Modeling, Estimation and
Control Conference 2023

October 2-5, 2023, Lake Tahoe, USA
2023 Modeling, Estimation, and Control Conference
October 2-5, 2023, Lake Tahoe, USA

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Last updated on September 26, 2023. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

MECC 2023 Keyword Index

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Adaptive and Learning SystemsThPMT2.6, TuAMT1.3, TuAMT1.4, TuAMT2.5, TuCP.6, TuCP.10, TuCP.11, TuRFAMT5.2, TuRFPMT5.8, WeAMT1.1, WeAMT2.1, WeAMT2.3, WeAMT2.4, WePMT2.3, WeRSPMT4.5
AerospaceThAMT3.3, ThPMT3.3, TuAMT3.2, WeRSPMT4.5
Agricultural SystemsThAMT1.1, ThAMT1.3, ThAMT3.6, WePMT6.6
Assistive and Rehabilitation RoboticsTuRFAMT5.3, TuRFPMT5.10, TuSBT2.2, WeAMT3.2, WeAMT5.6
Automotive SystemsThAMT1.3, ThPMT3.1, ThPMT3.5, ThRSAMT4.2, ThRSAMT4.3, TuAMT3.6, TuAMT6.2, TuAMT6.3, TuAMT6.4, TuAMT6.5, TuAMT6.6, TuPMT6.2, TuPMT6.3, TuPMT6.6, TuRFAMT5.6, TuRFAMT5.8, TuRFPMT5.1, TuRFPMT5.7, WeAMT1.1, WeAMT2.1, WeAMT2.2, WeAMT2.3, WeAMT5.4, WeCP.2, WeCP.9, WeEVT1.1, WeEVT1.2, WePMT1.5, WePMT2.1, WePMT2.3, WePMT3.2, WePMT3.5, WeRSEVT4.2
Biomechanical SystemsThPMT1.5, TuRFPMT5.3, TuSBT2.2, WeAMT3.1, WeEVT1.3
Control ApplicationsThAMT3.1, ThAMT3.2, ThAMT3.3, ThAMT3.4, ThAMT3.5, ThPMT1.2, ThPMT2.1, ThPMT2.5, ThPMT3.1, ThPMT3.2, ThPMT3.3, ThPMT3.4, ThPMT3.5, ThRSAMT4.1, ThRSAMT4.2, ThRSAMT4.3, ThRSPMT4.4, TuAMT1.3, TuAMT6.3, TuCP.2, TuCP.3, TuCP.9, TuCP.10, TuPMT1.4, TuPMT6.5, TuRFAMT5.3, TuRFAMT5.8, TuTT3.2, WeAMT3.5, WeAMT5.5, WeCP.1, WeCP.2, WeEVT1.5, WePMT2.3, WePMT3.1, WePMT3.2, WeRSPMT4.5
Control DesignThAMT2.6, ThAMT3.1, ThPMT3.1, ThPMT3.2, ThRSAMT4.1, ThRSAMT4.2, ThRSAMT4.3, ThRSAMT4.4, TuAMT1.1, TuAMT6.6, TuCP.1, TuCP.5, TuRFAMT5.1, TuRFAMT5.2, TuRFAMT5.7, TuRFAMT5.8, TuRFPMT5.4, TuRFPMT5.5, TuSBT2.1, TuTT3.2, WeAMT2.3, WeAMT3.3, WeAMT5.3, WeCP.7, WePMT1.2, WeRSEVT4.1
Control of Smart Buildings and MicrogridsWeCP.8
Cyber physical systemsWeAMT2.6, WeRSEVT4.4
Discrete Event Dynamic SystemsThAMT1.4
Distributed Parameter SystemsTuCP.10, WePMT6.1, WePMT6.6
Education for modeling, estimation and controlThWST5.1
Electromechanical systemsThAMT2.3, WeAMT1.4, WeAMT3.5, WeCP.10, WeEVT1.2, WeEVT1.5
EstimationThRSAMT4.5, ThRSPMT4.2, TuAMT1.5, TuAMT1.6, TuAMT2.1, TuAMT3.1, TuAMT3.3, TuAMT3.4, TuAMT3.5, TuAMT6.2, TuCP.8, TuPMT6.1, TuPMT6.5, TuRFAMT5.1, TuRFAMT5.6, TuSBT2.1, TuTT3.1, WeAMT1.4, WeAMT3.1, WeAMT6.1, WeCP.5, WeEVT1.2, WeEVT1.5, WePMT1.2, WePMT1.5, WePMT6.2, WeRSEVT4.1
