Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa Convention Centre
May 11-13, 2015
on Information Control Problems
in Manufacturing

15th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing
May 11-13, 2015, Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa, Canada

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Last updated on September 25, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

INCOM 2015 Keyword Index

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Adaptive MethodsMA2.5, MA7.5, TPo8.6, TPoster.3, TPoster.14, TPoster.15, TPoster.20, WB6.5
Agile ManufacturingMB2.3, MC2.1, TA4.6, WB3.1, WD5.4
Applications Using MediatorsMA2.1, TC2.1, WA1.2, WC1.4
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)MA6.5, MA7.4, TA3.6, WC6.1, WD6.1
Bayesian ApproachMA1.5, MA5.3, TB1.3, WD8.2
Bio-inspired Engineering/automationMB8.1, TB3.5, TC2.3, WD8.1
Branch and BoundTB3.4
Buffer AllocationTB3.1, WD7.2, WD7.4
Business Process ModelingMA1.3, MA4.1, MB2.4, MC1.5, TB5.3, TPo8.5, TPoster.1, WB4.4, WC6.6, WD1.3, WD2.3
Capacity and Performance EvaluationMB3.1, MC4.4, TB3.1, WA1.1, WA3.1, WA3.6, WB5.4, WC3.3
Closed-loop Supply ChainsMB4.3, MB7.2, WD2.4
Co-operative control / manufacturingMC2.2, TA2.2, TB2.2, TB2.5, WD8.5
Cognitive Aspects of AutomationTA5.4, TPoster.23
Computational ScienceMA7.4, MC5.2, MC5.4, MC7.2, TA8.5, TPoster.5, TPoster.6, WB8.3
Computer Numeric Control (CNC)MC5.5, TPoster.7, WB5.5, WC8.6
Condition-Based MaintenanceMB7.1, MB7.5, MC8.2, TA2.6, TA4.3, TA7.2, TA7.4, TC2.1, TC2.3, TC2.4, TC2.6, WA8.4, WC7.4, WC7.5, WC7.6
Data ModelsMA2.2, MA2.5, MA7.1, MA8.3, MB2.2, MB2.5, MB6.5, MC2.5, TA5.5, TB1.4, TB1.5, TC5.2, TC5.3, TPoster.31, WB6.1
Decision Support SystemMA1.2, MA1.4, MA4.1, MA4.2, MA4.6, MA4.7, MA6.2, MA6.4, MA8.1, MA8.4, MB6.2, MB6.3, MB6.6, MC1.3, MC1.5, MC1.6, MC4.1, MC4.3, MC6.2, MC6.6, MC8.4, TA2.3, TA4.6, TB1.2, TB1.6, TC1.1, TC4.4, TPoster.22, WA4.4, WA5.2, WB2.1, WB4.2, WB4.3, WC6.4, WD6.2, WD6.4
Degradation ModellingMA1.5, MA5.3, MC8.2, TPoster.19, TPoster.21, WA8.2, WB2.2, WC7.2, WC7.3
Demand ForecastingMA8.3, MB1.4, TA6.3, TB1.3, TB1.5, TPoster.25, TPoster.32, WB2.4, WC7.1, WC7.2
Design of Material Flow PatternsMB3.5, MC5.2, TC5.1, TPoster.32, WA3.1, WA3.3, WC6.4
Design of Safe ControllersTPoster.18
Diagnostic and OptimizationMC8.1, TPoster.8, TPoster.29, TPoster.31, WC7.6
Diagnostic SystemsMA5.2, MA7.2, TA2.1, TA7.3, TA7.4, TC2.4, TPoster.8, TPoster.18, WA8.2, WA8.4, WC5.5, WD8.2
Discrete Applied MathematicsMA6.2
Discrete Event ControllerMC8.1, TC3.4
Discrete-event SimulationMB7.6, MC4.2, TA1.2, TA3.5, TA7.3, TA8.6, TB4.2, TB4.4, TC1.5, TC2.5, TC3.4, TPoster.29, WA3.4, WC2.4, WC4.1, WC8.3, WD3.6
