FOSBE2019 October 14 - 19, 2019. Valencia, Spain 8th IFAC Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering
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Last updated on October 21, 2019. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

FOSBE2019 Keyword Index

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Analysis and modeling of stochastic and heterogeneous systems,FrMo2T1.1, FrMo2T2.1, ThAf1T2.1, ThAf1T2.2, ThBrAfCP.1, ThBrAfCP.6, WeBrAfCP.1, WeBrAfCP.2
Design and control of synthetic biological systems and circuitsThAf1T1.2, ThBrAfCP.2, ThBrAfCP.3, ThMo2T1.1, ThMo2T1.2, ThMo2T1.3, ThMo2T1.4, ThMo2T1.5, WeAf1T1.1, WeAf1T1.2, WeAf1T1.3, WeAf1T1.4, WeAf1T2.2, WeMo2T1.1, WeMo2T1.2
Dynamics and control of biological systemsFrMo2T2.2, FrMo2T2.3, FrMo2T2.4, ThAf1T2.2, ThAf1T2.3, ThAf1T2.4, ThAf1T2.5, ThBrAfCP.1, ThBrAfCP.2, ThBrAfCP.4, ThBrAfCP.6, ThBrAfCP.8, ThMo2T1.1, ThMo2T1.3, ThMo2T1.4, ThMo2T1.5, ThMo2T2.1, ThMo2T2.2, ThMo2T2.3, ThMo2T2.4, ThMo2T2.5, WeAf1T1.1, WeAf1T1.3, WeAf1T1.4, WeAf1T1.5, WeAf1T2.1, WeAf1T2.2, WeAf1T2.3, WeAf1T2.4, WeAf1T2.5, WeBrAfCP.1, WeBrAfCP.2, WeBrAfCP.3, WeBrAfCP.4, WeBrAfCP.5, WeMo2T1.1, WeMo2T1.3, WeMo2T1.4, WeMo2T1.5, WeMo2T2.2, WeMo2T2.4
Modelling of complex biological systemsFrMo2T1.1, FrMo2T1.4, FrMo2T2.1, FrMo2T2.4, ThAf1T1.1, ThAf1T1.2, ThAf1T1.3, ThAf1T1.4, ThAf1T1.5, ThAf1T2.2, ThAf1T2.3, ThAf1T2.4, ThBrAfCP.3, ThBrAfCP.4, ThBrAfCP.5, ThBrAfCP.6, ThBrAfCP.7, ThBrAfCP.9, ThMo2T2.1, ThMo2T2.2, ThMo2T2.3, WeAf1T1.3, WeAf1T1.5, WeAf1T2.3, WeAf1T2.4, WeBrAfCP.1, WeBrAfCP.2, WeBrAfCP.3, WeBrAfCP.4, WeBrAfCP.5, WeBrAfCP.8, WeBrAfCP.9, WeMo2T1.4, WeMo2T2.1, WeMo2T2.2, WeMo2T2.3, WeMo2T2.4, WeMo2T2.5
Multi-scale and multi-omics data integration and modellingThAf1T1.4, ThAf1T1.5
Network inference and modeling (signaling, regulation, metabolic)FrMo2T1.1, FrMo2T1.2, FrMo2T1.3, FrMo2T1.4, ThAf1T1.2, ThAf1T1.4, ThAf1T2.3, ThBrAfCP.7, WeAf1T2.4, WeBrAfCP.7, WeBrAfCP.8, WeMo2T2.2, WeMo2T2.4, WeMo2T2.5
Next generation methods and tools for systems and synthetic biologyThAf1T1.3, ThBrAfCP.8, ThBrAfCP.9, ThMo2T1.2, WeBrAfCP.8, WeBrAfCP.9, WeMo2T1.2, WeMo2T1.3, WeMo2T1.5, WeMo2T2.3, WeMo2T2.5
Synthetic biologyThBrAfCP.2, ThBrAfCP.3, ThBrAfCP.8, ThBrAfCP.9, ThMo2T1.1, ThMo2T1.2, ThMo2T1.5, WeAf1T1.1, WeAf1T1.2, WeAf1T1.4, WeAf1T1.5, WeBrAfCP.9, WeMo2T1.1, WeMo2T1.2, WeMo2T1.3, WeMo2T1.4, WeMo2T1.5
Systems biology for (red, green, blue and white) biotechnologyThAf1T1.5, ThAf1T2.4, ThBrAfCP.4, ThBrAfCP.7, ThBrAfCP.10, ThMo2T2.3, ThMo2T2.4, WeBrAfCP.5, WeBrAfCP.7
Systems medicineThAf1T1.3, ThAf1T2.5, WeAf1T2.5




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