The 15th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on
Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of
Human-Machine Systems
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Last updated on September 9, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Monday September 12, 2022

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Mon-OO1  General Session, Virtual Add to My Program 
Opening Ceremony  
Mon-P1PA  Regular Session, Virtual Add to My Program 
Human Performance and Proficiency in Air Traffic Control  
Chair: Sawaragi, TetsuoKyoto Univ
07:30-07:50, Paper Mon-P1PA.1 Add to My Program
Challenges from the Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the European Air Traffic Management System

Malakis, Efstathios (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority), Baumgartner, Marc (IFATCA), Berzina, Nora Anna (IFATCA), Laursen, Tom (IFATCA), Smoker, Anthony (IFATCA), Poti, Andrea (IFATCA), Fabris, Gabriele (IFATCA)
07:50-08:10, Paper Mon-P1PA.2 Add to My Program
Determining Air Traffic Controller Proficiency: Identifying Objective Measures Using Clustering

de Jong, Tjitte (Delft University of Technology), Borst, Clark (Delft University of Technology)
08:10-08:30, Paper Mon-P1PA.3 Add to My Program
Situation Awareness Prompts: Bridging the Gap between Supervisory and Manual Air Traffic Control

Kim, Munyung (Delft University of Technology), Borst, Clark (Delft University of Technology), Mulder, Max (Delft University of Technology)
Mon-P2PA  Regular Session, Virtual Add to My Program 
Machine Learning in Human-Machine Systems  
Chair: Schuster, DavidSan Jose State University
08:40-09:00, Paper Mon-P2PA.1 Add to My Program
Investigating Classification Methods Using Fixation Patterns to Predict Visual Tasks

Thentu, Siddartha (San Jose State University), Attar, Nada (San Jose State University)
09:00-09:20, Paper Mon-P2PA.2 Add to My Program
Towards Generation of Synthetic Data Sets for Hybrid Conflict Modelling

Nomm, Sven (Tallinn University of Technology), Venables, Adrian (Tallinn University of Technology)
Mon-W1WO  Plenary Workshop Session, Virtual Add to My Program 
Storytelling to Cultivate Foresight - Amy Bickerton  




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