19th IFAC World Congress
August 24-29, 2014, Cape Town, South Africa

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Last updated on September 7, 2014. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

IFAC WC 2014 Keyword Index

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Acoustic-Based Networked Control and NavigationTuA18.3, TuA18.4, TuB18.3, TuC18.3
Active approaches to fault tolerant controlThB01.5, TuA21.1, TuA21.2, TuA21.4, TuA25.8, TuB21.1, TuB21.5, WeB21.1, WeB21.3
Adaptive and robust control of automotive systemsFrB08.6, FrB14.3, FrB14.5, MoA25.6, ThA08.2, TuB08.2, WeA08.1, WeA25.12, WeC08.6
Adaptive controlFrA02.2, FrA02.4, FrA02.5, MoA11.1, MoA11.2, MoA11.3, MoA11.4, MoA11.5, MoA18.2, MoB02.4, MoB11.1, MoB11.2, MoB11.3, MoB11.4, MoB11.5, MoB13.3, MoB13.6, MoC11.1, MoC11.2, MoC11.3, ThB02.5, ThB21.2, ThC11.1, TuB11.4, TuC25.1, WeC13.2, WeC25.8
Adaptive control -applicationsFrA16.5, FrB16.1, FrB16.3, MoA14.1, MoA16.1, MoA16.6, MoA17.5, ThA14.3, TuB16.3, TuB16.6, TuC16.1, TuC16.3, TuC16.4, TuC16.5, WeA16.1, WeB03.2
Adaptive control by neural networksFrA16.6, ThC15.1, TuB16.1, TuB16.4, WeA16.3
Adaptive control of networksTuB16.4, TuB16.5, TuC16.2
Adaptive neural and fuzzy controlMoC20.1, MoC20.3, MoC20.4, MoC20.6, TuC25.10, TuC25.11, TuC25.12, WeB20.4, WeC20.3, WeC20.4
Adaptive system and controlFrA16.4, FrB16.3, FrB16.4, FrB16.5, MoA16.5, MoA17.2, MoB14.6, MoB16.1, MoB16.2, MoB16.3, MoB16.4, TuB16.1, TuB16.4, TuB16.5, TuC16.1, TuC16.2, TuC16.5, WeA15.1, WeA16.3, WeA16.4, WeB16.2, WeB16.4, WeB16.5
Advanced control technologyFrA10.5, FrB03.2, MoA10.3, MoC01.5, MoC25.8, ThA10.2, ThA21.1, ThB10.5, TuA10.3, TuA10.6, TuC10.1, WeA10.4, WeA10.6, WeB10.2, WeC10.5, WeC12.4
Advanced process controlFrA22.3, FrB15.1, MoA10.1, MoA10.4, MoA10.5, MoB02.2, MoB10.3, MoC10.2, ThB22.1, ThB22.2, ThB22.5, ThB22.6, ThC22.1, ThC22.2, ThC22.5, ThC22.6, TuA10.2, WeA10.2, WeA10.5
AerospaceMoA13.1, MoA13.2, MoA13.3, MoA13.4, MoA13.5, MoA13.6, MoB05.4, MoC11.2, MoC11.4, TuC02.2, TuC25.3
Agent technology for business and economyThB24.3, ThC24.2
Agricultural roboticsFrA24.1, FrA24.2, FrA24.4, FrA24.5, WeC24.1, WeC24.2
Air quality planning and controlTuC24.1, TuC24.2
Ajustable or adaptive autonomyTuA23.2, TuB25.16
Analysis and control in deregulated power systemsFrA12.3, MoB15.3, ThA01.3, TuA01.4, TuB12.1, TuB12.4, TuC01.6, TuC12.4, WeA01.6
Analysis of reliability and safetyFrA21.1, FrB15.2, ThA21.2, WeB21.2
Analytic designMoA02.2, MoC11.4, ThC05.2, TuA11.1, TuA11.5, TuA11.6, TuB02.3, TuC05.2, TuC05.6, WeA05.6, WeA13.1, WeB11.3
Application of mechatronic principlesFrA06.1, ThA09.6, ThB06.2, ThB06.4, TuB25.9, TuC06.3, WeA14.1
Application of nonlinear analysis and designFrA02.6, FrA13.2, MoA02.3, MoA13.5, MoB05.4, MoB13.1, MoB19.2, MoB21.6, MoC02.1, ThA02.4, ThB02.1, ThB13.3, ThC02.2, TuA11.1, TuB02.5, TuC21.6, WeA13.1, WeA13.2, WeA13.3, WeA13.4, WeA13.5, WeA13.6
Application of power electronicsFrA12.1, FrB01.1, FrB12.1, FrB12.3, FrB12.4, FrB12.5, MoA15.3, MoA15.4, MoA15.5, ThA12.2, ThB01.6, ThB12.1, TuA25.6
Applications in semiconductor manufacturingThA10.4
Architectures and software tools for enterprise integration and networking in manufacturingMoC22.5, TuA16.1, TuA16.3
Artificial intelligenceMoB01.6, WeC01.5
Artificial neural nets in agricultureWeC24.4
Artificial pancreas or organsFrA07.2, FrA25.3, MoA07.1, MoA07.2, MoA07.3, MoA07.4, MoA07.5, MoA07.6, MoC07.1, MoC07.2, MoC07.3, MoC07.4, ThB07.1, ThB07.2, ThC07.2, ThC07.4
Assembly and disassemblyMoA22.7, TuA22.4, WeA22.1, WeA22.4, WeC16.1
Assitive technology and rehabilitation engineeringFrB22.2, FrB22.5, ThC09.6, TuA23.1, TuA23.6
Asymptotic stabilizationMoA18.4, MoB11.1, MoB13.6, ThA02.1, ThA02.2, ThA02.6, ThC02.2, ThC02.5, TuA13.2, TuB02.1, TuC05.3, WeA02.1, WeA02.6, WeA05.4
Auto-configurationFrB06.4, MoA24.2, TuB25.8, WeB09.5
Automatic control, optimization, real-time operations in transportationFrA17.1, FrA17.3, FrA17.6, FrB17.3, MoA01.4, MoA25.14, MoA25.17, MoA25.18, MoA25.19, MoC23.1, ThA08.4, ThA17.1, ThA17.3, ThA17.4, ThA17.5, TuB08.6, TuB17.1, TuB17.2, TuB17.3, TuC08.1, TuC17.1, TuC17.2, TuC17.3, TuC17.4, TuC17.5, TuC17.6, WeA08.2, WeA25.3, WeC08.1, WeC17.3, WeC17.4
Automotive sensors and actuatorsFrA14.1, FrA14.3, FrA14.5, FrA17.2, FrB08.6, FrB14.4, MoA25.12, ThA08.3, ThA08.4, ThA08.5, ThA08.6, ThA11.5, WeA08.3, WeA25.7, WeB08.3, WeC08.3
Automotive system identification and modellingFrA14.2, FrA14.6, FrB14.4, MoC08.4, ThA08.1, ThA08.6, TuA08.6, TuB08.1, TuB08.3, WeA25.4, WeA25.6
Autonomic transport systemsFrB17.1
Autonomous Mobile RobotsMoC23.2, ThA23.1, ThB23.4, WeC23.2, WeC23.3, WeC23.5
Autonomous robotic systemsFrA09.5, FrB06.2, FrB09.4, MoA09.1, MoB09.2, MoB09.4, MoB09.5, MoC09.5, MoC09.6, MoC11.5, ThB06.3, ThB09.3, ThC08.1, ThC08.4, ThC08.6, ThC09.1, TuA09.2, TuA09.3, TuA09.4, TuA09.5, TuB06.1, TuB06.4, TuB25.15, TuC09.6, WeA09.1, WeA09.4, WeA09.5, WeA09.6, WeB09.1, WeB24.4, WeB24.5, WeC09.3, WeC09.4, WeC09.6
Autonomous surface vehiclesFrB18.4, FrB18.5, MoC23.3, MoC23.5, ThA18.3, TuA18.5, TuB18.1, TuB18.6
Autonomous systemsFrB19.1, FrB19.2, FrB19.5, FrB19.6, MoA25.5, MoC19.1, MoC19.2, MoC19.3, ThA19.1, ThA19.2, ThA19.3, ThB18.1, ThB19.5, ThB19.6, WeC19.1, WeC19.2
Autonomous underwater vehiclesFrB18.1, FrB18.2, ThA18.1, ThA18.2, ThB18.3, ThB18.4, TuA18.1, TuA18.3, TuA18.4, TuA18.6, TuB18.3, TuC18.1, TuC18.3, TuC18.4
Autonomous VehiclesMoC23.1, MoC23.2, MoC23.3, MoC23.4, MoC23.6, ThA08.4, ThA23.1, ThA23.4, ThB23.1, ThB23.5, ThC23.5, ThC23.6, TuB17.3, WeA25.8, WeA25.12
Autonomous vehicles in agricultureFrA24.1, FrA24.4, FrA24.5, FrA24.6
AutotuningFrA16.1, FrA16.2, FrA16.3, FrA16.4, FrB16.5, MoA16.2, MoA17.5, ThC15.1, TuC16.3, WeB16.6
Avionics and on-board equipmentsThA19.1, WeC19.3
Backstepping control of distributed parameter systemsFrA19.1, FrA19.2, FrA19.5, MoB19.1, MoB19.2, ThB21.5, TuC19.3, WeC14.1, WeC14.2
Balance issues of theoretical-versus-practical trainingFrB20.2, FrB20.5, FrB20.6, ThA25.4, ThA25.5, ThA25.9, ThC20.2
Batch and semi-batch process controlFrA10.4, MoB10.3, MoC25.1, MoC25.4, MoC25.7, TuA10.6, TuB10.5, TuC10.5, WeB10.1
Bayesian methodsMoB03.1, MoB03.2, MoB03.3, MoB03.4, MoB03.5, MoB03.6, MoB25.4, MoC03.4, ThA03.3, ThA14.1, ThA14.4, ThA14.5, ThB15.5, TuA14.1, TuB14.1, TuC14.4, TuC14.6, TuC15.3, WeA15.3, WeA15.6, WeC04.2, WeC04.3
Bio-signals analysis and interpretationFrA25.2, MoA23.3, MoB07.3, MoB23.2, ThA07.3, ThC07.5, TuA07.1, TuA07.2, TuA07.3, TuA07.4, TuA07.5, TuA07.6, TuA24.3, TuC23.3, WeA07.2, WeC07.4
Bioenergy productionTuB23.1, TuB23.4, TuC24.5, WeA23.3, WeA23.4, WeA23.5
BioinformaticsFrA23.2, FrA23.4, FrA23.6, MoA23.5, MoB07.2, MoB23.6, TuA24.3
Biomedical and medical image processing and systemsTuA24.1, TuA24.2, TuA24.5, TuB07.5, WeC07.1, WeC07.3, WeC07.4, WeC07.6
Biomedical system modeling, simulation and visualizationFrA23.3, FrA23.4, FrA25.3, FrB07.4, FrB07.6, MoA07.4, MoA23.1, MoB07.2, MoB23.2, MoC07.6, ThB07.4, ThB07.5, ThB07.6, ThB25.1, ThB25.6, ThB25.7, ThB25.8, ThC07.5, TuA07.2, TuA07.4, TuA24.2, TuA24.4, TuB07.2, TuB07.6, TuC07.3, WeA07.1, WeA07.2, WeA07.6, WeB07.2, WeC07.1, WeC07.2, WeC07.3, WeC07.4, WeC07.5
Bounded error identificationMoB25.3, TuA14.4, TuB14.3
Business process management systemsMoC16.2, TuA16.5, TuB20.3, TuB20.4
Cellular, metabolic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neuro-systemsFrB07.5, MoB07.1, MoB07.4, ThC07.4, TuB23.5, WeB07.2, WeB07.3, WeC07.5
Centralized Internet repository for control educationThC20.1
Channel estimation/equalisationThC03.1, ThC13.5
Chemical engineeringThA05.1, ThB02.2, ThB02.3, WeC25.4
Chronic care and/or diabetesFrA07.4, MoA07.5, MoC07.1, MoC07.3, ThC07.2
Clinical trialFrA07.3, MoA07.6, ThA07.1, ThC07.1, TuB07.3, TuC07.2, TuC07.5, WeB07.1
Clinical validationThB07.3, ThC07.3, TuC07.3
Closed loop identificationMoA14.4, MoC14.3, MoC14.4, TuA03.1, TuA03.2, TuA03.3, TuA03.4, TuC03.6
Co-Learning and self-learningTuA23.2
Cognitive aspects of automation systems and humansThB24.3, ThB24.4, ThC20.6
Collaborative networked organizations principlesTuA16.2, TuB19.1, TuB20.1, TuB20.2, TuB20.5
Complex logistic systemsMoB22.6, ThB16.3
Complex system managementFrA04.3, FrB04.5, MoA17.4, TuA04.3, TuB04.6