Dynamic ProgrammingTA1.4, TC5.6, TPo8.1, WB1.5, WC1.5
Dynamic SystemsMA7.2, TA2.2, TA8.3, TB1.1, TPoster.1, TPoster.4, TPoster.9, TPoster.12, TPoster.26, WB8.1, WC4.3, WD8.5
E-solutions in Operations ManagementMA8.6, MB5.2, TC2.5
Emergent IntelligenceTB2.2
Energy EfficiencyMA5.5, MA8.5, MC7.3, MC8.3, TA1.1, TA6.6, TPo8.7, TPoster.7, WD2.5, WD6.2
Engineering Applications of Artificial IntelligenceMA4.2, MA7.1, MA7.3, MB8.1, MC5.4, MC5.6, TA1.3, TA5.3, TA6.3, TB2.1, TB2.5, TB3.2, TB5.6, TC3.2, WA2.1, WA2.4, WA5.1, WC1.1, WC1.2, WC8.5, WD8.2, WD8.4, WD8.6
Enterprise InteroperabilityMA2.1, MB2.5
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)MC4.2
Enterprise System EngineeringMA2.4, MB2.4, TA6.2, TPo8.8, WA5.3, WB6.2, WD1.3, WD2.1, WD2.3, WD2.4
Enterprise System Quality ImprovementTB5.6, TPoster.17
Enterprise-wide Information SystemMB2.1, WB4.4, WD1.3, WD2.1
Ergonomic Aspects of Industrial TechnologiesMB3.2, MB3.3, MB3.6, MC3.2, MC3.4, TB5.4
Evolvable Assembly SystemsWC5.1, WC5.4
Extended EnterpriseMA1.4, TB5.5, WB2.3, WD2.2
Factory and Industrial AutomationMA2.4, MA3.3, MB2.6, MB5.1, MB5.3, TB4.2, TC5.2, WD8.3
Failure PrognosticMA1.5, MA5.2, MB7.1, MB7.5, MC8.2, WA2.2, WD7.1
Fault Tree AnalysisMB3.5
Flexible and Reconfigurable Manufacturing SystemsMC2.3, TA5.6, TPo8.3, TPoster.11, WB6.4
Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)MB2.6, MC4.1, TA3.3, TA4.5, TB3.4, WA3.2, WB6.3, WC1.5, WC5.2
Formal Specification and VerificationMA4.5, TC5.4, WA2.4
Formalisms and Modeling TechniquesMA6.5, MC3.3, MC8.1, TA5.1, TA8.3, TA8.4, TPoster.11, TPoster.18, WA2.1, WA2.4, WB5.1, WC6.5
Genetic AlgorithmsMB5.5, MB8.3, MC6.5, MC8.5, TA3.1, TA4.5, TA4.6, TPo8.7, WA1.4, WB1.4, WD5.5
Global E- ManufacturingWC2.5
Graph theoryTA6.2
Green Supply ChainMB4.5, MB4.6, WA4.2, WD6.4
Group TechnologyTA3.1, TA3.4, TA3.5, TB3.2, TPoster.30, WB3.2, WB3.4
Grouping and Sequencing Operations in Multi-Stage SystemsTPoster.32, WC6.3, WD3.6
Heuristic and MetaheuristicsMA6.6, MA7.3, MB1.3, MB4.4, MB6.3, MB6.6, MB8.1, MB8.2, MB8.3, MB8.4, MB8.5, MC6.1, MC7.6, TA3.3, TA4.1, TA4.2, TA5.5, TB5.1, TB5.2, TPoster.19, WB1.3, WC3.1, WC3.5, WC4.2, WD2.6
Holonic Manufacturing Execution SystemsWB5.2
Holonic Manufacturing SystemsTB2.1, TB2.4, TB2.5, TC3.4, TPoster.11, WA2.3
Holonic-based ManufacturingMB2.3, TB2.3
Human Resource AllocationMB3.4, MC3.1, MC3.5, MC6.3, TB4.1, TC2.2
Human-Automation IntegrationMB3.1, MC2.3, MC3.1, MC3.3, MC3.4, TA5.4, TPoster.23, WC5.4, WD8.3
In-process Manufacturing MonitoringMC5.4, TA2.5, TA2.6, TA8.1, TC5.4, WB2.2, WD7.3, WD8.3