Healthcare systemsTuRFPMT5.3, TuSBT2.3, WeAMT3.1, WeAMT3.2, WeAMT3.5, WeEVT1.3, WePMT1.3
Human-Machine and Human-Robot SystemsThPMT1.1, ThPMT1.2, TuCP.4, TuPMT1.6, TuRFAMT5.3, TuRFPMT5.6, TuSBT2.2, WeAMT3.3, WePMT2.1
Intelligent Autonomous VehiclesThAMT1.1, ThAMT3.2, ThPMT2.4, ThRSPMT4.1, TuAMT2.3, TuAMT6.4, TuPMT6.4, WeAMT2.2, WeAMT2.5, WeAMT2.6, WeEVT6.4, WePMT2.2, WePMT2.5, WePMT6.2, WeRSPMT4.2
Large Scale Complex SystemsThAMT3.4, TuAMT1.5, TuAMT1.6
Linear Control SystemsThAMT2.4, ThPMT2.5, ThRSPMT4.3, TuRFAMT5.1, WeCP.5, WeCP.7, WePMT2.2
Machine Learning in modeling, estimation, and controlThAMT2.6, ThAMT3.6, ThPMT1.1, ThPMT2.1, ThPMT2.6, ThPP.1, ThRSPMT4.1, ThRSPMT4.3, ThRSPMT4.4, TuAMT1.4, TuAMT2.2, TuAMT2.6, TuAMT3.2, TuAMT3.6, TuAMT6.1, TuAMT6.4, TuCP.6, TuCP.11, TuCP.12, TuCP.13, TuPMT6.1, TuPMT6.6, TuPP.1, TuRFAMT5.4, TuSBT2.3, WeAMT1.3, WeAMT2.4, WeAMT5.4, WeCP.4, WeCP.8, WeEVT1.1, WeEVT6.4, WePMT1.1, WePMT1.4, WePMT1.5, WePMT3.1, WePMT3.2, WePMT3.3, WePMT3.4, WePMT3.5, WePMT6.2, WeRSEVT4.1, WeRSEVT4.2, WeRSEVT4.3, WeRSPMT4.3
Manufacturing SystemsThAMT2.2, ThPMT3.4, ThRSAMT4.4, TuAMT1.1, TuAMT1.2, TuAMT1.4, TuAMT1.5, TuAMT1.6, TuCP.1, TuCP.2, TuCP.3, TuCP.4, TuCP.6, TuCP.8, TuCP.9, TuCP.12, TuCP.13, TuPMT1.1, TuPMT1.2, TuPMT1.3, TuPMT1.4, TuPMT1.6, TuRFAMT5.5, TuRFPMT5.4, WeCP.3, WeCP.10, WeEVT6.3
Marine SystemsThAMT3.1, ThAMT3.5, WeAMT1.2, WePMT6.5
Mechatronic SystemsThAMT1.3, ThAMT2.1, ThAMT2.2, ThAMT2.3, ThAMT2.4, ThAMT2.5, ThAMT2.6, ThPMT1.5, TuAMT1.2, TuAMT3.3, TuCP.7, TuCP.8, TuPMT1.1, TuPMT1.2, TuPMT1.5, TuTT3.1, TuTT3.2, WePMT3.4, WePMT6.3, WeRSPMT4.1
Mining, Mineral and Metal ProcessingTuAMT1.1, TuCP.1
Modeling and Control of Biotechnological SystemsWeAMT3.4
Modeling and ValidationThAMT3.5, ThPMT1.4, ThPMT1.6, ThPMT3.4, ThRSAMT4.4, TuAMT1.2, TuAMT2.1, TuAMT3.3, TuAMT4.2, TuAMT6.1, TuAMT6.5, TuCP.5, TuNQP.1, TuPMT6.2, TuSBT2.5, WeAMT1.2, WeAMT1.5, WeAMT6.2, WeCP.3, WeCP.10, WeEVT1.4, WeEVT1.6, WeEVT6.1, WeEVT6.2, WeEVT6.3, WeEVT6.5, WeEVT6.6, WePMT1.2, WePMT1.4, WePMT6.1, WePMT6.3, WePMT6.4, WePMT6.5
Modelling and Control of Biomedical SystemsThPMT1.3, TuRFPMT5.2, TuRFPMT5.3, WeAMT3.4, WeEVT1.3, WeEVT6.5, WePMT1.3
Modelling and Control of Environmental SystemsWeAMT5.2, WeAMT6.3, WePMT6.6
Modelling, Identification and Signal ProcessingThAMT2.2, ThAMT2.5, TuAMT3.1, TuAMT6.2, TuCP.4, TuCP.5, TuCP.14, TuPMT1.1, TuPMT1.2, TuPMT1.6, TuPMT6.2, TuTT3.1, WeAMT1.3, WeCP.5, WeEVT6.5, WePMT2.4, WePMT6.4