Complex systemsMoB05.3, ThB13.2, TuC25.5, WeA11.1, WeA11.3
Complexity modellingFrA20.1, ThA24.1, ThB24.5
Computational econometricsThC24.1
Computational Social SciencesThB24.1, ThB24.3
Computational social systemsFrA20.5, ThB24.5, ThC24.1
Constrained controlFrA02.3, FrB13.1, FrB13.2, FrB13.3, FrB13.4, MoC13.1, MoC18.2, MoC21.1, ThB02.6, ThC18.2, TuA13.4, WeB11.2, WeC05.4
Constraint and security monitoring and controlFrA15.2, FrA15.6, MoC12.2, ThA01.1, ThB01.4, ThC01.3, WeB01.6, WeC01.4
Continuing control education in industryFrB20.3
Continuous time system estimationMoA03.3, MoA08.2, MoA16.1, MoA16.2, MoA16.4, MoB16.1, MoC15.1, ThA11.3, ThB03.2, ThB15.6, ThC03.6, ThC14.4, TuA05.4, TuA14.2, TuB03.1, TuB03.2, TuB03.3, TuB03.4, TuB03.5, TuB03.6, WeB03.1, WeB03.4, WeB03.6, WeC03.4
Control and Automation Systems failureTuB15.1
Control and estimation with data lossFrA04.1, MoA04.1, MoA04.2, MoA04.3, MoA04.4, MoA04.5, MoA04.6, MoB08.6, MoB25.5, MoB25.10, MoC15.5, TuB04.1, TuB04.5, TuC15.1, WeA04.3, WeB04.1, WeC04.4
Control and optimization of supply chainsFrA10.4, MoC25.3
Control architectures in automotive controlFrA14.3, FrA14.4, FrB08.2, FrB14.3, FrB14.5, TuA08.3, TuB08.2, TuC08.4, WeA08.5, WeA25.5, WeA25.9, WeB08.1, WeB08.5, WeC08.2, WeC08.5
Control architectures in marine systemsTuB18.6, TuC18.3
Control design for hybrid systemsFrA11.1, WeA05.1, WeB18.3
Control education using laboratoryThC20.3
Control education using laboratory equipmentFrB20.2, ThA25.1, ThA25.2, ThA25.3, ThA25.4, ThA25.5, ThA25.6, ThA25.7, ThA25.8, ThA25.9, ThC20.2, ThC20.4, ThC20.6
Control in economicsFrA20.5, ThA24.2, ThA24.3, ThC24.2, ThC24.3, ThC24.4
Control in neuroscienceTuA11.4
Control in system biologyMoB11.1
Control of bifurcation and chaosWeB13.5
Control of constrained systemsFrA12.4, FrA19.3, FrB13.4, FrB13.5, MoA13.3, MoB02.3, MoB21.2, MoC02.6, MoC13.2, MoC13.3, MoC13.4, MoC13.5, MoC13.6, MoC18.2, MoC18.5, MoC18.6, ThA05.2, ThA13.3, ThC18.1, TuA13.2, TuB11.4, WeA05.4, WeC05.6
Control of distributed systemsFrB15.5, MoC01.5, MoC10.1, MoC10.5, TuC10.6, WeB04.5
Control of fluid flows and fluids-structures interactionsFrA18.2, FrA19.2, FrB13.1, TuC19.4, WeA13.2, WeB19.2
Control of heat and mass transfer systemsMoA19.4, ThB02.6, TuC19.3, WeB19.4, WeB19.5
Control of hyperbolic systems and conservation lawsMoA19.2, MoB19.4, WeC14.1
Control of interconnected systemsFrA02.1, FrB13.6, MoC21.2, ThB08.3, WeA11.2, WeA11.6, WeB13.2
Control of large-scale systemsFrB15.5, MoB10.4, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThB10.5, ThC01.4, ThC16.6, WeB10.3
Control of multi-scale systemsMoB01.3, MoC25.5, TuA10.2
Control of networksFrA04.3, FrB04.3, FrB11.2, MoA08.3, MoA08.4, MoB25.8, MoB25.11, MoB25.13, MoC04.1, ThC13.6, TuB04.6, TuC04.3, TuC04.5, WeA04.4
Control of partial differential equationsFrA18.3, FrA18.4, FrA18.5, MoB19.3, ThB02.6, TuC19.1, TuC19.6
Control of particulate processesMoC25.4, WeB21.1
Control of physiological and clinical variablesFrA07.3, MoA07.2, MoA07.3, MoA07.4, MoA07.6, MoA23.2, MoB07.3, MoC07.1, MoC07.2, ThA07.4, ThB07.1, ThB07.2, ThB07.5, ThC07.2, WeB07.1, WeB07.2, WeB07.3, WeB07.4
Control of quantum and Schroedinger systemsWeC25.7
Control of renewable energy resourcesFrA01.3, FrA12.2, FrA12.6, FrB01.5, FrB11.5, FrB12.2, MoA01.3, MoA12.3, MoA15.3, MoA15.4, MoB01.2, MoB12.2, MoB15.4, MoC01.2, MoC10.3, MoC12.4, ThA12.2, ThA12.4, ThA21.3, ThB12.1, ThB12.3, ThB12.4, ThB12.5, ThC12.1, ThC12.2, ThC12.4, ThC12.6, TuA01.2, TuA01.3, TuA01.4, TuA01.5, TuA12.1, TuA25.1, TuA25.9, TuB01.1, TuB01.4, TuB01.5, TuB12.4, TuB12.5, TuB21.1, TuB21.3, TuB21.5, TuC01.2, TuC01.4, TuC01.5, TuC12.1, TuC12.2, TuC12.3, TuC12.4, TuC12.5, TuC12.6, WeA01.5, WeA01.6, WeA12.1, WeA12.2, WeA12.3, WeA12.4, WeA12.6, WeB01.2, WeB01.3, WeB12.1, WeB12.2, WeB12.3, WeB12.4, WeB12.5, WeC01.2, WeC11.1, WeC11.2, WeC11.5, WeC12.1, WeC12.2, WeC12.3, WeC12.4, WeC12.5
Control of switched systemsFrA13.6, ThC02.4, TuB13.1, TuB13.2, TuB13.3, TuB13.4, TuB13.5, TuB13.6, WeB02.5, WeB18.3
Control of systems in vehiclesFrB19.1, MoA25.4, MoA25.5, MoA25.6, MoA25.8, MoA25.10, MoA25.12, MoC19.4, ThA19.5, ThC19.1, TuA19.4, WeC19.1, WeC19.2, WeC19.5
Control of voluntary movements, respirationThA07.1, TuC07.4
Control over networksFrA04.1, FrA04.3, FrA04.5, FrB04.1, FrB11.3, FrPP.1, MoA04.5, MoA08.2, MoA17.4, MoB08.2, MoB25.10, ThA04.6, TuA04.4, TuA17.1, TuB04.2, TuB04.3, TuB04.4, TuB04.5, TuB04.6, TuC04.3, TuC04.4, TuC04.6, WeB04.1, WeB04.3, WeB17.3
Control problems under conflict and/or uncertaintiesMoA18.1, MoA18.2, MoA18.3, MoA18.4, MoB18.1, MoB18.2, MoB18.3, MoC02.3, ThB02.5, ThB08.6, ThB11.4
Control system designFrA01.6, FrA12.1, FrA12.5, FrB01.1, FrB01.2, FrB12.1, FrB12.3, FrB12.4, FrB12.5, FrB15.3, FrB15.4, MoA01.5, MoA10.2, MoA10.6, MoA12.1, MoA12.2, MoA12.3, MoA12.5, MoA15.1, MoA15.2, MoA15.3, MoA15.4, MoA15.6, MoB01.1, MoB01.4, MoB02.2, MoB10.3, MoB12.1, MoB12.2, MoB12.3, MoB12.4, MoB15.1, MoB15.2, MoB15.4, MoC01.2, MoC12.3, MoC25.8, ThA10.1, ThA10.3, ThA12.1, ThB12.1, ThB12.2, ThB12.3, ThB12.5, ThC01.3, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC01.6, ThC12.3, TuA12.4, TuA12.5, TuA25.6, TuA25.8, TuB12.6, TuC01.1, TuC10.3, TuC12.1, WeA01.1, WeA01.4, WeA10.5, WeA10.6, WeA12.3, WeA12.6, WeB01.1, WeB01.3, WeB12.1, WeB12.6, WeC11.1, WeC12.1, WeC12.2, WeC12.5
Control under communication constraintsFrA04.1, FrA04.2, FrA04.5, MoA04.1, MoA04.5, MoB08.5, MoB25.8, MoB25.9, MoC04.2, MoC15.6, ThB04.1, TuA04.1, TuB04.1, TuB04.2, TuB04.3, TuB04.4, WeB04.2
Control under communication constraints (nonliearity)FrB13.6, ThC13.4, WeA11.2
Control under computation constraintsFrA04.2, MoA17.1
Controllability and observability of distributed parameter systemsMoA19.1
Controller constraints and structureFrB13.4, MoA05.6, MoC21.4, ThC05.1, TuB11.1, TuB11.2, TuC25.4, WeB18.4
Convex optimizationFrA02.3, FrB13.2, MoA02.6, MoA21.2, MoA21.4, MoC13.2, MoC18.6, MoC21.1, MoC21.4, MoC21.5, ThA02.1, ThB21.3, ThC11.5, ThC18.2, TuA11.3, TuC11.3, WeA21.4, WeA21.6, WeB05.5
Cooperative controlThB18.5, TuA18.1, TuC18.1
Cooperative navigationThB18.5, TuB17.4, TuB18.2
Cooperative systemsFrB04.3, FrB04.4, FrB04.5, FrB04.6, FrB11.4, MoA08.1, MoB08.2, MoB08.3, MoB08.5, MoB25.7, MoB25.11, MoC04.1, MoC04.3, MoC04.4, MoC04.5, MoC04.6, ThA04.1, ThA04.5, ThB04.2, ThC04.1, ThC04.2, ThC04.3, ThC04.4, ThC15.4, TuC04.1, TuC04.2, TuC04.3, TuC04.6, WeA04.2, WeC04.5
Coordinated controlThB18.1, TuA18.1
Coordination of multiple vehicle systemsMoB08.3, MoC04.3, ThA04.3, ThB04.1, ThB04.2, ThB04.3, ThB04.4, ThB04.5, ThB04.6, ThB17.2, ThC04.1, ThC04.2, ThC04.6, ThC13.6, TuA04.5
Cultural impacts of automation technologyThC20.6
CultureFrA20.2, FrA20.3
Cyber-Physical SystemsFrB22.2, MoA24.1, MoA24.2, MoA24.5, MoA24.6, MoB09.6, ThC25.5, TuA06.1, TuA06.3, TuA06.4, TuA06.5, TuB25.3, TuB25.4, WeB24.3, WeC09.6
Data mining and multivariate statisticsThB22.3, ThC22.3, ThC22.4, WeB10.4
Data mining toolsFrA23.6, MoA23.5, WeB23.1, WeB23.4
Data-based controlThB21.4, ThC11.4, TuA11.6, TuC11.1, TuC11.2, TuC11.3, TuC11.4, TuC11.5, WeB05.1
Data-fusionThC08.2, WeB24.5
Decentralized and distributed controlMoC22.3, MoC22.5, ThB16.4, ThC16.1, ThC16.5, TuB19.1
Decentralized controlFrA11.2, MoB02.5, ThB11.2, ThB11.3, ThB11.5, ThB21.1, ThB21.5, ThC13.1, ThC18.3, TuB11.2, TuC02.5, TuC05.1, TuC05.5, TuC19.1, TuC25.5, WeA11.1, WeA11.2, WeA11.3, WeA11.4, WeA11.5, WeA11.6, WeA18.3
Decentralized Control and SystemsThA11.6, WeC23.2, WeC23.4
Decision making and autonomy, sensor data fusionMoA25.8, ThC19.2, ThC19.6, WeC19.6
Decision making and cognitive processesMoA06.2, MoA24.4, ThB09.5, TuB25.4
Decision support and controlFrA07.1, FrA07.4, FrA07.5, FrA07.6, FrA23.3, FrB07.1, FrB07.2, MoA07.2, MoB07.6, ThA07.3, ThA07.5, ThA07.6, ThB25.2, ThB25.4, ThB25.8, ThC07.4, TuA07.5, TuC07.1, TuC07.2, WeA07.1, WeA07.4, WeA07.5, WeB07.6, WeC07.2
Decision support systems in marine systemsTuA18.5
Decoupling problemsFrB05.1, MoA05.4, ThB08.6, TuA05.3, TuC05.4, TuC05.5
Delay compensation for linear and nonlinear systemsFrA19.5, ThB21.6
Delay systemsMoB21.3, ThC05.3, TuC02.6, TuC19.2, WeB13.1, WeB13.2, WeB13.3, WeB13.4, WeB13.5, WeB13.6
Dependable manufacturing systems controlTuA22.2, TuA22.3
