CPHS 2022 4th IFAC Workshop on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems December 1-2 , 2022  |  Houston, USA
4th IFAC Workshop on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems
December 1-2 , 2022, Houston, USA

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Last updated on December 8, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday December 1, 2022

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ThPln11  Plenary, Fort Bend Add to My Program 
Thursday Plenary  
12:20-13:30, Paper ThPln11.1 Add to My Program
 The Trusting of Cyber-Physical Systems: How AI Influences Human Behavior

Howard, AyannaThe Ohio State University
ThCPHSF1  Special Session, Fort Bend Add to My Program 
CPHS Fellows  
ThOS11  Regular Session, Fort Bend Add to My Program 
Oral Session 1  
14:30-14:45, Paper ThOS11.1 Add to My Program
 Assessing Human Feedback Parameters for Disturbance-Rejection

Peterson, LaurenUniversity of Washington
Chou, Amber Hsiao-YangUniversity of Washington
Burden, SamUniversity of Washington
Yamagami, MomonaUniversity of Washington
14:45-15:00, Paper ThOS11.2 Add to My Program
 Inferring Takeover in SAE Level 2 Automated Vehicles Using Driver-Based Behavioral and Psychophysiological Signals

Konishi, MatthewPurdue University
Hunter, JacobPurdue University
Zheng, ZhaoboHonda Research Institute USA
Misu, TeruhisaHonda Research Institute USA
Akash, KumarHonda Research Institute USA Inc
Reid, TahiraPurdue University
Jain, NeeraPurdue University
15:00-15:15, Paper ThOS11.3 Add to My Program
 Characterizing Within-Driver Variability in Driving Dynamics During Obstacle Avoidance Maneuvers

Ortiz, KendricUniversity of New Mexico
Thorpe, AdamUniversity of New Mexico
Perez, AnaMariaHarvard University, Department of Mathematics
Luster, MayaPurdue University
Pitts, BrandonPurdue University
Oishi, MeekoUniversity of New Mexico
15:15-15:30, Paper ThOS11.4 Add to My Program
 On Behavioral Changes towards Sustainability for Connected Individuals: A Dynamic Decision-Making Approach

Fontan, AngelaKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Cvetkovic, VladimirKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Johansson, Karl H.KTH Royal Institute of Technology
ThNSF11  Special Session, Fort Bend Add to My Program 
Human-Machine Interaction: Research Funding Opportunities in the NSF
Engineering Directorate
15:30-16:00, Paper ThNSF11.1 Add to My Program
 Human-Machine Interaction: Research Funding Opportunities in the NSF Engineering Directorate

Berg, Jordan M.US National Science Foundation
Leonessa, AlexanderVirginia Tech
ThIS11  Regular Session, Fort Bend / Montgomery Add to My Program 
Interactive Session 1  
16:00-16:03, Paper ThIS11.1 Add to My Program
 Dynamic Energy/Mobility Allocation with EV Consumer Behavior Coupling Transmission Power and Traffic Systems (I)

Watanabe, TaitoWaseda University
Wasa, YasuakiWaseda University
Susuki, YoshihikoKyoto University
Hirata, KenjiUniversity of Toyama
Tanaka, KentaMusashi University
16:03-16:06, Paper ThIS11.2 Add to My Program
 Light Guidance Control of Human Drivers: Driver Modeling, Control System Design, and VR Experiment (I)

Takeda, MasahikoKeio Unibersity
Inoue, MasakiKeio University
Fang, XinruiKeio Unibersity
Minami, YukiOsaka University
Maestre, Jose M.University of Seville
16:06-16:09, Paper ThIS11.3 Add to My Program
 Impact of VR Technology on a Human in Semi-Autonomous Multi-Robot Navigation: Control-Theoretic Perspective (I)

Hatanaka, TakeshiTokyo Institute of Technology
Mochizuki, TakahiroTokyo Institute of Technology
Maestre, Jose M.University of Seville
Chopra, NikhilUniv of Maryland
16:09-16:12, Paper ThIS11.4 Add to My Program
 Input-To-State Constrained Safety Zeroing Control Barrier Function and Its Application to Time-Varying Obstacle Avoidance for Electric Wheelchair (I)

Tezuka, IsseiTokyo University of Science
Kuramoto, TaisukeTokyo University of Science
Nakamura, HisakazuTokyo University of Science
16:12-16:15, Paper ThIS11.5 Add to My Program
 Cost-Effectiveness of One-Way EV Sharing Service with Monopoly Pricing Methodology (I)

Shimato, TakafumiNagoya University
Yamaguchi, TakumaNagoya University
Inagaki, ShinkichiNagoya Univ
Suzuki, TatsuyaNagoya Univ
16:15-16:18, Paper ThIS11.6 Add to My Program
 A Subspace Method for Time Series Anomaly Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems

Vides, FredyUniversidad Nacional Autónoma De Honduras
Segura, EstebanUniversidad De Costa Rica
Vargas-Agüero, CarlosUniversidad De Costa Rica
16:18-16:21, Paper ThIS11.7 Add to My Program
 Distributed Optimal Allocation with Quantized Communication and Privacy-Preserving Guarantees

Rikos, Apostolos I.KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Nylöf, JakobKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Gracy, SebinRice University
Johansson, Karl H.KTH Royal Institute of Technology
16:21-16:24, Paper ThIS11.8 Add to My Program
 Nonlinear Moving Horizon Estimation and Model Predictive Control for Buildings with Unknown HVAC Dynamics

Mostafavi, SamanPalo Alto Research Center, Inc. (PARC)
Doddi, HarishUniversity of Minnesota Twin Cities
Kalyanam, KrishnaNASA Ames Research Center
Schwartz, DavidPalo Alto Research Center, Inc. (PARC)
16:24-16:27, Paper ThIS11.9 Add to My Program
 Integral Concurrent Learning for Admittance Control of a Hybrid Exoskeleton

Merritt, GlenThe University of Alabama
Akbari, SaiedehThe University of Alabama
Cousin, ChristianUniversity of Alabama
16:27-16:30, Paper ThIS11.10 Add to My Program
 Small-Scale to Large-Scale Implementation of Cyber-Physical Human Experiments in Live Traffic

Sean, McQuadeRutgers-Camden
Denaro, ChristopherRutgers University - Camden
Mahmood, MalaikaRutgers-Camden
Lee, JonathanUC Berkeley
Sprinkle, JonathanVanderbilt University
Work, DanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Piccoli, BenedettoRutgers University - Camden
Seibold, BenjaminTemple University
Bayen, Alexandre M.Univ of California at Berkeley
Gumm, GracieVanderbilt University




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