuS2T1.2, ThuS2T1.4, ThuS2T1.5, ThuS2T1.6, TueS1T2.1, TueS1T2.4, TueS1T2.6, TueS1T3.3, TueS1T3.4, TueS1T3.6, TueS2T1.4, TueS2T1.6, TueS2T2.1, WedS1T2.1, WedS2T2.2, WedS2T2.6, WedS2T2.7
Virtual Inertia and Elimination of Harmonics in Inverter Based SystemsThuS1T3.5, ThuS1T3.6, WedS2T3.5
Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and ControlThuS1T1.2, ThuS2T1.6, ThuS2T3.6, TueS1T2.4, TueS1T2.7, TueS2T1.4, TueS2T1.5, TueS2T2.2, TueS2T2.4, TueS2T2.5, TueS2T2.6, WedS1T1.1, WedS1T1.2, WedS1T1.4, WedS1T1.5, WedS1T1.6, WedS1T1.7, WedS1T1.8, WedS1T1.9, WedS2T3.6




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