Descriptive AnalyticsThB24.1
Descriptor systemsFrA19.4, MoA02.5, MoA21.2, MoB05.1, ThC05.1
Design methodologiesFrB09.6, MoA06.1, MoA06.3, MoA06.4, MoC24.1, ThB09.1, ThC06.1, ThC09.6, TuA06.2, TuA06.3, TuB25.10, WeA06.4, WeB14.4, WeB25.5
Design methodology for HMSMoA24.3
Design of fault tolerant/reliable systemsThB01.4, TuA21.1, TuA21.2, TuA21.4, TuA21.5, WeB21.2
Developing RegionsFrB20.1, ThB24.6
Developments in measurement, signal processingThA07.2, TuA07.1, TuA07.5, TuA24.4, TuB07.3, TuC07.5, WeB07.5
Device integration technologiesMoC22.3, TuA20.3
DiagnosisFrA11.4, MoB05.1, MoB05.2, MoB05.4, MoB05.5, ThB11.1, TuC25.1, WeB11.1, WeB11.2
Diagnosis of discrete event and hybrid systemsMoB25.5, ThC15.2, TuA17.3, TuA17.5
Differential or dynamic gamesMoA18.3, MoB18.1, MoB18.2, MoB18.3, MoB18.4
Digital DivideFrA20.4
Digital enterpriseTuA16.4
Digital implementationFrA11.3, MoB06.3, MoC11.1, ThB21.4, TuA11.3, TuA11.5, TuB05.5, TuC25.2, WeA05.5
Discontinuous controlMoB13.4, ThA13.3, ThA13.4, WeA02.2, WeC25.1
Discrete event modeling and simulationFrA16.6, FrB03.3, MoB25.2, MoC17.1, MoC17.2, MoC17.4, MoC17.5, MoC17.6, ThB17.1, ThC17.1, ThC17.5, TuA17.2, TuA17.3
Discrete event systems in manufacturingMoA22.1, MoB22.1, WeC16.3
Distributed control and estimationFrB04.1, FrB04.2, FrB04.4, FrB04.6, FrB11.1, FrB11.2, FrB11.3, FrB11.4, MoA04.2, MoA08.5, MoA08.6, MoB03.3, MoB08.1, MoB08.4, MoB08.5, MoB08.6, MoB25.1, MoB25.7, MoB25.9, MoB25.12, MoB25.13, MoC03.1, MoC04.4, MoC04.5, MoC15.4, ThA04.2, ThA14.2, ThA15.4, ThB04.1, ThB04.3, ThB04.4, ThC04.3, ThC04.6, ThC13.5, TuA04.1, TuA04.2, TuA04.3, TuA04.4, TuA15.4, TuC04.2, TuC04.4, WeA04.1, WeA04.2, WeA04.3, WeC04.2, WeC04.3, WeC04.6, WeC15.2
Distributed control of environmental systemsTuC24.4
Distributed fault detection and isolationFrA21.2, FrA21.6
Distributed nonlinear controlMoA19.5, ThB21.5, ThC02.1, ThC02.2, WeC02.3, WeC02.6, WeC18.1
Distributed robust controller synthesisMoB18.1, MoC21.1, MoC21.2, MoC21.4
Distribution automationFrA15.3, MoA01.2, MoC12.1, ThB12.4, TuA25.3, TuC01.1, WeA01.1, WeB01.6
Disturbance rejectionMoA11.2, TuA13.3, WeC02.4, WeC13.1, WeC13.2, WeC13.3, WeC13.4, WeC13.5, WeC25.1
Disturbance rejection (linear case)FrA18.3, FrA19.1, MoA05.1, MoA05.2, MoA05.3, MoA05.5, MoA05.6, MoB06.3, WeB05.3, WeC18.6, WeC25.6
Dynamic gamesThA24.2, ThA24.3, ThA24.4
Dynamic interaction of power plantsMoA12.2, MoC01.1, MoC16.3, ThB01.2, TuC01.2, WeA01.1, WeC11.4
Dynamic positioningThA18.5, TuB18.4
Dynamics and controlFrA23.3, FrA23.4, FrA25.5, FrB07.3, MoA07.1, MoB23.5, MoB23.6, MoC07.2, MoC07.3, ThC02.6, TuB23.1, TuB23.3, TuB23.5, TuB23.6, TuC23.1, TuC23.2, TuC23.3, TuC23.4, TuC23.5, TuC24.5, WeA23.1, WeA23.3, WeA23.4, WeA23.5, WeB23.2, WeB23.3, WeB23.5, WeB23.6
E-learning in control engineeringFrB20.4, FrB20.5
E-Manufacturing technologies and facilitiesMoA22.2
Econometric modelsThC24.4
Economic modelsThA24.1
Efficient strategies for large scale complex systemsThA16.1, ThB16.1, ThB16.4, ThC16.1, ThC16.5
Electric and solar vehiclesFrB14.1, FrB14.2, MoC08.1, MoC08.2, TuB08.1, TuB08.2, TuB08.3, TuB08.4, TuB08.5, WeA25.1, WeC17.1, WeC17.4, WeC17.5
Embedded computer architecturesFrB21.1, FrB21.4, MoA20.1, MoA20.2, MoA20.3, MoA20.4, MoA20.5, MoA20.6, MoB20.5, TuA20.2, TuA20.6, TuB25.1
Embedded computer control systems and applicationsFrB21.1, FrB21.2, FrB21.3, FrB21.4, FrB21.5, MoA20.2, MoA20.3, MoA20.5, MoA20.6, MoB20.1, MoB20.2, MoB20.3, MoB20.4, MoB20.5, ThB20.4, ThB20.6, WeA20.1
Embedded roboticsThA09.2, WeA09.3
End of life managementTuA22.1
Energy systemsMoA02.4, MoA19.5, MoB05.2, MoB19.2, TuB02.5, TuC11.4, TuC21.5, WeC13.6
Engine modelling and controlFrB08.1, FrB08.2, FrB08.3, FrB08.4, FrB08.6, MoC08.3, ThA08.5, TuA08.1, TuA08.2, TuA08.3, TuA08.4, TuA08.5, TuC08.2, TuC08.4, WeA08.3, WeA08.4, WeA08.5, WeA08.6, WeA25.6, WeB08.5, WeB08.6
Engineering methods for HMSFrB22.4, FrB22.5
Enterprise integrationMoC16.2, ThB16.6, TuA16.3, TuB20.4, WeC16.4
Enterprise Interoperability as a ScienceWeC16.5
Enterprise model validationTuA16.5
Enterprise modelling and BPMMoA22.4, MoC16.2, TuA16.1, TuA16.2, TuA16.4, TuA16.5, TuB20.4
Enterprise networks design and implementationThA22.4, TuB20.2, TuB20.5, TuB20.6
Enterprise Reference Models and Their Verification, Validation, and AccreditationTuA16.3
Environmental decision support systemsTuC24.1, WeA24.2, WeA24.3, WeA24.5
Equilibrium modelsThA24.4
Error quantificationFrA03.3, MoB03.1, MoB25.3, MoB25.4, MoC14.1, ThA03.3, ThB14.1, TuC14.4
Errors in variables identificationFrB03.6, MoC14.4, ThC14.3, TuC03.1, TuC03.2, TuC03.3, TuC03.4, TuC03.5, TuC03.6
Estimation and control in biological systemsMoC25.2, WeC10.4
Estimation and fault detectionFrA21.3, MoC10.1, MoC25.6, ThA21.4, ThA21.5, ThB10.1, ThB10.4, TuB10.1, TuB21.2, TuB21.4, WeB21.3, WeC10.1, WeC21.1, WeC21.2
Estimation and filteringFrB03.1, MoA03.1, MoA04.3, MoA14.3, MoB03.4, MoB25.14, MoC14.5, MoC15.1, MoC15.2, MoC15.3, MoC15.4, MoC15.5, MoC15.6, ThA03.5, ThA15.1, ThA15.3, ThB14.4, ThB15.1, ThB15.2, ThB15.3, ThB15.5, ThB15.6, ThC03.1, ThC03.2, ThC14.5, ThC15.4, TuA05.4, TuA15.1, TuA15.2, TuA15.3, TuA15.4, TuA15.5, TuA15.6, TuB03.3, TuB03.6, TuC03.3, TuC04.1, TuC15.1, TuC15.2, TuC15.3, TuC15.4, TuC15.5, TuC15.6, WeA03.1, WeA03.2, WeA03.3, WeA03.4, WeA03.5, WeA04.6, WeA15.1, WeA15.2, WeA15.3, WeA15.4, WeA15.5, WeA15.6, WeB15.2, WeB15.5
Ethical challenges and issues in social networkingFrA20.5
EthicsFrA20.1, FrA20.2, FrA20.3, FrA20.4
Event-based controlFrB04.1, MoA03.3, MoB25.4, ThC04.6, ThC17.6, WeA03.5, WeB17.3, WeB17.4, WeB17.5
Evolutionary algorithmsThC11.3, ThC18.4, WeB18.4, WeC18.2, WeC25.4, WeC25.5
Evolutionary algorithms in control and identificationMoC20.2, WeB20.1, WeB20.2, WeB20.6, WeC20.4
Expert systems in process industryFrA22.1, MoA10.1, MoC25.3, ThA10.1
Fault detection and diagnosisFrA16.5, FrB03.1, MoA03.1, MoA17.5, MoB14.6, MoB25.2, MoB25.14, MoC03.1, MoC03.2, MoC03.3, MoC03.4, MoC03.5, MoC03.6, ThA03.1, ThA03.2, ThA03.3, ThA03.4, ThA03.5, ThA03.6, ThA11.3, ThA11.4, ThB14.3, TuA03.1, TuA17.5, WeA15.4, WeA16.4, WeB16.1, WeC03.1, WeC03.2, WeC03.3, WeC03.4, WeC03.5, WeC03.6
Fault Detection, Diagnosis, Identification, Isolation and Tolerance for Autonomous VehiclesFrB19.2, MoA25.20, ThA11.5, ThA11.6, ThA19.3, ThB19.3, ThC19.3, ThC19.5
Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant controlFrA21.3, FrA22.1, ThA21.4, ThB22.3, TuB21.1, TuB21.4, WeA12.5, WeC21.1, WeC21.2
Fault-tolerantFrA11.4, MoB05.3, MoC11.1, ThA11.2, ThB11.1, ThB11.4, TuC19.6, TuC25.1, WeA11.3, WeB11.1, WeB11.2, WeB11.3, WeB11.4, WeB11.5, WeB11.6
Field roboticsFrB09.5, MoB06.2, ThB06.1, TuC09.4, WeA09.5
Filtering and smoothingMoA03.2, MoA03.6, MoB25.14, MoC14.5, MoC15.1, MoC15.3, MoC15.6, ThA03.6, ThB03.1, ThB03.2, ThB03.3, ThB03.4, ThB03.5, ThB14.2, ThB14.3, ThB15.1, ThB15.2, TuA03.1, TuA15.2, TuA15.4, TuB03.1, TuB03.6, TuC15.2, TuC15.3, TuC15.4, TuC15.5, TuC15.6, WeA03.3, WeA03.4, WeA03.6, WeA04.1, WeA15.3, WeA15.4, WeA15.6
Financial dynamicsThA24.3
Financial engineeringThC24.1
Flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systemsMoB22.2, MoC22.1, MoC22.2, MoC22.3, MoC22.5, TuB22.1, TuB22.4, TuC22.4
Flight dynamics identification, formation flyingFrB19.1, FrB19.4, FrB19.6, MoA25.10, MoC19.1, ThA19.1, ThA19.2, ThA19.6
Flying robotsFrA09.1, FrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrA09.5, FrA09.6, FrB06.3, MoB06.1, MoB09.1, MoB09.2, MoB09.3, MoB09.5, MoB09.6, MoC11.5, MoP22.1, TuB06.3, TuB09.3, TuB09.4, WeB25.13, WeC09.1
Food engineeringWeA23.1
Fractional systemsMoC05.1, MoC05.2, MoC05.3, MoC05.4, MoC05.5, MoC05.6, TuA05.1, TuA05.2, TuA05.3, TuA05.4, TuA05.5, TuA05.6, TuC21.4, TuC25.7, TuC25.8, WeC05.2
Fractional-order systemsMoC05.3, MoC05.5, WeA19.4, WeA19.5
Freight transportationTuB17.5, TuC17.1
Frequency domain identificationMoA03.6, MoA14.1, MoA14.5, MoA17.3, MoC14.3, ThC03.1, ThC03.2, ThC03.3, ThC03.4, ThC03.5, ThC03.6, TuA14.2, TuA14.5, TuC03.1, TuC03.2, WeB15.1
Fuel cells for Automotive ApplicationsMoC08.4
Fuzzy and neural systems relevant to control and identificationMoA20.4, MoC20.1, MoC20.2, MoC20.3, MoC20.4, MoC20.5, ThA20.1, TuA20.5, TuC25.10, TuC25.12, WeA20.4, WeC20.1, WeC20.2, WeC20.3, WeC20.4, WeC20.5, WeC20.6
