9th IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems (Mechatronics 2022)
16th International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control (MoViC 2022)
University of California, Los Angeles  |  September 7-9, 2022
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Last updated on September 4, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Thursday September 8, 2022

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ThA1 Room FH 1
Plenary Session: Prof. Kon-Well Wang Plenary Session
Chair: Tang, JiongUniversity of Connecticut
08:00-09:00, Paper ThA1.1 
Reconfigurable Metastructures Ė from Wave and Vibration Controls to Mechano-Intelligence

Wang, Kon-WellUniversity of Michigan
ThB1 Room FH 1
Energy Harvesting I Invited Session
Chair: Zhu, MeilingUniversity of Exeter
Co-Chair: Xu, Tian-BingOld Dominion University
Organizer: Tai, Wei-CheMichigan State University-Mech Eng
09:10-09:28, Paper ThB1.1 
Advanced Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters and Future Challenges (I)

Xu, Tian-BingOld Dominion University
09:28-09:46, Paper ThB1.2 
Parametric Amplification and Instability of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Periodically Plucked by a Rotating Magnet (I)

Tai, Wei-CheMichigan State University-Mech Eng
09:46-10:04, Paper ThB1.3 
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Rail Track Vibration Using Frequency Up-Conversion Mechanism

Shan, GuansongUniversity of Exeter
Kuang, YangUniversity of Exeter
Zhu, MeilingUniversity of Exeter
10:04-10:22, Paper ThB1.4 
Enhanced Charging Energy Efficiency Via Optimised Phase of Directly Charging an Energy Storage Capacitor by an Energy Harvester

Chew, Zheng JunUniversity of Exeter
Zhu, MeilingUniversity of Exeter
10:22-10:40, Paper ThB1.5 
Energy Harvesting Efficiency of Large-Scale Bistable Vibration System in Random Wave Environment (I)

Zhao, WeiWeichai Global Axis Technology
Zhang, XuguangSaitama Institute of Technology
Li, GeTianjin University
Zheng, Ren chengTianjin University
Nakano, KimihikoUniversity of Tokyo
Zhao, XiluSaitama Institute of Technology
ThB2 Room FH 2
Structure and Machine Vibration II Regular Session
Chair: Park, GyuhaeChonnam National University
Co-Chair: Mao, ZhuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
09:10-09:28, Paper ThB2.1 
Phase-Based 2D Displacement Measurement Using Unique Markers

Miao, YinanChonnam National University
Jeon, Jun YoungChonnam National University
Kong, YeseulChonnam National University
Park, GyuhaeChonnam National University
09:28-09:46, Paper ThB2.2 
Semi-Active Vibration Control of Structural Systems with a Variable Inerter

Hiramoto, KazuhikoNiigata University
Yamazaki, IsseiSanwa Tekki Corporation
09:46-10:04, Paper ThB2.3 
Improving Intersample Performance with Linearly Parameterized Feedforward Using Sampled-Data Differentiator

Mae, MasahiroThe University of Tokyo
van Haren, MaxEindhoven University of Technology
Ohnishi, WataruThe University of Tokyo
Oomen, TomEindhoven University of Technology
Fujimoto, HiroshiThe University of Tokyo
10:04-10:22, Paper ThB2.4 
Vibration Control of Flexible Steel Plate for Electromagnetic Levitation System: Fundamental Consideration on Attractive Force by Electromagnets

Endo, AyatoFukuoka Institute of Technology
Ogawa, KazukiTokai University
Ikeda, KeigoHokkaido University of Science
Kato, TaroTokyo University of Technology
Narita, TakayoshiTokai University
Kato, HideakiTokai University
10:22-10:40, Paper ThB2.5 
Finite Element Modeling of Pavement and State Awareness Using Fiber Optic Sensing

do Cabo, CelsoWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Mao, ZhuWorcester Polytechnic Institute
Chen, YuhengNEC Laboratories America
Ding, YangminNEC Laboratories America
Huang, Ming-FangNEC Laboratories America
ThB3 Room FH 3
Motion Control III Regular Session
Chair: Yao, BinPurdue University
Co-Chair: Lee, Yu-HsiuNational Taiwan University
09:10-09:28, Paper ThB3.1 
Multivariable ILC by Adaptive Inverse Filtering

