Vienna, Austria
July 27-29, 2022
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Last updated on July 24, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday July 29, 2022

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FrA1  Minisymposium Session, Room HS 5 Add to My Program 
Modeling and Control of Smart Material Systems and Structures II  
Chair: Moretti, GiacomoSaarland University
Co-Chair: Rizzello, GianlucaSaarland University
Organizer: Rizzello, GianlucaSaarland University
Organizer: Moretti, GiacomoSaarland University
Organizer: Flaßkamp, KathrinSaarland University
09:20-09:40, Paper FrA1.1 Add to My Program
A Model for Dielectric Elastomer Based Electronics (I)

Ciarella, LucaTU Dresden
Wilson, KatherineBiomimetics Lab, Auckland Bioengineering Institute, the Universi
Richter, AndreasInstitute of Semiconductors and Microsystems, TU Dresden
Anderson, IainThe Biomimetics Laboratory, Auckland Bioengineering Institute, U
Henke, E.-F. MarkusTU Dresden
09:40-10:00, Paper FrA1.2 Add to My Program
Modeling of Static Reliability Assessment in Dielectric Elastomer Transducers Subject to Electric Loads (I)

Agostini, LorenzoUniversity of Bologna
Fontana, MarcoScuola Super Sant Anna
Vertechy, RoccoUniversity of Bologna
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA1.3 Add to My Program
Hybrid Dynamical Modeling of Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloy Wire Transducers (I)

Mandolino, Michele ArcangeloSaarland University
Ferrante, FrancescoUniversità Degli Studi Di Perugia
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA1.4 Add to My Program
Optimal Path Planning for Stereotactic Neurosurgery Based on an Elastostatic Cannula Model

Sauerteig, PhilippTechnische Universität Ilmenau
Hoffmann, Matthias K.Saarland University
Mühlenhoff, JulianTechnische Universität Ilmenau
Miccoli, GiovanniSaarland University Medical Center and Faculty of Medicine
Keiner, DörtheSaarland University Medical Center and Faculty of Medicine
Urbschat, SteffiSaarland University Medical Center and Faculty of Medicine
Oertel, JoachimSaarland University Medical Center and Faculty of Medicine
Sattel, ThomasTechnische Universität Ilmenau
Flaßkamp, KathrinSaarland University
Worthmann, KarlTU Ilmenau
FrA2  Minisymposium Session, Room HS 3 Add to My Program 
Modeling in Sport and Kinesiology  
Chair: Exel, JulianaUniversity of Vienna
Co-Chair: Kemmetmueller, WolfgangTU Wien, Automation and Control Institute
Organizer: Lames, MartinTU München
Organizer: Baca, ArnoldUniversity Vienna
09:20-09:40, Paper FrA2.1 Add to My Program
Impact of Bony Geometry on Static Optimization Based Estimations of Muscle Activations and Forces (I)

Kainz, HansCentre for Sport Science and University Sports, University of Vi
Koller, WilliCentre for Sport Science and University Sports, University of Vi
Kaufmann, PaulCentre for Sport Science and University Sports, University of Vi
Unglaube, FabianLaboratory of Gait and Movement Analysis, Orthopedic Hospital Vi
Kranzl, AndreasLaboratory of Gait and Movement Analysis, Orthopedic Hospital Vi
Baca, ArnoldUniversity Vienna
09:40-10:00, Paper FrA2.2 Add to My Program
Implementation of Recurrence Analysis Algorithms in a Dashboard for Practical Application in Football (I)

Hermann, SebastianStuttgart Media University
Lames, MartinTU München
Meth, HendrikStuttgart Media University
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA2.3 Add to My Program
Simulation of Tennis Behaviour Using Finite Markov Chains (I)

Rothe, FredericTechnical University of Munich
Lames, MartinTU München
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA2.4 Add to My Program
An Artificial Neural Network Predicts Setter’s Setting Behavior in Volleyball Similar or Better Than Experts

Schrapf, NorbertUniversity of Graz
Hassan, AmrMansoura University
Wiesmeyr, StephanieUniversity of Graz
Tilp, MarkusUniversity of Graz
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA2.5 Add to My Program
Passing Dynamics across Top-Level Coaches: The Influence of the Quality of Opposition (I)

Exel, JulianaUniversity of Vienna
Immler, SebastianDepartment of Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Computer Science In
Baca, ArnoldUniversity Vienna
FrA3  Regular Session, Room HS 2 Add to My Program 
Biotechnical, Biochemical and Chemical Engineering Processes II  
Chair: Shardt, Yuri A.W.Technical University of Ilmenau
Co-Chair: Kugi, AndreasTU Wien
09:20-09:40, Paper FrA3.1 Add to My Program
Evaluating the Impacts of Temperature on a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification Using CPFD Simulation Model