Gain schedulingThC17.6, WeB16.1, WeB16.3, WeC04.4
Game theoriesThA24.2, ThA24.4
Game theory for natural resourcesTuB23.2
Generalized solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equationsFrA18.6, MoB21.5, TuB02.2
Greenhouse controlTuB24.1, TuB24.2, TuB24.4, WeC24.3
Grey box modellingMoA03.4, ThA14.6, TuB03.5, WeB03.5
Guidance navigation and controlFrA09.4, FrA09.6, FrB09.1, FrB09.2, FrB09.3, FrB09.4, MoB06.2, MoB09.1, MoB09.5, MoC11.5, ThC06.4, ThC08.4, ThC08.5, ThC08.6, TuA09.1, TuB09.1, TuB09.2, TuB09.3, TuB09.4, TuB09.5, TuC09.6, WeA09.4, WeA09.5, WeB25.13, WeB25.14, WeB25.15
Guidance, navigation and control of vehiclesFrB19.3, FrB19.4, FrB19.5, MoA25.4, MoA25.5, MoA25.9, MoA25.10, MoC19.1, MoC19.2, MoC19.3, MoC19.4, MoC19.5, MoC19.6, ThA19.2, ThA19.3, ThA19.4, ThA19.5, ThA19.6, ThA23.1, ThB19.1, ThB19.2, ThB19.4, ThB19.5, ThB19.6, ThC19.2, ThC19.6, TuA19.2, TuA19.3, TuA19.4, TuA19.5, TuA19.6, TuC17.2, TuP22b.1, WeC19.3, WeC19.4
Hamiltonian trajectories in optimal controlFrA18.6, WeA13.3
Hardware-in-the-loop simulationThB06.1, ThC06.1, ThC06.2
Hardware/software co-designMoB06.1, TuA06.2, TuA06.4, TuB25.7
Health monitoring and diagnosisFrB19.6, ThB19.3, ThC19.1, ThC19.3, ThC19.4, ThC19.5, ThC19.6
Healthcare management, disease control, critical careFrA07.5, FrA07.6, MoA07.3, MoB07.3, ThA07.1, ThB25.4, ThB25.5, ThC07.3, ThC07.6, TuA07.6, TuA24.1, TuB07.1, TuC07.2, TuC07.5, WeA07.3
Hierarchical multilevel and multilayer controlThC16.2
High accuracy pointingMoA25.4, MoC19.6, ThB19.1, ThB19.2, ThB19.4, TuA19.1
Holonic manufacturing systemsMoC22.1, TuB19.1
Human and vehicle interactionWeA25.13, WeA25.14, WeA25.15, WeA25.16
Human centred automationFrB22.1, FrB22.4, ThA06.1
Human factorsFrB01.4
Human factors in vehicular systemFrB17.3, MoA25.13
Human operator supportThC09.4, ThC25.5, TuA09.6, TuA23.3, TuA23.6, TuB09.1, TuB25.16, WeB25.4
Human-centered systems engineeringThB24.4
Hybrid and alternative drive vehiclesMoC08.3, MoC08.5, MoC08.6, ThA11.1, ThC23.2, TuB08.5, TuC08.1, TuC08.2, TuC08.3, TuC08.5, WeA25.1, WeA25.2, WeB08.1, WeB08.2, WeB08.3, WeB08.4, WeB08.5, WeB08.6, WeC17.2
Hybrid and distributed system identificationFrA03.1, MoA03.5, MoA08.2
Hybrid and switched systems modelingFrA03.1, FrB03.3, FrB03.5, MoA03.5, MoA04.6, MoB16.5, MoB17.3, MoB17.6, MoC03.6, ThB17.4, ThB17.5, ThC17.3, ThC17.4, TuA17.1, TuA17.4, TuA17.6, WeA17.1, WeA17.2, WeA17.5, WeA17.6
Identification and control methodsFrA06.1, FrA06.2, FrA06.6, FrB06.3, FrB06.5, FrB09.1, MoA06.4, MoA06.5, MoA06.6, MoA09.4, MoB24.6, MoC06.5, ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.3, ThA06.4, ThA06.5, ThA06.6, ThA09.4, ThB06.2, ThB06.6, ThB09.6, ThC09.2, TuA06.1, TuA06.2, TuA06.4, TuA06.5, TuB25.9, TuB25.11, TuC06.2, TuC06.4, WeA06.6, WeA14.3, WeB14.2, WeB14.5, WeB14.6, WeB25.6, WeB25.7, WeB25.8, WeB25.10, WeB25.13
Identification and model reductionThA22.1
Identification and modellingFrA22.1, FrA22.3, FrA22.4, FrA22.5, ThB10.1, ThB22.4, ThC21.4, ThC22.1, ThC22.2, ThC22.4, ThC22.5, ThC22.6, TuB10.3
Identification and validationFrA07.1, FrA07.4, FrA23.1, FrA23.5, FrA25.4, MoA23.3, MoB07.4, MoC07.4, MoC07.6, ThA07.3, ThB07.3, ThB25.2, TuA07.1, TuA24.3, TuB07.1, TuB07.2, TuB07.4, TuB07.6, WeA07.2, WeA07.3, WeA07.4, WeB07.4, WeC07.3
Identification for controlFrA03.1, FrA03.2, FrA03.3, FrA03.4, FrA03.5, FrA03.6, FrA16.1, FrB03.6, FrB16.2, MoA16.4, MoA17.3, MoB14.4, MoB14.5, ThA03.6, ThB03.2, ThB14.4, ThB17.4, TuA03.2, TuA03.4, TuA05.4, TuA05.5, TuA17.2, TuC03.5, TuC14.5, TuC25.13, WeA03.6, WeA04.4, WeB03.2, WeB03.3, WeB03.4, WeB03.5
Image analysis in agricultureWeC24.1, WeC24.4
Impact of deregulation on power system ControlThC12.3, WeC11.4
In-vehicle communication networksWeA25.10
Industrial applications of optimal controlFrA18.1, FrB13.3, MoA05.3, MoA11.4, MoA13.3, ThA05.1, TuC11.2, TuC25.2, WeA18.1, WeC02.3, WeC18.1, WeC18.2, WeC18.3, WeC18.5, WeC25.4
Industrial applications of process controlMoA10.1, MoA10.2, MoA10.3, MoA10.4, MoA10.5, MoA10.6, MoB10.1, MoB10.2, MoB10.4, MoB10.5, MoB15.6, ThA10.3, ThA10.4, ThA21.1, TuB10.1, TuB10.4, TuC10.2, TuC10.4, WeA10.3, WeB21.4
Industrial biotechnologyTuB23.2, WeA23.4, WeA23.5, WeA23.6
Industrial communication protocolsMoC22.4, TuC22.5
Infinite-dimensional multi-agent systems and networksMoA19.3
Infinite-dimensional systemsFrA08.4, FrA18.5, MoB19.3, MoB19.4, WeC13.1
Information and sensor fusionMoC09.1, ThA06.5, ThC08.2, WeC09.1, WeC09.2
Information processing and decision supportFrA17.2, FrB17.2, MoA25.15, MoA25.16, ThA17.1, TuB17.5, TuB17.6, WeC17.1
Input and excitation designMoB14.1, MoB14.2, MoB14.3, MoB14.4, MoB14.5, MoB14.6, ThC03.3, TuA03.4, TuA14.3, TuB14.2, TuC14.3
Input-to-State StabilityMoA11.5, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThC02.1, TuA02.6, WeA02.3, WeA02.6
Instrumentation and control systemsFrB12.3, MoA01.6, MoB12.1, MoB12.3, MoB12.5, MoB12.6, MoB15.1, MoC12.1, ThB12.5, TuA25.1, WeB12.4
Integrated monitoring, control and security for critical infrastructure systemsThA16.3
Integrated traffic managementWeC23.1
Intelligent control of power systemsFrA01.4, FrA01.6, FrA15.3, FrB12.1, FrB15.1, MoA01.1, MoB01.6, MoB15.4, MoB15.5, MoC01.2, MoC12.3, ThA01.6, ThA12.1, ThA12.3, ThC01.5, ThC12.5, TuA01.6, TuA12.2, TuA12.3, TuA25.2, TuA25.3, TuA25.5, TuB12.2, TuC01.3, TuP22a.1, WeB01.5, WeC01.5, WeC12.1, WeC12.5
Intelligent controllersMoA06.1, MoB24.1, MoB24.2, MoB24.3, MoB24.4, MoB24.5, MoB24.6, ThC06.3, TuA06.5, TuB06.6, TuB25.7, TuC09.3, WeB24.6
Intelligent decision support systems in manufacturingThA22.2, WeB22.3, WeC22.1
Intelligent driver aidsMoA25.12, ThB23.2, ThC23.1, ThC23.2, ThC23.4, WeA25.3, WeA25.4, WeA25.8, WeA25.11, WeA25.14, WeC08.3
Intelligent interfacesFrB22.3, TuA23.3
Intelligent maintenance systemsTuA22.3, TuA22.5, TuC22.6, WeB22.2, WeB22.3, WeC16.4
Intelligent manufacturing systemsMoA22.2, MoC22.2, TuA20.3, TuB22.2, TuB22.3, TuB22.4, TuC22.1, TuC22.2, TuC22.4, TuC22.6, WeC22.1
Intelligent roboticsFrB09.5, MoA09.1, MoA09.3, MoB24.5, ThA09.1, ThA09.5, ThC09.1, TuA09.1, TuA09.2, TuA09.3, TuA09.4, TuA09.5, TuA09.6, TuA23.2, TuC09.3, WeA09.4, WeC09.4, WeC09.6
Intelligent system techniques and applicationsThA16.4, ThC16.2, TuC22.1, WeB22.3
Intelligent transportation systemsFrA17.1, FrA17.3, FrA17.4, FrA17.5, FrA17.6, FrB17.2, MoA25.13, MoA25.14, MoA25.17, MoA25.19, ThA17.2, ThB23.2, ThB23.3, ThC23.5, TuB17.1, TuB17.2, TuB17.4, TuB17.5, TuC17.4, TuC17.5, WeA25.15, WeC08.1, WeC23.1
Intensive and chronic care or treatmentFrA07.3, MoB07.6, ThA07.5, ThA07.6, ThC07.1, TuA24.4, WeB07.5
Interaction between design and controlTuC10.2
International DevelopmentThB24.6
Internet based teaching of control engineeringFrB20.4, ThA25.7, ThA25.8, ThC20.5
Internet of Sevices and Service ScienceMoC16.5
Internet of thingsThB20.3
Internet-of-ThingsWeC16.5, WeC16.6
Interoperability and sustainable enterpriseTuB20.2, TuB20.3, TuB20.5, TuB20.6
Interoperability requirementsMoC16.1, TuB20.3
Iterative learning controlTuB16.1, TuB16.2, WeA16.2, WeA16.5, WeB03.2
Iterative modelling and control designFrA16.2, TuB16.2, WeA16.2, WeB16.3
Job and activity schedulingThA22.6, ThB16.2, ThC25.2, ThC25.4, TuB22.5, WeA22.3, WeA22.5
Kalman filtering techniques in automotive controlFrA14.6, MoC08.6, ThA11.1, WeA25.7
Kinetic modeling and control of biological systemsFrA07.6, FrA23.2, FrA23.5, FrB07.1, FrB07.2, FrB07.3, FrB07.5, MoA23.2, MoA23.6, MoB07.1, MoB07.2, MoB23.1, MoB23.4, ThB07.1, ThB07.4, ThB07.5, ThB25.3, ThC07.1, ThC07.3, ThC07.6, WeB07.6
Knowledge modelling and knowledge based systemsMoA24.1, MoA24.4, TuA09.4, TuA09.6, TuB25.16
Knowledge-based controlMoA20.1, MoC20.4, MoC20.6, TuA20.5, WeC20.5
Konwledge discover (data mining)ThA16.5
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian systemsFrA13.5, MoC11.3, ThB02.2, TuA13.5
Large scale optimization problemsFrA18.1, MoA13.2, ThB11.2, ThC18.1, ThC18.2, ThC18.3, ThC18.4, ThC18.5, TuB11.2, TuC19.1
Learning and adaptation in autonomous vehiclesWeA25.12
Learning theoryMoB03.6, ThC15.1, ThC15.2, WeB15.3
Life-cycle controlMoC22.6, TuA22.5, WeC16.2
Linear multivariable systemsFrB05.1, ThA11.2, TuA05.3, TuC05.1, TuC05.2, TuC05.3, TuC05.4, TuC05.5, TuC05.6, TuC21.3, TuC25.9, WeA19.1