Information SharingMA4.4, MA4.6, MA5.6, MB2.6, TB1.6, WA6.1, WA6.2, WA6.4, WB4.3, WC4.5
Integer Linear ProgrammingMA4.3, MB4.4, MB6.3, MB6.6, MB8.5, MC3.5, MC6.1, MC6.3, MC6.4, MC7.1, TA1.1, TA1.6, TB3.6, TB5.1, WB3.3, WC3.5, WC4.2, WC6.2, WC6.3, WD2.5, WD3.3
Integration of Knowledge/Competence in Enterprise Modelling FrameworkMA1.3, MA2.4, MA4.4, MB2.1, TA2.3, TA5.4, TC2.2, TC5.3, WD2.3
Intelligent Diagnostic MethodologiesMA7.6, MB7.3, TA7.4, TC2.3, TC2.4, WA2.2, WA8.4
Intelligent Manufacturing SystemsMC5.2, MC5.6, TA3.2, TA7.5, TB3.5, TC3.6, TPoster.27, WB2.4, WB6.2, WB6.4, WC1.2, WC2.1, WD5.1, WD5.5, WD8.4
Intelligent Predictive ControlTA8.5, TPoster.4
Intelligent Products and Lifecycle ManagementTA2.4, TC5.3
Intelligent Robot Services in ManufacturingTC3.2, WA2.5, WC8.2
Inter-Organizational Workflow ManagementMA4.4
Intermodal TransportMB6.1, MB6.4, MC6.2, TPoster.31, WC6.6
Inventory Control and Dynamic PricingMA8.3, MA8.6, MB1.5, MB3.3, MB7.6, MC1.1, TA7.3, TB1.3, TC1.3, TPo8.1, TPoster.28, TPoster.30, WA6.1, WA6.2, WA6.5, WB2.1, WC1.3, WD1.5
Large Scale Multi-agent SystemsWD1.2
Line Design and BalancingMA3.1, MA3.5, MB3.1, MC3.2, MC7.4, TB3.1, WB1.1, WC3.1, WC3.3, WC3.5, WC3.6, WD3.1, WD3.2, WD3.3, WD3.4, WD3.5
Machining and Assembly SystemsMA1.1, MA3.5, MA3.6, MB5.5, MB5.6, MC5.3, TA7.6, WA1.5, WA5.4, WB5.5, WC3.3, WC3.6, WD3.1, WD3.2, WD3.5, WD3.6
Manufacturing CellsTA3.4, TA3.5, TB3.2, WA5.5, WB3.1, WB3.2, WB3.3, WB3.4, WB5.3
Manufacturing Execution SystemsMB5.2, TA7.6, TB3.5, TC1.6, TC5.6, TPoster.2, WA1.5, WB5.1, WC3.2, WC8.4
Manufacturing Resources and ProcessesMA1.6, TA1.6, TA2.5, TA7.6, TB1.4, TPoster.1, TPoster.24, WA2.5, WC5.6, WD5.1
Manufacturing System EngineeringMA1.1, MA1.6, MA3.4, MA8.2, MB3.5, MB5.6, MC2.6, MC5.1, MC5.3, MC5.6, MC7.5, TA3.1, TA3.2, TA3.4, TA5.3, TA5.6, TA7.5, TA8.4, TC3.3, TC5.1, TC5.5, TPo8.7, TPoster.3, WA1.1, WA1.5, WA3.1, WA3.2, WA3.3, WA3.5, WA5.1, WA5.4, WA8.3, WB1.1, WB5.3, WC1.5, WC3.1, WC3.4, WC3.6, WC5.3, WD2.2, WD3.2, WD5.1, WD5.2, WD5.3, WD5.6, WD7.3, WD7.4
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)MB1.1, MB1.3
Mathematical Approaches for SchedulingMB1.6, MB6.5, MC7.1, TA1.1, TA1.4, TA1.5, TC4.6, TPoster.19, WB1.3, WB1.5, WB3.2, WC1.3, WC3.4, WC4.2, WC6.1
Model-Based PlanningMA8.5, MB6.5, TB1.1, TC3.6, TPo8.3
Modelling Approaches of Urban and Inter-Urban Traffic FlowMA6.1, MA6.3, TA4.4, WD6.3
Modelling for Cooperative Transportation SystemsMA6.5, MB6.2, TPo8.2, WC8.3, WD6.1
Modelling Supply Chain DynamicsMB1.5, TC4.3, TPo8.5, TPoster.5, TPoster.12, WC4.3, WC4.4, WC4.5
Monte Carlo MethodsMC1.4, TA6.3, WB6.3