A. Samani, NastaranUniversity of South-Eastern Norway
Thapa, Rajan KumarUniversity of South-Eastern Norway
Moldestad, Britt Margrethe EmilieUniversity of South Eastern Norway
Eikeland, MarianneUniversity of South-Eastern Norway
09:40-10:00, Paper FrA3.2 Add to My Program
Modelling and Parameter Identification of Ex-Situ Biological Biogas Upgrading

Santus, AnnaPolitecnico Di Milano
Corbellini, ViolaPolitecnico Di Milano
Trionfini, MircoPolitecnico Di Milano
Malpei, FrancescaPolitecnico Di Milano
Ferretti, GianniPolitecnico Di Milano
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA3.3 Add to My Program
Data-Driven Nonlinear System Identification of a Closed-Loop Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)

Santhakumaran, SarmilanCovestro Deutschland AG - Technical University of Ilmenau
Shardt, Yuri A.W.Technical University of Ilmenau
Rejek, JesseCovestro Deutschland AG
Maul, ChristineCovestro Deutschland AG
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA3.4 Add to My Program
Automated Design of Synthetic Biocircuits in the Stochastic Regime

Sequeiros, CarlosSpanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Vázquez Cendón, CarlosUniversidade Da Coruña
Banga, Julio R.IIM-CSIC (Spanish Council for Scientific Research)
Otero-Muras, IreneCSIC Spanish National Research Council
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA3.5 Add to My Program
Towards Anaerobic Digestion (ADM No.1) Model’s Extensions and Reductions with In-Situ Gas Injection for Biomethane Production

Acosta-Pavas, Juan CamiloInstitut National Des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse
Morchain, JérômeInstitut National Des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse
Dumas, ClaireInstitut National Des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse
Ngu, VincentInstitut National Des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse
Cockx, ArnaudInstitut National Des Sciences Appliquées of Toulouse
Aceves-Lara, Cesar-ArturoINSA
FrA4  Regular Session, Room HS 4 Add to My Program 
Biology, Physiology and Medicine II  
Chair: Schaum, AlexanderKiel University
Co-Chair: Körner, AndreasTU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing
09:20-09:40, Paper FrA4.1 Add to My Program
Genome-Scale Metabolic Model Guided Subtyping Lung Cancer towards Personalized Diagnosis

Tanil, EzgiYeditepe University
Kizililsoley, NehirYeditepe University
Nikerel, EmrahYeditepe University
09:40-10:00, Paper FrA4.2 Add to My Program
Assessment of a New Model of Glucagon Action with Glucagon Receptor Dynamics

Furió Novejarque, ClaraUniversitat Politècnica De València
Sanz, RicardoUniversitat Politècnica De València
Reenberg, Asbjørn ThodeTechnical University of Denmark
Ritschel, Tobias K. S.Technical University of Denmark
Ranjan, Ajenthen G.Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
Nørgaard, KirstenHvidovre University Hospital
Díez, José LuisUniversitat Politècnica De València
Jorgensen, John BagterpTechnical University of Denmark
Bondia Company, JorgeUniversitat Politècnica De València
10:00-10:20, Paper FrA4.3 Add to My Program
Growth of Simulated Tumors under the Influence of Oxygen Supply

Somers, PeterUniversity of Stuttgart
Seibold, JohannaUniversity of Stuttgart
Lipke, NizarUniversity Hospital Tübingen
Harland, NiklasUniversity Hospital Tübingen
Amend, BastianUniversity Hospital Tübingen
Stenzl, ArnulfUniversity Hospital Tübingen
Schüle, JohannesUniversity of Stuttgart
Veil, CarinaUniversity of Stuttgart
Sawodny, OliverUniv of Stuttgart
Tarin, CristinaUniversity of Stuttgart
10:20-10:40, Paper FrA4.4 Add to My Program
Fish Eradication in Freshwater Ecosystems by Repeated Fishing

Martinez, CarlosBiology Centre CAS
Souza, Allan T.Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy O
Kubecka, JanBiology Centre CAS V.v.i
10:40-11:00, Paper FrA4.5 Add to My Program
Sustainability and Long-Term Strategies in the Modeling of Biological Processes

Lykina, ValeriyaBrandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus-Senftenberg
Pickenhain, SabineCottbus
Kolo, KatharinaTitus Research GmbH
Grass, DieterORCOS, Vienna University of Technology
FrBPL  Plenary Session, Room HS 5 Add to My Program 
Challenges in Modelling and Detecting the Impact of Human Aptitudes and
Preferences in Economics and Finance
Chair: Troch, IngeInstitute for Analysis and Scientific Computing ViennaUniversity of Technology
11:15-12:00, Paper FrBPL.1 Add to My Program
Challenges in Modelling and Detecting the Impact of Human Aptitudes and Preferences in Economics and Finance

Dolfin, MarinaDepartment of the University of Messina
FrCPL  Plenary Session, Room HS 5 Add to My Program 
Closing & Farewell Session  



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