Linear parameter-varying systemsMoB05.1, MoC13.3, WeA21.2, WeA21.3, WeA21.5, WeB11.1
Linear parametrically varying (LPV) methodologiesFrB03.4, FrB16.2, MoB16.1, MoC04.6, ThC03.5, TuA04.2, WeB16.1, WeB16.2, WeB16.3
Linear systemsFrB05.3, FrB05.4, FrB05.5, MoA05.2, MoA05.5, MoB05.5, MoC05.4, MoC18.5, MoC21.2, ThA05.2, ThA05.4, ThB08.5, ThB11.1, ThB11.2, ThB11.3, ThB21.1, ThB21.4, ThC05.2, ThC05.4, ThC05.5, TuA05.2, TuB05.1, TuB05.3, TuB05.5, TuB05.6, TuB11.1, TuC05.2, WeA05.1, WeA05.2, WeA05.3, WeA05.4, WeA05.5, WeA05.6, WeA18.2, WeA18.4, WeA18.6, WeA19.2, WeB05.1, WeB05.2, WeB05.3, WeB05.4, WeB05.6, WeB11.6, WeB13.6, WeB19.2, WeC25.7
LocalizationThA19.4, ThA23.2, ThA23.3, ThC23.6, TuA18.3, TuA18.4
Logical design, physical design, and implementation of embedded computer systemsMoA20.1, MoB20.1, MoB20.2, MoB20.6, TuA20.1, TuA20.2, TuA20.4, TuA20.6, TuB25.1
Logistics in manufacturingMoA22.6, ThA22.3, ThA22.4, ThA22.5, ThC25.1, ThC25.3, WeC22.3
Low cost technologiesThA25.1
Lyapunov methodsFrA02.5, FrA08.5, FrA11.3, FrA13.3, FrA13.4, MoA02.6, MoA13.5, MoA13.6, MoC13.4, MoC18.4, ThA02.2, ThA02.4, ThA02.5, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThA13.3, ThA13.4, ThA13.5, ThA13.6, ThB02.3, ThB02.4, ThB13.6, ThC05.3, TuA02.1, TuA13.6, TuB02.6, TuB13.3, TuC02.4, WeA02.3, WeA02.4, WeA05.3, WeB02.1, WeB02.2, WeB02.3, WeB13.2, WeB18.2, WeC02.1, WeC02.6
Machine learninig for environmental applicationsWeB23.4
Maintenance models and servicesMoC22.4, ThC25.6, TuA22.5, WeB22.1, WeB22.2, WeB22.4, WeC22.2, WeC22.4
Maintenance strategiesFrA21.4, FrA21.5, FrB15.2, ThC21.5, ThC21.6
Man-machine interface in transportationMoA25.13, WeA25.15
Man-machine interfacesWeA25.4, WeA25.14
Man-machine systems in agricultureFrA24.3, FrA24.6
Management of competences and knowledgeTuB15.1
Management of technology developmentsFrA20.3, FrB20.6, TuC13.1
Manufacturing automation over networksTuC22.5
Manufacturing plant controlThA22.1, TuA22.2, TuB22.1, TuB22.2, TuB22.3, TuB22.4, WeC22.1
Marine system identification and modellingMoA25.1, MoA25.2
Marine system navigation, guidance and controlFrB18.1, FrB18.2, FrB18.3, FrB18.4, FrB18.5, ThA18.1, ThA18.3, ThA18.4, ThB18.2, ThB18.4, ThB18.6, TuB18.1, TuB18.2, TuB18.3, TuB18.4, TuC18.1, TuC18.5
Measurement and instrumentationMoC25.4
Mechanical and aerospace estimationThB14.2, ThC03.2, ThC03.4, TuB03.2, WeA15.1, WeB03.5
Mechanical design of autonomous vehiclesTuA18.2
Mechatronic systemsFrA06.1, FrA06.3, FrA06.4, FrA06.5, FrB06.1, FrB06.6, MoA06.5, MoA09.6, MoB06.5, MoB06.6, MoB24.4, MoC06.2, MoC06.3, MoC06.4, MoC06.5, MoC24.3, ThA06.1, ThA06.2, ThA06.3, ThA09.3, ThB06.3, ThB06.4, ThB06.5, ThC06.2, ThC06.3, ThC06.4, ThC06.5, ThC06.6, TuA23.1, TuB09.4, TuB25.9, TuB25.10, TuC06.3, TuC06.4, WeA06.1, WeA06.4, WeA14.2, WeA14.3, WeB06.3, WeB09.5, WeB14.2, WeB14.3, WeB14.4, WeB24.4, WeB25.2, WeB25.5, WeB25.7, WeB25.8, WeB25.11, WeB25.12
Medical imaging and processingThB25.6, TuA24.1, TuA24.2, TuA24.5, TuA24.6, TuB07.4, TuB07.5, WeC07.6
Metabolic engineeringMoA23.4, ThP11.1, TuB23.4, WeA23.2
Methodologies and tools for analysis of complexityThA16.1, TuB22.1
Methods based on neural networks and/or fuzzy logic for FDITuB21.2
Micro and Nano Mechatronic SystemsMoB06.4, MoC06.1, MoC06.3, MoC06.5, MoC24.2, MoC24.6, TuB25.13, WeA06.6, WeA14.1, WeA14.4, WeB06.1, WeB06.2, WeB06.3, WeB06.4, WeB06.5, WeB14.6, WeC06.1, WeC06.2, WeC06.3, WeC06.4, WeC06.5
Micro-nano-aerospace vehicles/satellitesThB19.1, WeC19.1, WeC19.2, WeC19.3, WeC19.5, WeC19.6
Microbial technologyMoA23.4, WeA23.6
Microsystems: nano- and micro-technologiesMoB06.5, MoB06.6, MoC24.1, MoC24.2, MoC24.3, MoC24.4, MoC24.5, WeB25.15, WeC06.2, WeC06.3, WeC06.4, WeC06.6
Mission control and operationsFrB19.5, MoA25.8, MoC19.4, MoC19.6, ThB19.6, WeC19.6
Mission planning and decision makingMoC23.6, ThC23.1
Mobile robotsFrA09.2, FrA09.4, FrB09.1, FrB09.2, MoA09.5, MoA24.5, MoC09.2, MoC09.3, MoC09.5, MoC09.6, ThA09.5, ThC08.1, ThC08.2, ThC08.3, ThC08.4, ThC08.5, ThC09.5, TuA09.1, TuA09.5, TuA23.5, TuB06.1, TuB06.2, TuB25.11, TuB25.15, TuB25.17, TuC09.1, TuC09.2, TuC09.4, TuC09.5, TuC09.6, WeA09.1, WeA09.2, WeA09.3, WeA09.6, WeB09.1, WeB09.2, WeB09.4, WeB25.6, WeB25.12, WeB25.14, WeC09.1, WeC09.5
Model following controlMoB05.3, MoB11.3, ThA05.3, ThP22.1, TuC25.9, WeP22.1
Model formulation, experiment designFrA23.1, FrA23.5, FrA25.1, FrB07.3, FrB07.6, MoA23.3, MoA23.6, MoB23.1, MoB23.5, MoC07.4, ThA07.2, ThB25.1, ThC02.6, TuA07.2, TuB07.4, TuC07.1, TuC07.6, WeA07.5, WeB07.1, WeB07.5, WeC07.5
Model predictive and optimization-based controlFrA10.1, FrA10.2, FrA10.3, FrA10.5, FrA10.6, FrA22.2, FrA22.5, FrB03.2, FrB15.1, FrB15.3, FrB15.5, FrB15.6, MoA10.4, MoA10.5, MoB01.3, MoB10.4, MoC10.1, MoC10.2, MoC10.3, MoC10.4, MoC10.5, MoC25.1, MoC25.2, MoC25.5, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThB12.2, ThB22.2, ThC12.4, ThC16.6, TuA10.1, TuA10.2, TuA10.3, TuA10.4, TuA10.5, TuA10.6, TuB01.4, TuC10.1, WeA10.2, WeC10.3, WeC10.5, WeC11.1
Model predictive control for distributed parameter systemsMoA17.6, ThC18.1, WeB19.1, WeB19.2
Model predictive control of hybrid systemsThB17.1, ThB17.3, ThB17.4, ThB17.6, ThC17.2
Model predictive control of water resources systemsWeA24.1, WeA24.3, WeA24.4
Model reductionFrA18.2, ThB02.4, ThB13.1, ThB13.2, ThB13.3, TuB05.4, TuC19.4, WeB13.3, WeC14.3, WeC14.4
Model reduction and dynamic emulationMoB23.1
Model reduction of distributed parameter systemsFrA19.4, TuC19.2, TuC19.4, WeB19.1, WeB19.5, WeC14.4, WeC14.5
Model reference adaptive controlTuB16.6, TuC16.1, TuC16.4, WeA16.4, WeB16.4, WeB16.5
Model validationTuC19.2
Model-driven systems engineeringMoC16.4, ThC16.4, TuA16.1, TuA16.4, TuB20.6, WeB22.1, WeC16.3
ModelingFrA06.2, FrA06.4, FrA09.1, FrA09.6, FrB06.1, FrB06.2, FrB06.3, FrB06.5, MoA06.6, MoB24.3, MoC06.1, MoC24.6, ThA09.6, ThB06.1, ThB06.2, ThB06.3, ThB06.4, ThB06.5, ThB06.6, ThB09.6, ThC06.2, ThC06.6, ThC09.2, TuB06.3, TuB25.10, TuB25.12, TuB25.13, TuB25.14, TuB25.17, TuC09.1, WeA06.2, WeA06.3, WeA06.5, WeA09.6, WeA14.5, WeB09.2, WeB25.11, WeB25.12, WeC06.5, WeC09.5, WeC22.6
Modeling and control of agricultureFrA24.3, TuB24.3, TuB24.5, TuC23.1, WeC24.5
Modeling and identificationFrA23.1, FrA23.6, FrA25.1, MoA07.5, MoA23.4, MoA23.5, MoB07.1, MoB07.4, MoB07.5, MoB23.3, MoB23.4, MoB23.5, MoC07.5, TuA07.6, TuB23.2, TuB23.3, TuB23.4, TuB23.5, TuB23.6, TuC23.2, TuC23.3, WeA23.1, WeA23.2, WeA23.3, WeB07.3, WeB23.1, WeB23.2, WeB23.3
Modeling and identification of environmental systemsTuB23.1, TuB24.4, TuC24.2, TuC24.3
Modeling and simulation of power systemsFrA01.1, FrA01.4, FrA01.5, FrA01.6, FrA12.6, FrA15.5, FrB01.2, FrB01.4, FrB12.5, MoA01.1, MoA01.5, MoA12.1, MoA12.2, MoA12.3, MoA12.4, MoA12.5, MoA12.6, MoA15.1, MoA15.2, MoA15.6, MoB12.2, MoB12.4, MoB12.5, MoB12.6, MoB15.5, MoB15.6, MoC01.1, MoC10.4, MoC12.2, MoC12.3, MoC12.5, MoC16.3, ThA01.4, ThA10.3, ThA12.5, ThB01.1, ThB01.2, ThB01.6, ThB12.2, ThB12.6, ThC01.1, ThC01.2, ThC12.2, ThC12.5, ThC12.6, TuA01.1, TuA01.6, TuA12.3, TuA12.6, TuA25.3, TuA25.7, TuB01.1, TuB01.2, TuB01.5, TuB12.3, TuC01.3, TuC12.1, TuC12.2, WeA01.3, WeA12.1, WeA12.2, WeA12.5, WeB01.1, WeB12.2, WeB12.3, WeB12.5, WeB12.6, WeC01.2, WeC01.3, WeC11.4, WeC12.3
Modeling and simulation of transportation systemsFrA17.1, FrA17.2, FrA17.3, FrA17.4, FrA17.5, FrB17.4, FrB17.5, MoA01.4, MoA25.15, MoA25.17, MoA25.18, MoA25.19, ThA17.1, ThA17.2, ThA17.3, ThA17.4, ThA17.5, ThA17.6, TuA19.4, TuB08.6, TuB17.2, TuC17.5, TuC17.6, WeA25.10, WeC17.4
Modeling for control optimizationMoA17.6, MoA18.1, TuC25.3, WeA18.1, WeC18.5, WeC18.6, WeC25.6
Modeling of assembly unitsMoA22.4, MoA22.7, MoB22.3, WeA22.2, WeA22.3
Modeling of HMSFrB22.5, MoA24.6, TuA23.4, WeB25.4
Modeling of human performanceFrB22.1, FrB22.2, FrB22.4, FrB22.6, MoA24.3, TuA23.3, TuA23.4, TuA23.5, TuB25.4, WeB25.4
Modeling of manufacturing operationsMoA22.1, MoA22.4, MoA22.5, MoA22.6, MoB22.1, MoB22.2, MoB22.3, MoB22.4, MoB22.5, MoB22.6, MoC22.2, ThA16.5, ThA22.6, ThC16.3, TuB22.3, TuB22.5, WeA22.2, WeA22.4, WeB22.1, WeC16.2