Motion and Vibration ControlThPMT3.6, ThRSAMT4.1, TuCP.7, TuPMT1.5, TuRFPMT5.1, WeAMT1.1, WeAMT1.2, WeAMT1.3, WeAMT1.4, WeAMT1.5, WeAMT1.6, WeCP.2
Multi-agent and Networked SystemsThAMT3.4, ThPMT1.1, ThPMT3.6, ThRSPMT4.1, TuAMT3.5, TuRFAMT5.9, TuRFPMT5.2, TuRFPMT5.9, WeAMT1.6, WeCP.6, WeCP.7, WePMT2.4, WePMT2.6, WePMT3.3
Nonlinear Control SystemsThPMT2.1, ThPMT2.2, ThPMT2.4, ThPMT2.5, ThPMT2.6, ThRSPMT4.4, TuAMT4.1, TuAMT6.6, TuCP.14, TuRFAMT5.2, TuRFPMT5.4, WeAMT3.3, WeAMT3.4, WeAMT5.1, WeAMT5.5, WePMT2.6
Optimal ControlThAMT1.2, ThAMT1.4, ThPMT1.3, ThPMT2.2, ThPMT2.3, ThRSAMT4.5, ThRSPMT4.3, TuAMT2.4, TuAMT2.6, TuAMT6.3, TuAMT6.5, TuPMT6.6, TuRFPMT5.2, WeAMT2.4, WeAMT5.1, WeAMT5.2, WeAMT5.3, WeAMT5.4, WeAMT5.5, WeAMT5.6, WeCP.3, WePMT2.1, WePMT3.3, WeRSEVT4.4
Path Planning and Motion ControlThAMT3.3, ThPMT1.2, ThPMT1.3, ThPMT2.3, ThRSAMT4.5, TuAMT2.1, TuAMT2.2, TuAMT2.4, TuAMT2.5, TuAMT2.6, TuPMT6.4, TuRFAMT5.7, TuSBT2.4, WeAMT2.2, WeAMT2.5, WeAMT5.1, WePMT2.5, WePP.1
Power and Energy SystemsThRSPMT4.2, ThRSPMT4.5, TuAMT2.4, TuAMT6.1, TuPMT6.1, TuRFPMT5.8, TuSBT2.1, WeAMT6.1, WeCP.4, WeCP.8, WeEVT1.1, WeEVT1.4, WePMT1.1, WePMT1.3, WePMT1.4, WePMT3.5, WeRSEVT4.4, WeRSEVT4.5
RoboticsThAMT1.2, ThAMT1.4, ThAMT1.5, ThAMT2.1, ThAMT2.5, ThPMT1.4, ThPMT1.6, ThPMT2.2, ThPMT2.3, ThPMT2.4, TuAMT2.3, TuAMT2.5, TuAMT3.4, TuAMT4.1, TuAMT4.3, TuCP.3, TuCP.7, TuCP.9, TuCP.11, TuCP.13, TuPMT1.4, TuPMT1.5, TuRFAMT5.5, TuRFPMT5.6, TuRFPMT5.9, TuSBT2.4, WeAMT1.6, WeAMT2.6, WeCP.1, WeCP.9, WeEVT6.6, WePMT2.6, WePMT3.1, WeRSPMT4.1, WeRSPMT4.2, WeRSPMT4.3, WeRSPMT4.4
Security and PrivacyWeCP.6
Sensors and ActuatorsThAMT2.1, ThAMT2.3, ThAMT2.4, TuRFAMT5.6, TuRFPMT5.1, TuRFPMT5.6, TuRFPMT5.10, TuSBT2.3, WeEVT6.1, WePMT3.4, WePMT6.1, WeRSEVT4.3, WeRSEVT4.5
Soft RoboticsThAMT1.5, ThPMT1.5, TuAMT4.1, TuRFPMT5.10, WeEVT6.6, WePMT6.3, WeRSPMT4.1
Stochastic SystemsThPMT3.5, TuRFAMT5.9, TuRFPMT5.7, WeAMT5.2, WeAMT5.3, WeEVT6.1, WeEVT6.2, WePMT2.4
Transportation SystemsThAMT1.5, ThAMT3.2, ThPMT3.2, ThPMT3.6, TuAMT3.1, TuPMT6.5, WeAMT2.5, WePMT2.2, WePMT2.5, WeRSEVT4.3, WeRSEVT4.5, WeRSPMT4.2
Uncertain Systems and Robust ControlThPMT1.4, TuPMT6.4, TuRFPMT5.7, TuRFPMT5.8, WeEVT6.3
Underwater VehiclesWePMT6.5
Unmanned Ground and Aerial VehiclesThAMT1.1, ThPMT3.3, TuAMT2.2, TuAMT2.3, TuAMT3.5, WeCP.1, WeCP.6, WeCP.9, WeEVT6.4, WeRSPMT4.4




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