7th IFAC Workshop on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control - LHMNC 2021 October 11-13, 2021. Berlin Germany
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Last updated on October 11, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

LHMNC 2021 Keyword Index

B   C   D   G   H   I   L   M   N   O   P   R   S  

Boundary controlMonB1.2, TueB1.2, WedA2.3
Conservation lawsMonA1.3, TueB1.4
Contact systemsMonA2.2
Dirac structuresMonA2.3, TueA1.2, TueB1.2, TueB2.1
Distributed parameter systemsMonA1.3, MonB1.2, MonB1.3, MonB2.2, TueA2.1, TueA2.2, TueA2.3, TueA2.4, TueA2.5, TueB2.1, WedA2.1, WedA2.4
Geometric mechanicsMonA1.2, MonB2.1, MonC1.2, MonC1.3, MonC1.4, MonC1.5, MonC2.1, MonC2.2, MonC2.3, TueA2.3, TueB1.3, TueB2.2, TueB2.5, TueP3P.1, WedB1.2, WedB1.4, WedB2.4, WedB2.5
Gradient systemsTueP2P.1
Hamiltonian dynamicsMonC1.5, MonC2.5, TueB1.4, TueB2.5, WedB1.2, WedB2.2
Irreversible thermodynamicsMonA2.2, MonA2.3, MonB2.1, MonB2.2, MonB2.3, WedB1.1, WedB1.2
Lagrangian SystemsMonA1.2, MonA2.3, MonB2.1, MonC1.2, MonC1.3, MonC2.1, MonC2.2, MonC2.3, MonC2.4, TueB1.3, TueB2.4, WedA1.3, WedB1.3, WedB1.4, WedB1.5, WedB2.4, WedB2.5
Large Scale Complex SystemsWedA1.2, WedA1.4
MechatronicsWedA1.1, WedP4P.1
ModelingMonB2.3, TueA1.2, TueA2.4, TueB1.1, TueB1.4, TueP2P.1, TueP3P.1, WedA1.2, WedA2.2
Networked SystemsTueB1.5
Nonlinear controlMonA1.1, MonB1.1, MonC2.1, MonC2.2, TueA1.4, TueB1.3, TueB2.2, TueB2.3, WedA1.4, WedA2.3, WedB1.6, WedB2.2, WedB2.3, WedB2.4, WedB2.5, WedP4P.1
Numerical MethodsMonA1.1, MonA1.2, MonC1.2, TueA1.3, TueA2.1, TueA2.2, TueA2.5, TueB2.3, WedB1.3, WedB1.4, WedB1.5, WedB1.6
Optimal controlMonA1.3, MonC1.3, MonC1.4, MonC2.3, TueA1.5, TueB2.5, WedA2.4, WedB1.1, WedB1.3, WedB1.5, WedB2.1, WedB2.3
Passivity-based controlMonA2.1, MonB1.1, MonB1.3, MonP1P.1, TueA1.1, TueA1.4, TueB1.5, TueB2.3, TueB2.4, WedA1.1, WedA1.2, WedA1.3, WedA2.1, WedA2.2
Port-Hamiltonian systemsMonA2.1, MonB1.2, MonB1.3, MonB2.2, MonB2.3, MonC2.5, MonP1P.1, TueA1.1, TueA1.2, TueA1.3, TueA1.4, TueA1.5, TueA2.1, TueA2.2, TueA2.3, TueA2.4, TueA2.5, TueB1.1, TueB1.2, TueB1.5, TueB2.1, TueB2.4, TueP2P.1, TueP3P.1, WedA1.1, WedA2.2, WedB1.1, WedP4P.1
Power systemsWedA2.3
Process controlMonA2.1
RoboticsMonA1.1, MonC2.4, TueB2.2, WedA1.3, WedB1.6, WedB2.2
Robust ControlMonB1.1, MonC2.4, WedA2.1
Symplectic geometryMonA2.2, MonC1.4, MonC1.5, TueB1.1




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