Modeling, supervision, control and diagnosis of automotive systemsFrA14.1, FrA14.4, FrB08.1, FrB08.3, MoC08.4, MoC08.5, MoC08.6, ThA08.5, ThA08.6, ThA11.1, ThA17.5, ThA17.6, ThC19.5, ThC23.2, TuA08.5, TuB08.3, TuB08.6, TuC08.2, TuC08.3, WeA08.2, WeA08.3, WeA25.1, WeA25.2, WeA25.6, WeB08.1, WeB08.2, WeB08.6, WeC17.5, WeC23.6
Modelling and control of hybrid and discrete event systemsThA16.4, ThC25.6
Modelling and decision making in complex systemsThB16.1, ThB16.2, ThB16.3, ThC16.2, ThC16.4
Modelling Social and Environmental ChangeThB24.4
MonitoringMoB07.5, MoC07.5
Monitoring and control of spatially distributed systemsThB16.5, ThC16.1, ThC16.3, TuB20.1
Monitoring and performance assessmentFrA15.4, MoC25.6, ThA12.5, ThA21.5, ThA21.6, ThC21.1, ThC21.3, WeA10.1, WeB10.1, WeB10.2, WeB10.3, WeB10.5, WeB10.6, WeC10.1
Monitoring of product quality and control performanceThA12.5, ThB22.3, ThB22.6, ThC22.3, WeB10.6
Motion controlMoC19.5, MoC23.3, ThA23.4, ThB23.1, ThB23.4
Motion Control SystemsFrA06.2, FrA06.5, FrA09.1, FrB06.4, MoA06.1, MoA06.2, MoA06.3, MoA06.4, MoA06.5, MoA06.6, MoA09.2, MoA09.3, MoA09.6, MoB06.1, MoB06.2, MoB06.4, MoB06.5, MoB06.6, MoB24.2, MoB24.3, MoC06.1, MoC06.2, MoC06.3, MoC06.4, MoC09.4, MoC24.1, MoC24.3, MoC24.4, ThA06.2, ThA06.3, ThA06.4, ThA06.6, ThA09.1, ThB06.6, ThB09.1, ThB09.4, ThC09.5, ThC20.3, TuB06.1, TuB06.2, TuB06.3, TuB06.4, TuB06.5, TuB06.6, TuB25.13, TuB25.17, TuC06.1, TuC09.1, TuC09.4, TuC09.5, WeA06.2, WeA09.1, WeA09.2, WeA14.2, WeA14.3, WeA14.4, WeB06.1, WeB06.2, WeB06.3, WeB06.4, WeB09.6, WeB14.1, WeB14.3, WeB14.5, WeB25.2, WeB25.5, WeB25.6, WeB25.7, WeB25.8, WeB25.9, WeB25.10, WeC06.1, WeC06.3, WeC06.5
Motion planning for distributed parameter systemsMoA19.1, MoA19.3, MoA19.4, MoA19.5, TuA05.2, WeB19.3
Multi sensor systemsThC06.5, WeB14.4, WeB24.1, WeB24.2, WeC09.2, WeC22.6
Multi-agent systemsFrB04.2, FrB04.3, FrB04.5, FrB04.6, FrB11.1, MoA08.1, MoA08.3, MoA08.4, MoA08.5, MoA08.6, MoB08.1, MoB08.2, MoB08.3, MoB08.4, MoB25.6, MoB25.7, MoB25.8, MoB25.9, MoB25.11, MoC04.1, MoC04.2, MoC04.3, MoC04.4, MoC04.5, MoC04.6, MoC14.5, MoC15.4, MoP11.1, ThA04.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.3, ThA04.4, ThA04.5, ThA04.6, ThA14.2, ThA14.5, ThA15.4, ThB04.2, ThB04.3, ThB04.4, ThB04.5, ThB04.6, ThC04.1, ThC04.2, ThC04.3, ThC04.4, ThC04.5, TuA04.1, TuA04.3, TuA04.4, TuA04.5, TuB16.5, TuC04.1, TuC04.2, TuC04.4, TuC04.5, TuC04.6, WeA04.2, WeA04.4, WeA04.6, WeB17.5, WeC04.5, WeC15.2
Multi-agent systems applied to industrial systemsMoC22.1, MoC22.6, TuC22.4, WeB22.4
Multi-modal interactionFrB22.6
Multi-vehicle systemsFrA14.2, MoA25.20, ThB18.5, ThC23.5, TuB17.4, WeC23.2, WeC23.4, WeC23.5, WeC23.6
Multiagent systemsMoC16.5
N-dimensional systemsFrB05.4
Natural and environmental systemsWeB23.6
NavigationMoC08.1, ThB18.2
Navigation, Guidance and ControlMoC23.4, ThA23.2, ThA23.3, ThA23.4, ThA23.5, ThB18.2, ThB18.4, TuA19.3, TuB17.3, TuC17.2, WeA25.13, WeA25.16
Negotiation supportWeA24.5
Networked embedded control systemsFrA04.4, FrB03.1, FrB11.4, MoA04.4, TuB04.4, WeA04.5, WeB04.2
Networked robotic system modeling and controlFrB09.6, MoB09.2, MoB09.3, WeA09.2, WeB09.1, WeB09.2, WeB09.3, WeB09.4, WeB09.5, WeB09.6
Networked robotic systemsFrA04.6, MoA08.5, MoC04.2, ThB04.5, ThC04.4
Networked systemsFrA13.1, FrA13.3, MoB13.5, MoC21.3, MoC21.5, ThC13.1, ThC13.2, ThC13.3, ThC13.4, TuA02.4, TuB13.4, TuC25.5, WeB04.4, WeB04.6, WeB11.5, WeC25.7
Networks of robots and intelligent sensorsMoA25.20, WeC23.3
Networks of sensors and actuatorsMoA24.2, MoA24.5, MoB09.3, MoB09.6, ThA09.2, ThB06.5, WeB24.2, WeB24.3
Neural fuzzy modelling and controlThC22.1, ThC22.3, ThC22.4, TuB10.4
Neural networksFrB19.3, MoC23.5, TuB08.1
Neural networks in process controlFrB15.6, MoB01.6, MoB15.2
Non-smooth and discontinuous optimal control problemsMoB21.5, MoC18.1, WeC18.2, WeC18.5
Nonlinear adaptive controlFrA03.5, FrA16.4, FrA16.5, FrB16.1, FrB16.4, FrB16.5, MoA08.6, MoA16.1, MoA16.2, MoA16.3, MoA16.5, MoA16.6, TuA15.6, TuB16.3, TuC16.2, TuC16.3, TuC16.4, TuC16.5, WeA16.1, WeA16.3
Nonlinear and optimal automotive controlFrB08.4, FrB08.5, FrB14.1, FrB14.2, FrB14.5, FrB14.6, MoC08.2, MoC08.5, ThA18.1, ThB23.5, TuA08.2, TuA08.3, TuA08.6, TuC08.1, TuC08.3, TuC08.4, TuC08.5, TuC17.3, WeA08.1, WeA08.2, WeA08.6, WeA25.5, WeA25.11, WeA25.13, WeB08.2, WeC08.1, WeC08.2, WeC08.4, WeC08.5, WeC08.6, WeC17.2
Nonlinear and optimal marine system controlFrB18.3, MoA25.2, ThA18.3, TuB18.1, TuC18.5
Nonlinear cooperative controlMoB13.5, ThC02.1, ThC02.3, TuA13.1
Nonlinear model reductionFrA01.5, MoB10.6, TuB10.3
Nonlinear observers and filter designFrA13.2, MoA02.1, MoA02.2, MoA02.3, MoA02.4, MoA02.5, MoA02.6, MoB11.3, ThA02.6, TuA02.1, TuA02.2, TuA02.3, TuA02.4, TuA02.5, TuA02.6, TuC02.5, WeA13.5, WeA19.5, WeB04.6, WeB13.4, WeC13.2, WeC14.5
Nonlinear predictive controlFrB13.5, FrB13.6, MoA13.1, MoA13.4, MoA18.4, MoB02.1, MoB02.2, MoB02.3, MoB02.4, MoB02.5, MoB02.6, MoB11.4, MoB21.4, MoC02.1, MoC02.2, MoC02.3, MoC02.4, MoC02.5, MoC02.6, MoC13.5, ThC13.3, WeB13.4
Nonlinear process controlFrA10.2, FrA10.3, FrA10.5, FrA10.6, MoC25.5, ThA10.2, TuA10.4, TuC10.6
Nonlinear system identificationFrA03.4, FrA03.5, FrB03.3, MoA03.1, MoA03.4, MoA03.5, MoA14.1, MoA14.2, MoA14.3, MoA14.4, MoA14.5, MoA14.6, MoA16.3, MoB03.1, MoB03.4, MoB14.1, ThA03.4, ThA11.3, ThA14.1, ThA14.4, ThA14.6, ThB15.3, ThC03.6, TuA14.1, TuA14.2, TuA14.3, TuA14.4, TuA14.5, TuA14.6, TuB14.1, TuB14.2, TuB14.3, TuB14.4, TuB14.5, TuB14.6, TuC14.1, TuC14.2, TuC14.5, TuC14.6, WeA03.3, WeB03.4, WeB03.6, WeB16.2, WeC03.1, WeC03.2, WeC03.4
Nonparametric methodsFrA03.3, FrA04.4, MoA14.5, MoB03.2, ThA03.5, ThC03.5, TuB03.2, TuC14.1, TuC14.3, TuC14.4, TuC14.5, TuC14.6, WeA03.6, WeB15.3
Observer based and parity space based methods for FDIFrA21.2, FrA21.5, TuA21.3, TuA21.4, TuA21.5, TuB21.4, TuB21.6, WeC21.1, WeC21.2, WeC21.3, WeC21.4, WeC21.5, WeC21.6
Observers for linear systemsFrA02.1, FrB05.2, TuC25.6, WeA21.6, WeB05.5, WeB05.6, WeC05.5, WeC13.1, WeC14.5
Ontology-based models interoperabilityMoC16.1, TuA20.3, TuB22.2, WeC16.1, WeC16.2, WeC16.3, WeC16.4
Optimal control in agricultureTuB24.2, TuB24.3, TuB24.4, TuB24.5, WeC24.3
Optimal control of hybrid systemsMoB17.2, ThB17.1, ThB17.2, ThB17.3, ThB17.5, WeA17.2
Optimal control theoryFrA18.2, FrA18.6, MoA18.3, MoB02.4, MoB18.3, MoB19.3, MoC05.1, MoC11.4, MoC18.1, MoC18.2, MoC18.3, MoC18.4, MoC18.5, MoC18.6, ThA24.5, ThB08.1, ThB08.2, ThB11.4, TuA11.4, TuC25.3, WeA05.1, WeA11.1, WeA13.3, WeA18.1, WeA18.2, WeA18.3, WeA18.4, WeA18.5, WeA18.6, WeB05.4, WeB18.1, WeB18.2, WeB18.3, WeB18.5, WeB18.6, WeC14.3, WeC18.6
Optimal operation and control of power systemsFrA01.2, FrA01.3, FrA01.4, FrA12.2, FrA12.3, FrA12.6, FrA15.2, FrA15.6, FrB01.5, FrB12.4, FrB15.3, FrB15.4, FrB15.6, MoA12.1, MoA12.5, MoA15.1, MoA15.2, MoB01.2, MoB12.5, MoB12.6, MoB15.1, MoC10.3, MoC12.2, MoC12.4, ThA12.3, ThA12.4, ThB12.6, ThC12.1, ThC12.2, ThC12.3, ThC12.4, ThC12.5, ThC12.6, TuA01.2, TuA01.3, TuA01.4, TuA01.5, TuA12.4, TuA25.5, TuA25.9, TuB01.3, TuB12.1, TuB12.2, TuB12.3, TuB12.6, TuC01.4, TuC01.5, TuC12.2, TuC12.6, WeA01.2, WeA01.5, WeA12.1, WeA12.2, WeB01.4, WeB01.5, WeB01.6, WeB12.1, WeB12.2, WeB12.3, WeB12.6, WeC11.3, WeC11.5, WeC12.3
Optimal operation of water resources systemsTuC24.4, WeA24.1, WeA24.2, WeA24.4, WeA24.5
Optimization and control of large-scale network systemsThA16.2, ThA16.3, ThA16.4, ThA22.3, ThB16.3, ThB16.4, ThB16.6, ThC16.5
Output feedback controlMoA02.4, MoB11.2, TuA02.5, TuB02.1, TuB02.3, TuB02.4, TuB02.5, TuB02.6, TuB05.6, TuC02.3, TuC02.6, WeA02.5, WeB04.6, WeC02.5, WeC13.3, WeC13.4, WeC13.5, WeC25.1
Output feedback control (linear case)FrA11.2, MoA05.2, MoA05.6, ThB08.5, ThB11.5, TuB13.6, TuC21.3, WeB02.6, WeC05.1, WeC05.2, WeC05.3, WeC05.4, WeC05.5, WeC05.6
Output regulationMoC11.3, ThB13.4, TuB02.2, TuC02.3, WeC25.8
Output regulation for distributed parameter systemsThB21.6, ThC13.2, TuC19.5
Parameter and state estimationFrA25.4, MoA07.1, MoA23.6, MoB07.5, MoB23.3, MoB23.4, MoB23.6, MoC07.5, TuB23.6, TuC23.2, WeA23.2, WeB23.6
Parameter estimation based methods for FDIFrA21.1, TuA21.1, TuA21.2, TuA21.3, TuA25.8, TuB21.2, WeB21.1, WeC21.4
Parameter-varying systemsThB02.5, ThB13.2, TuA02.6, WeA02.1, WeA13.6, WeC25.3