Multi-agent SimulationMA6.1, MB6.1, MC3.3, MC7.4, TA4.4, TC2.1, TPo8.2, TPoster.15, WC4.4, WD6.1, WD8.1
Multi-Agent Systems and Heterarchical Topology for ManufacturingMA5.4, MC4.5, MC6.6, WB5.2, WD1.1
Multicriteria Decision MakingMA1.2, MA2.2, MA4.6, MA4.7, MA8.4, MC2.2, MC4.3, MC6.2, MC6.3, MC8.4, TA1.2, TA6.5, TC1.3, TC4.4, TC4.6, WA4.4, WB4.2
New Product DevelopmentMA1.3, MA3.6, MB5.6, MC7.2, TA5.2, TA6.1, TC3.5, WA3.3, WA3.6, WA5.4, WD5.3, WD5.4
Nonparametric Statistical InferenceTPoster.13
Numerical AnalysisMA2.3, MB4.2, TA8.2, TPo8.1, WB8.1, WB8.2, WB8.3
Ontology for Enterprise InteroperabilityMA4.5, MB2.2, MB2.3, MC2.5, TC2.2, WC5.6
Open Multi-Agent SystemsTA4.4, TB3.6, WC5.1, WC5.2, WC5.3
Optimization and ControlMA1.1, MA2.3, MA3.1, MA6.2, MA6.3, MA6.4, MA7.4, MA8.5, MB1.6, MB5.3, MB7.6, MB8.3, MB8.5, MC4.1, MC6.1, MC7.3, MC7.5, MC7.6, MC8.5, TA1.6, TA3.2, TA3.3, TA5.5, TA8.5, TA8.6, TB1.1, TB2.2, TB2.6, TB3.4, TB5.3, TC5.2, TPoster.3, TPoster.5, TPoster.6, TPoster.9, TPoster.14, TPoster.28, WA1.2, WA1.3, WA5.5, WB1.4, WB3.1, WB8.2, WC4.3, WC6.3, WC7.1, WC7.2, WC8.2, WC8.5, WC8.6, WD2.6, WD3.3, WD3.4, WD6.5, WD7.1, WD7.2, WD8.5
Partial Differential EquationsTPoster.6, TPoster.7, TPoster.26, TPoster.27
Performance EvaluationMA3.4, MB3.6, MB6.1, MC3.5, MC4.2, MC7.2, MC7.4, MC7.5, TA8.2, TA8.3, TB2.4, TB4.1, WA1.1, WA3.4, WA3.5, WB2.3, WD3.5, WD7.4
Physical InternetMB6.4, TB1.6, WB4.3, WC2.2, WC2.3, WC2.4, WC2.5, WC6.5
PLM SystemsMB2.2, TA7.5, TB5.5, WA2.1
Predictive MaintenanceMA5.2, TA7.2, TC2.6, WA2.2
Process Planning/Equipment SelectionMA3.3, MC6.5, TA6.1, TA8.6, TC5.1, TPoster.2, WA3.6, WA5.1, WB1.1, WB5.4, WD5.5
Product and Process Oriented ApproachesMA1.6, MA3.3, MA4.2, MB2.1, TA2.4, TB5.5, TPoster.17, WB6.2
Product Driven Automation for ManufacturingMC2.6, TPo8.3
Product Driven ControlMC6.6, TB2.1, TC3.6
Qualitative Simulation and ApplicationsTB5.6, TPoster.13, TPoster.21
Quality Predictive MonitoringTA8.1, TPoster.21, WC5.5, WD7.1
Quality-Management in E-manufacturingTA2.1, WD5.6
Quantitative Modeling of Facility DesignTB4.3, WB5.4, WD6.3
Real-time Artificial IntelligenceMA5.4, MC8.5, TPo8.2, WA2.3, WA5.2
Real-time ControlMA2.2, MA5.4, MB1.5, MB5.2, TA5.1, TPoster.2, TPoster.8, TPoster.26, TPoster.27, WA3.5, WB5.1, WD7.3, WD8.6
Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMS)MA2.1, MA3.5, MC2.6, TA5.6, TB5.3, TC3.5, TC5.5, WC5.3
Reverse Supply ChainsMA3.2, MB4.2, MB4.3, MB4.6, MC4.6, WB2.5, WC2.3, WC3.4
Risk ManagementMA5.1, MB7.4, MC1.1, MC1.2, MC1.3, MC1.4, MC1.5, MC1.6, MC3.4, MC4.5, TA6.1, TA6.2, TA6.4, TA6.6, TB3.3, WA5.2, WA5.3, WB4.5, WC4.4
Robotic SystemsMA2.3, MB5.4, MC8.6, TC3.2, TPo8.4, TPoster.14, TPoster.20, WA5.5, WB6.4, WB8.2, WC2.1, WC6.2, WC8.2, WD8.6