Parametric optimizationMoA13.2, MoA21.4, MoB02.6, MoB11.4, MoC02.6, ThB21.2, ThC11.1, ThC11.2, ThC11.3, ThC11.4, ThC11.5, ThC11.6, WeA21.1, WeB18.4, WeC14.4, WeC18.1, WeC25.5
Particle filtering/Monte Carlo methodsMoB03.3, MoB03.6, MoB14.1, MoC03.4, ThA14.1, ThA14.2, ThA14.3, ThA14.4, ThA14.5, TuA15.1, TuB14.1, WeB15.5, WeC15.3
Passivity-based controlFrA13.1, FrA13.2, FrA13.3, FrA13.4, FrA13.5, MoB19.5, ThB02.1, ThB02.2, TuA13.5, WeB18.2
Pattern recognition based methods for FDIFrA21.3, FrA21.4, FrA21.6, ThC21.2, WeB21.4, WeB21.5
Perception and sensingFrB09.2, FrB09.5, MoB09.1, ThC08.5, WeB25.9, WeB25.14, WeC09.2, WeC09.3, WeC09.4, WeC09.5
Perspectives of e-learning versus traditional learningFrB20.5, ThC20.5
Petri netsMoB25.2, MoC17.1, MoC17.3
Pharmacokinetics and drug deliveryFrA23.2, FrA25.4, FrB07.1, FrB07.5, ThA07.4, ThA07.5, ThB07.3, ThB07.6, ThB25.3
Physiological ModelFrA07.1, FrA07.2, FrA25.1, FrA25.2, FrA25.3, FrB07.4, MoA23.2, MoB07.6, MoC07.6, ThA07.2, ThA07.4, ThA07.6, ThB07.4, ThB25.2, ThB25.8, ThC07.5, TuB07.6, TuC07.3, WeA07.4, WeA07.6, WeC07.1
Plant factoriesTuB24.1, TuB24.3, WeC24.4, WeC24.5
Polynomial methodsMoB05.2, ThB08.3, WeA19.3
Port Hamiltonian distributed parameter systemsFrA19.3, FrA19.4, MoA19.2, MoB19.4, MoB19.5
Positioning SystemsThA23.2, ThA23.3, TuA19.3, TuC18.2
Positive systemsTuB05.1, TuB05.2, TuB05.3, TuB05.4, TuC25.6
Power systemsFrA12.4, FrA13.6, ThC11.5, WeA13.4, WeB18.6, WeC18.3
Power systems stabilityFrB01.1, MoA15.5, MoA15.6, MoB01.1, MoB01.4, MoB12.1, MoB12.4, MoB15.3, MoB15.5, MoC01.1, MoC01.3, MoC12.5, ThA01.2, ThA01.3, ThA01.4, ThA01.6, ThB01.1, ThB01.2, ThB01.3, ThB01.4, ThB01.5, ThB01.6, TuA12.6, TuA25.2, TuB12.3, TuC01.2, TuC01.6, WeA01.2, WeA12.6, WeB01.2, WeB01.3, WeC01.1, WeC01.2, WeC01.3, WeC01.4, WeC01.5, WeC11.2, WeC11.3
Power systems stability;ThA01.5
Precision farmingTuB24.2, WeC24.1, WeC24.2, WeC24.3, WeC24.5
Predicative AnalyticsThB24.1
Probabilistic robustnessMoB21.4
Procedures for process planningThA22.5, WeA22.5
Process controlFrA02.6, MoA05.5, MoB13.1, MoC05.2, ThA05.1, ThA05.2, ThA05.3, ThA05.4, ThA05.5, ThB02.3, ThB02.4, ThB08.4, TuC11.1, TuC11.5, TuC19.6, TuC25.2, TuC25.4, WeA19.3
Process control applicationsFrA22.5, MoA10.2, MoA10.3, MoB10.2, MoB10.5, MoB10.6, MoC25.2, ThA10.1, ThA10.2, ThA10.4, ThA10.6, ThC16.6, ThC21.4, TuA10.5, TuB10.2, TuC10.1, TuC10.2, TuC10.3, TuC10.5, TuC10.6, WeA10.2, WeA10.3, WeA10.4, WeA10.5, WeA10.6, WeB10.2, WeB10.5, WeB21.3
Process modeling and identificationFrB01.3, FrB03.2, MoA10.6, MoB10.5, MoB10.6, MoB15.2, MoC25.1, ThA10.5, ThB10.1, ThB10.2, ThB10.3, ThB10.5, ThB10.6, TuA10.5, TuB01.4, TuB10.1, TuB10.2, TuB10.3, TuB10.4, TuB10.5, TuB10.6, WeA10.4, WeB10.3, WeB10.4, WeB10.5
Process observation and parameter estimationFrA22.3, FrA22.4, WeB12.4
Process optimisationFrA22.4, ThB22.1, ThB22.5, ThB22.6, ThC22.2, ThC22.5, TuC10.5, WeB10.6, WeC10.3
Process performance monitoring/statistical process controlMoB10.1, MoC25.6, MoC25.7, ThA21.6, ThC21.1, ThC21.2, ThC21.3, ThC21.4, ThC21.5, ThC21.6, WeB04.5, WeB10.1, WeB21.5
Process supervisionMoA22.1, MoA22.5, TuA22.3, WeC22.5
Production & logistics over manufacturing networkingMoA22.2, MoC22.4, TuC22.2
Production activity controlWeC22.3, WeC22.4, WeC22.5
Production planning and controlMoA22.7, MoB22.2, MoB22.5, MoB22.6, ThA22.1, ThA22.2, ThA22.3, ThA22.4, ThA22.5, ThA22.6, ThB16.6, ThC25.6, TuB22.5, WeA22.1, WeA22.2, WeA22.3, WeA22.4, WeA22.5, WeC22.2, WeC22.3
Programmable logic controllersMoA20.3, TuA20.2, WeA20.1
Protocols and information communicationTuB20.1, WeC16.6
Quality assurance and maintenanceMoA22.5, MoB22.5, WeC22.5, WeC22.6
Quantification of physiological parameters for diagnosis and treatment assessmentFrA25.2, ThB25.5, TuB07.2, TuB07.3, WeA07.1, WeA07.3, WeA07.5, WeA07.6
Quantized controlMoB02.6, ThC02.4, ThC13.4
Quantized systemsThC13.5, TuA14.3, TuB04.1, WeA16.2, WeC04.5
Queueing systems and performance model                                       ThB17.2
Randomized algorithmsFrA02.3, MoB05.5, MoB21.4, MoB21.6, ThC02.4, WeA21.1
Randomized methodsMoA17.4, ThC03.3, WeB15.5, WeC04.6
Reachability analysis, verification and abstraction of hybrid systemsMoA03.3, MoB14.3, TuA17.3, WeA17.4
Real time control of environmental systemsTuB24.5, TuC24.4, WeB23.4
Real time optimization and controlFrA10.2, FrA10.4, FrA10.6, MoC10.5, MoC25.3, TuA10.3, TuA10.4, WeC10.1, WeC10.2, WeC10.3, WeC10.4, WeC10.5, WeC12.4
Real time simulation and dispatchingFrA01.1, FrA12.2, FrA15.5, MoA01.6, MoC12.4, MoC16.3, ThB01.3, ThC01.6, ThC12.1, TuA01.5, TuB12.5, WeB01.1
Real-time algorithms, scheduling, and programmingFrB21.3, FrB21.4, FrB21.5, MoA20.2, MoA20.4, MoA20.6, MoB20.1, MoB20.3, MoB20.5, MoC20.6, ThB20.6, TuB25.2, WeA20.1, WeA20.2, WeA20.3, WeA20.4, WeA20.5
Real-time controlFrA02.6, FrB13.1, FrB13.2, MoA18.2, MoB11.5, MoC02.1, MoC13.5, ThB21.2, ThC18.5, TuA11.4, TuC25.4, WeC18.4
Realization theoryMoC14.3, ThC15.3
Recursive identificationMoB25.3, MoB25.5, ThA03.1, TuC03.3, WeA03.4, WeC03.2
Regulation (linear case)MoA11.3, MoB06.3, TuA05.6
Rehabilitation engineering and healthcare deliveryFrB07.6, ThB25.4, ThB25.5, TuA07.4, TuC07.4, TuC07.6, WeB07.4, WeB07.6
Reinforcement learning controlMoC20.3, ThA20.1, TuC25.12, WeB20.3, WeB20.4, WeB20.5, WeC20.6
RelaxationsTuA02.2, TuB05.4, WeA21.5
Reliable measurement and actuationTuB25.5, TuB25.6, TuB25.18, WeB06.2, WeB24.1, WeB24.4, WeB24.5, WeB25.10
Remaining lifetime predictionWeC22.6
Remote and distributed controlThB20.4, ThB20.5, TuA20.4
Remote sensor data acquisitionFrB21.2, ThB20.3
Remote servicingThB20.3, ThB20.5
Robot ethologyTuC09.5
Robot Navigation, Programming and VisionFrB18.2
Robotics and mechatronics for agricultural automationFrA24.2, FrA24.3, FrA24.4, FrA24.6, TuB24.6, WeC24.2
Robotics technologyFrA06.3, FrB06.2, FrB22.3, MoA09.2, MoC06.2, MoC09.3, MoC09.4, MoC09.6, MoP33.1, ThA06.4, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThB09.1, ThB09.2, ThB09.3, ThC09.2, TuA09.2, TuA23.1, TuB06.4, TuB25.8, TuB25.11, TuB25.15, WeA09.3, WeC09.3
Robots manipulatorsFrA09.5, FrB06.1, FrB09.3, FrB09.4, FrB09.6, MoA09.1, MoA09.2, MoA09.3, MoA09.4, MoA09.5, MoA09.6, MoB24.2, ThA06.5, ThA09.1, ThA09.2, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThA09.5, ThA09.6, ThB09.2, ThB09.3, ThB09.4, ThB09.5, ThB09.6, ThC06.3, ThC09.3, ThC09.6, TuA09.3, TuB06.2, TuB06.5, TuB06.6, WeA06.2, WeB09.3, WeB25.9
Robust adaptive controlFrA16.6, FrB16.4, MoB16.4, TuA04.5, TuB16.3, TuB16.6, TuC16.6, WeA16.5
Robust controlFrA02.2, MoA11.5, MoB02.3, MoB13.4, MoC02.2, MoC02.3, ThA05.4, TuA13.3, TuA13.6, TuB02.6, WeB02.4, WeB11.3, WeB11.6, WeB18.5, WeC25.2, WeP11.1
Robust control (linear case)FrB05.3, MoA21.1, ThA05.3, ThA11.2, ThB08.1, ThB08.2, ThB08.3, ThB08.4, ThB08.5, ThB08.6, TuB13.6, TuC11.3, TuC11.5, WeA11.6, WeA19.4, WeB05.2, WeC05.1
Robust control applicationsMoB21.2, ThB08.2, TuA11.1, TuA11.3, TuC11.2, TuC21.2, TuC21.3, WeA21.2, WeC13.6
Robust controller synthesisFrB13.5, MoA21.1, MoA21.3, MoA21.4, MoA21.5, MoB21.1, MoB21.3, MoC05.6, MoC21.3, TuC21.1, TuC21.2, TuC21.4, TuC21.5, WeA21.2, WeA21.3, WeA21.4, WeB05.5, WeC05.1, WeC05.2, WeC05.3
Robust estimationFrA11.1, MoA11.1, TuA02.4, WeA21.6
Robust linear matrix inequalitiesFrA02.1, FrA08.1, FrA11.5, MoA21.5, TuC25.8, WeA21.3, WeC05.3
Robust neural and fuzzy controlMoC20.5, ThA20.1, TuC25.10, TuC25.11, WeB20.4, WeC20.1, WeC20.5, WeC20.6
Robust time-delay systemsFrA19.5, MoB21.3, ThC05.4, TuC21.6, WeC18.4
Robustness analysisMoA21.2, MoA21.5, MoB21.5, MoB21.6, MoC21.5, TuB02.3, TuC21.1, TuC21.2, WeA19.4, WeA21.4, WeB05.2, WeC25.2
SafetyFrA14.2, FrB17.1, FrB17.2, FrB17.3, FrB17.5, ThC23.1, TuP11.1
Scheduling, coordination, optimizationThC02.6, WeB23.5
Security and safety of HMSFrB22.1, TuA23.4
Semigroup and operator theoryFrA19.1, TuC19.5, WeB19.3
Sensing EnterpriseMoC16.4, MoC16.5, WeC16.6
Sensor integration and perceptionMoC23.4, ThC23.6, TuA18.6
Sensor networksFrA04.6, MoA04.2, MoA04.3, MoA04.4, MoB08.1, MoB08.6, MoC15.5, ThA04.2, ThC15.4, TuC15.4, WeA03.2, WeA03.5, WeA04.1, WeA04.3, WeA04.6, WeB04.3, WeB04.5, WeC04.1, WeC04.2, WeC04.4, WeC04.6
Sensors and actuatorsThA08.3, ThA18.4, ThA18.5, ThB18.3, ThB18.6, TuA18.2, TuA18.5, TuA18.6, TuB18.6, TuC18.2