Robust SchedulingTC4.1, TC4.5, TPoster.10, WA6.3, WA6.5, WB1.2, WC1.4
Scheduling HeuristicsMA4.3, MC6.5, MC7.1, MC7.6, TA1.2, TA1.3, TA1.5, TB2.4, TC1.4, TC4.5, WA1.3, WA1.4, WA6.3, WA6.5, WB1.4, WB1.5, WC1.2, WC1.4, WC6.2, WD2.6, WD3.4
Self-learning ModelsMA7.2, TA4.2, TC5.4, TPo8.6, WB2.4, WB6.5, WC3.2, WC5.4
Self-organizationTB2.3, WC5.1, WC5.2, WD5.4, WD8.1
Semantic IntegrationMA4.5, MA4.7, MB2.5, MC2.5, WB2.3, WC3.2, WC5.6
Service Oriented ComputingTA2.5, TC5.5, WB5.2, WD1.1
Service Oriented Enterprise ArchitecturesMA1.4, MC2.1, TA2.2, WB4.5, WD1.1, WD2.2
Signal ProcessingMA2.5, MA7.1, MA7.3, MA7.5, MA7.6, TA8.1, TPo8.6, WA2.5, WA8.3, WB6.5, WC5.5
Static and Dynamic Facility LayoutTB3.6, TB4.4, WB6.3, WD6.3
Stochastic ProcessesMA3.4, MB1.2, MB7.5, TA8.2, TPoster.24, WA3.2, WB1.3, WB3.3, WC7.6, WD8.4
Supervisory Control TheoryTA8.4, WC8.4
Supplier EvaluationMA5.1, MB1.2, TPoster.22, WB2.5, WB4.5, WC2.5
Supplier SelectionMC2.2, TA6.5, TC1.2, TC4.2, WB4.2
Supply Chain CoordinationMA3.2, MA5.1, MA8.1, MC1.3, MC4.3, MC4.4, TA7.2, TB3.3, TC1.1, TC1.2, TC1.5, TC4.1, TC4.2, TC4.3, TC4.4, TC4.6, TPoster.22, WA1.2, WA4.1, WA4.3, WA4.5, WA6.4, WC6.5, WD1.4
Supply Chain Management (SCM)MA3.2, MA4.1, MA5.5, MA6.4, MA6.6, MB1.2, MB1.3, MB1.4, MB3.3, MB4.2, MB4.4, MB6.2, MC1.1, MC1.2, MC3.6, MC4.5, MC4.6, TA4.2, TA6.6, TB1.4, TB1.5, TB3.3, TB4.6, TB5.1, TC1.1, TC1.2, TC1.3, TC1.5, TC2.5, TC4.1, TC4.2, TC4.3, TC4.5, TPoster.12, TPoster.16, TPoster.24, WA4.1, WA4.3, WA4.5, WA6.1, WA6.2, WA6.3, WB2.1, WB3.4, WB4.1, WB4.4, WC4.1, WC4.5, WD1.5
Sustainable ManufacturingMA3.1, MA7.6, MB4.1, MB4.3, MB4.5, MB7.2, MC7.3, MC8.3, TA7.1, TC3.1, WA3.4, WD2.4, WD6.2
Sustainable Suppy ChainMA8.1, MB3.2, MB4.5, MB6.4, MB7.2, MC4.4, TA6.5, WA4.4, WB2.5, WC2.2, WC2.3, WC6.6, WD6.4
System IdentificationMA7.5, MB5.4, TPoster.4, TPoster.15, TPoster.20, TPoster.23, TPoster.25, WA8.2, WA8.3, WB8.1, WB8.3
Systemic Accident ModelingMB3.4, TA6.4
Uncertainty ModellingMA5.3, MA6.3, MA8.4, MA8.6, MB1.1, MC1.4, TA6.4, TPo8.5, WA4.1, WA4.5, WC4.1, WC6.1, WD1.5, WD6.5
Urban and Inter-Urban Traffic Flow ControlMA5.5, MA6.1, WC8.3
Verification of Information SystemTA5.3, TPoster.13, TPoster.17, WD2.1
Warehouse Management SystemsMB1.4, MB1.6, MB3.2, TB4.2, TB4.3, TB4.4, TB4.5, TB4.6, TC1.6, TPoster.16, TPoster.29, WC2.1, WC2.2, WC2.4, WD6.5
Web Services and Wireless Automation for ManufacturingTA2.6
Web-based Service for Maintenance and Process SupervisionTA2.1
Wireless Network SystemsMB5.5
Wireless Robotic Manufacturing CellsMB5.4




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