Shared control, cooperation and degree of automationTuA23.6
SimulationFrB17.1, FrB17.4, MoA25.18, ThA17.2, TuB17.6
Simulation of stochastic systemsThA15.5, ThB15.4, ThC17.1, TuA15.1, WeA03.1, WeC15.3, WeC15.4, WeC15.6
Sliding mode controlFrA02.4, FrA02.5, FrA18.5, MoB13.1, MoB13.2, MoB13.3, MoB13.4, MoB13.5, MoB13.6, MoC05.6, ThA13.4, TuA02.3, TuC02.1, TuC02.2, TuC02.3, TuC02.4, TuC02.5, TuC02.6, TuC25.8, WeA02.2, WeA02.5, WeA18.5, WeC02.4, WeC13.6
Smart energy gridsWeA20.4
Smart gridsFrA01.1, FrA01.3, FrA12.3, FrA15.1, FrA15.2, FrA15.3, FrA15.4, FrA15.5, FrA15.6, FrB01.5, FrB11.5, FrB15.4, MoA01.1, MoA01.2, MoA01.3, MoA01.5, MoA15.5, MoB01.1, MoB01.2, MoB01.3, MoB01.4, MoB01.5, MoB15.3, MoC01.3, MoC01.4, MoC10.4, MoC12.5, ThA01.2, ThA01.4, ThA12.1, ThA12.3, ThA12.4, ThB01.1, ThB01.3, ThB12.4, ThB12.6, ThC01.1, ThC01.2, ThC01.3, ThC01.4, ThC01.5, ThC01.6, TuA01.2, TuA01.3, TuA01.6, TuA12.2, TuA12.3, TuA12.5, TuA12.6, TuA25.1, TuA25.2, TuA25.5, TuB01.1, TuB01.3, TuB12.2, TuB12.4, TuB12.6, TuC01.1, TuC01.3, TuC01.5, TuC01.6, TuC12.4, WeA01.2, WeA01.3, WeA01.4, WeA01.5, WeA01.6, WeA12.4, WeB01.2, WeB01.4, WeB01.5, WeC01.4, WeC11.3, WeC11.5
Smart Sensors and ActuatorsFrA06.6, MoA24.6, MoC24.6, TuB25.3, TuB25.8, TuC06.1, TuC06.6, WeB06.4, WeB06.5, WeB24.6, WeB25.1, WeB25.2, WeC06.2
Smart StructuresFrA06.6, MoC24.2, MoC24.4, TuB25.12, TuC06.2, TuC06.5, TuC06.6, WeB06.5
Social ComputingThB24.2, ThB24.5
Social ManagementThB24.2
Social Signal AnalysisThB24.2
Software for system identificationMoA03.6, ThA14.3, ThA14.6, ThC03.4, TuB03.5, WeA03.1
Software sensors in agricultureTuB24.6
Space exploration and transportationThB19.3, ThC19.2, TuB17.6
Stability and stabilization of hybrid systemsFrB03.4, MoA04.6, MoB16.3, MoB16.5, MoB17.1, MoB17.2, MoB17.3, MoB17.4, MoB17.5, MoB17.6, ThC15.5, ThC17.2, ThC17.3, ThC17.4, TuA17.4, WeA17.1, WeA17.2, WeA17.3, WeA17.4, WeA17.5, WeA17.6, WeB04.2, WeB17.1, WeB17.2, WeB17.4
Stability of delay systemsFrA08.5, ThB21.6, TuA13.1, WeA11.4, WeA19.2, WeA19.3
Stability of distributed parameter systemsFrA19.3, MoA19.6, MoA21.3, MoB19.1, MoB19.5, WeA19.1, WeB19.4, WeC02.2, WeC14.1
Stability of hybrid systemsWeB02.1, WeB02.2, WeB02.3
Stability of nonlinear systemsFrA02.2, FrA08.3, FrA13.1, FrA13.4, MoA13.1, MoA13.4, MoA13.6, MoA19.6, MoB11.2, MoC11.2, MoC13.1, MoC13.6, ThA02.3, ThA02.4, ThA02.5, ThA02.6, ThA13.1, ThA13.2, ThA13.5, ThA13.6, ThB02.1, ThB13.6, ThC02.5, ThC13.3, TuA02.1, TuA13.4, TuB02.4, TuC02.4, WeA02.1, WeA02.2, WeA02.3, WeA02.4, WeA02.5, WeA02.6, WeA13.4, WeA19.5, WeB02.1, WeB02.3, WeB02.4, WeB11.4, WeB13.3, WeB13.5, WeC02.1, WeC02.5, WeC25.2
Static optimization problemsFrA18.1, MoA11.1, ThB21.3, ThC02.3
Statistical data analysisFrA04.6, MoA03.2, MoB25.1, MoC03.5, ThB03.5, ThC14.3, TuA03.2, TuA14.5, WeA15.2, WeB15.1, WeB15.2, WeB15.3, WeB15.4, WeC03.3, WeC03.5, WeC03.6
Statistical methods/signal analysis for FDIFrA21.2, FrA21.4, FrA21.6, ThA21.1, ThA21.2, ThA21.3, ThA21.4, ThA21.5, ThA21.6, ThC21.2, ThC21.3, ThC21.5, ThC21.6, TuA21.3, TuB21.3, WeA12.4, WeB21.2, WeB21.5, WeC21.3
Stochastic control and game theoryMoA04.1, MoA08.3, MoA08.4, ThA15.1, ThA15.2, ThA15.3, ThA15.4, ThA15.5, ThA15.6, ThC17.5, ThC17.6, TuA15.6, TuB04.5, WeC15.1, WeC15.2, WeC15.3, WeC15.4, WeC15.5, WeC15.6
Stochastic hybrid systemsThA15.6, ThC17.1, ThC17.2, ThC17.3, ThC17.4, ThC17.5
Stochastic optimal control problemsFrA12.4, MoB21.2, MoC02.4, MoC13.3, ThA24.5, ThB21.1, ThC02.5, ThC18.4, WeB18.5, WeB18.6, WeC05.6, WeC25.3
Stochastic system identificationMoB25.1, MoC14.2, ThA15.5, ThB15.1, ThB15.2, ThB15.3, ThB15.4, ThB15.5, ThB15.6, ThC14.4, ThC14.5, TuA14.4, TuB14.2, TuB14.3, WeB15.4
Structural propertiesMoA05.4, MoA11.3, TuB05.3, TuC05.4
Subspace methodsThB14.1, ThB14.2, ThB14.3, ThB14.4, ThB14.5, ThB14.6, WeA03.2, WeB15.2
Sum-of-squaresMoC13.6, ThA02.1, WeB11.4
Supervision and testingTuA11.2
Supervisory control and automataMoC17.1, MoC17.2, MoC17.3, MoC17.4, MoC17.6, TuC25.13, WeB17.2
SustainabilityThC24.3, TuA22.1
Switching controlFrA04.4, FrB03.4, FrB03.5, MoA16.4, MoB16.2, MoB16.3, MoB16.4, MoB16.5, MoB17.1, MoB17.2, TuA17.1, TuA17.6, TuC16.6
Switching stability and controlFrA11.1, FrA11.2, FrA11.3, FrA11.4, FrA11.5, MoA05.4, MoC13.4, ThA02.5, ThC05.5, TuB02.4, TuB13.2, TuB13.3, TuB13.4, WeA02.4, WeB02.4, WeB02.5, WeB02.6
Synthesis of stochastic systemsThA15.1, ThC15.3, ThC15.5, ThC15.6, TuB03.3, TuC15.6
System identification and adaptive control of distributed parameter systemsFrA19.2, WeC25.6
System integration and supervisionTuB08.5, WeC17.3, WeC17.5
Systems biologyThA02.3, ThC13.2, TuC25.7
Systems interoperabilityMoC16.1, MoC16.4, TuA16.2, WeC16.1, WeC16.5
Systems TheoryFrA20.1, ThA25.1, ThC24.3
Systems with saturationFrA08.2, FrA08.3, MoC18.4, ThB13.5, ThB13.6
Systems with time-delaysFrA08.1, FrA08.2, FrA08.3, FrA08.4, FrA08.5, MoC05.2, ThB08.4, ThB11.5, ThB13.1, ThC05.1, ThC05.2, ThC05.3, ThC05.4, ThC05.5, ThC11.6, TuA11.5, TuC21.6, WeA11.4, WeA18.6, WeB11.5, WeB13.6
Task allocation-sharing and job designMoA24.3, ThC25.5, TuB09.1
Teaching curricula developments for control and other engineersFrB20.1, FrB20.2, FrB20.3, FrB20.4, FrB20.6, ThA25.2, ThA25.3, ThA25.6, ThA25.9, ThC20.2, ThC20.4, ThC20.5, WeL09.1
Technology TransferFrA20.4, ThB24.6, TuB15.1
Tele-educationThB20.1, ThB20.5
Tele-roboticsFrB21.2, ThB20.4
Telecommunication-based automation systemsMoB20.2, MoB20.4, ThB20.2, ThB20.6, TuB25.2
TeleroboticsFrA06.3, FrA09.2, MoA09.5, MoB24.5, ThB09.4, ThC09.4, TuA23.5, WeB09.3, WeB09.6
Test and documentationFrB01.2, MoA01.3, MoC12.1
Thermal and process control applications of distributed parameter systemsMoA19.4, WeB19.4, WeB19.5
Time series modellingMoA14.4, MoC14.2, ThA03.1, ThC14.1, ThC14.2, ThC14.3, ThC14.4, ThC14.5, ThC15.3, TuA14.1, WeB15.4
Time-invariant systemsFrA08.4, MoA11.4, MoA17.6, ThC11.6, TuB05.1, TuB05.2, TuB11.1, TuC05.3, WeA05.6, WeA18.2, WeB05.3, WeB05.4, WeC14.3
Time-varying systemsFrA08.2, FrB05.1, FrB05.2, FrB05.3, FrB05.4, FrB05.5, FrB05.6, MoA19.6, TuC25.6, WeA19.1, WeA19.2, WeC25.3
Tracer kinetic modeling using various imaging systemsTuA24.5, TuB07.1
TrackingMoA05.3, MoA11.2, MoA19.2, MoC13.1, ThA13.6, TuA02.5, TuA11.6, TuB02.2, TuB11.4, TuB13.1, TuC02.2, WeA13.5, WeA13.6, WeB02.6, WeC02.1, WeC02.2, WeC02.3, WeC02.4, WeC02.5, WeC02.6, WeC13.5
Traffic control systemsMoB20.4, TuB25.2, WeB20.5
Trajectory and Path PlanningFrB19.3, MoC19.5, MoC23.2, MoC23.6, ThA23.5, ThB23.1, ThB23.2, ThB23.3, ThC23.4, TuB18.2, TuB18.5, WeA25.3, WeA25.8, WeA25.16, WeC23.1
Trajectory Tracking and Path FollowingMoA25.6, MoC19.2, ThA11.6, ThA19.4, ThB18.1, ThB19.4, ThB23.4, ThB23.5, TuB08.4, WeC23.5
Transportation logisticsMoA25.14, ThB23.3, TuC17.1, TuC17.6
UAVsMoA19.3, MoB18.4, TuA13.1, TuA13.2, TuA13.3, TuA13.4, TuA13.5, TuA13.6, TuC21.1, WeC05.4, WeC05.5
Uncertainty descriptionsMoA18.1, ThB08.1, TuC21.4, WeA21.5
Uncertainty in water resource system control/managementTuC24.3, WeA24.3
University-industry co-operation in control engineering educationFrB20.1
University-industry cooperation for training control engineersFrB20.3
Unmanned marine vehiclesFrB18.3, FrB18.4, FrB18.5, ThB18.3, TuA18.2, TuB18.4, TuB18.5, TuC18.2, TuC18.5
Vehicle dynamic systemsFrA14.1, FrA14.3, FrA14.4, FrA14.5, FrA14.6, FrB14.1, FrB14.2, FrB14.3, FrB14.4, FrB14.6, MoC08.3, ThA08.1, ThA08.2, ThA08.3, ThA17.6, ThC23.3, TuB08.4, TuC08.5, WeA25.5, WeA25.7, WeA25.10, WeA25.11, WeC08.3, WeC08.4, WeC08.5, WeC08.6
Vibration and modal analysisFrB16.1, FrB16.3, ThB14.1, WeC03.1, WeC03.3, WeC03.5
Vibration controlFrB06.4, FrB06.5, MoA06.3, MoA09.4, MoB06.4, MoB24.1, MoB24.6, MoC06.4, MoC09.4, ThA06.6, ThC20.3, TuB25.12, TuC06.1, TuC06.2, TuC06.3, TuC06.4, TuC06.5, TuC06.6, WeA06.1, WeA06.3, WeA06.4, WeA06.5, WeA06.6, WeA14.1, WeA14.2, WeA14.5, WeB06.1, WeB14.1, WeB14.2, WeB14.3, WeB14.6, WeB25.11, WeB25.15, WeC06.1
Virtual and remote labsThA25.7, ThA25.8, ThC20.1
Virtual classes, departments, laboratories and schoolsThC20.1
Wastewater treatment processesTuC24.5, WeB23.1, WeB23.2, WeB23.3, WeB23.5
Water prediction and controlWeA24.1, WeA24.4
Water supply and distribution systemsThA16.3, ThC16.6
Well-posed distributed parameter systemsMoB19.1, TuC19.5