Cheng, Yi-TaiNational Taiwan University
Lee, Yu-HsiuNational Taiwan University
09:28-09:46, Paper ThB3.2 
Decision-Making Based on Reinforcement Learning and Model Predictive Control Considering Space Generation for Highway On-Ramp Merging

Kimura, HikaruKeio University
Takahashi, MasakiUniv of Keio
Nishiwaki, KazuhiroMitsubishi Electric Corporation
Iezawa, MasahiroMitsubishi Electric Corporation
09:46-10:04, Paper ThB3.3 
Time-Optimal Adaptive Robust Control of Linear Motors with State and Input Constraints by Pontryagin's Maximum Principle

Liu, YingqiangZhejiang University
Chen, ZhengZhejiang University
Yao, BinPurdue University
10:04-10:22, Paper ThB3.4 
FPGA Accelerated ADMM-Based Model Predictive Control for Indoors UAV Navigation and Cargo Delivery

Liao, Kai-WeiNational Taiwan University
Chen, Cheng-WeiNational Taiwan University
10:22-10:40, Paper ThB3.5 
Achievable Thrust Expansion Control at Current Saturation of Variable-Pitch Propeller for Drones

Naoki, YutoThe University of Tokyo
Yokota, KentaroThe University of Tokyo
Nagai, SakahisaThe University of Tokyo
Fujimoto, HiroshiThe University of Tokyo
ThC1 Room FH 1
Energy Harvesting II Invited Session
Chair: Tai, Wei-CheMichigan State University-Mech Eng
Co-Chair: haifeng, zhangUniversity of North Texas
10:50-11:08, Paper ThC1.1 
Design of a 360-Degree Piezoelectric Assembly for Continuous Wide Band Energy Harvesting (I)

haifeng, zhangUniversity of North Texas
Mirzaabedini,, SohrabUniversity of North Texas
Ju, ShuaiUniversity of North Texas
11:08-11:26, Paper ThC1.2 
Energy Harvesting and Vibration Mitigation of an Inerter-Based Pendulum Vibration Absorber (I)

Cosner, JoelMichigan State University
Tai, Wei-CheMichigan State University-Mech Eng
11:26-11:44, Paper ThC1.3 
An Insight into Centrifugal Force and Magnetic Nonlinearity Benefiting for Beam-Type Energy Harvesters in Rotational Motion

MEI, XUTAOThe Univeristy of Tokyo
Zhou, ShengxiNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Nakano, KimihikoThe University of Tokyo
11:44-12:02, Paper ThC1.4 
Proof Mass Effects on Piezoelectric Flextentional Harvester Vibration and Energy Conversion (I)

Zhao, BingqiOld Dominion University
Xu, Tian-BingOld Dominion University
12:02-12:20, Paper ThC1.5 
Transparency Surface Acoustic Wave Transducer for VP Solar Panel Cleaning (I)

Hatfield, AlexanderOld Dominion University
Zhang, ShihaiPolyK Technologies, LLC
Xu, Tian-BingOld Dominion University
ThC2 Room FH 2
Vibration Control I Regular Session
Chair: M'Closkey, RobertUniv. of California at Los Angeles
Co-Chair: Moheimani, S.O. RezaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
10:50-11:08, Paper ThC2.1 
Dual-Stage Nanopositioner Augmented with Feedforward Control

Pyle, KennethUniversity of California, Los Angeles
M'Closkey, RobertUniv. of California at Los Angeles
11:08-11:26, Paper ThC2.2 
Design and Characterization of a Novel High-Bandwidth Flexure-Guided XY Nanopositioner

Khodabakhshi, ErfanThe University of Texas at Dallas
Nikooienejad, NastaranThe University of Texas at Dallas
Maroufi, MohammadUniversity of Texas at Dallas
Moheimani, S.O. RezaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
11:26-11:44, Paper ThC2.3 
Developing a Custom Data Acquisition System for Automotive Applications

Wheat, LesleyMcMaster University
11:44-12:02, Paper ThC2.4 
Machine Learning Multivariate Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Electric Motors

Geraei, HosnaMcMaster University
Huangfu, YixinMcMaster University
Setoodeh, PeymanMcMaster University
Habibi, SaeidUniv of Saskatchewan (on Sabbatical Leave @ McMaster)
12:02-12:20, Paper ThC2.5 
Time-Optimal Trajectory Generation of Rotary Cranes with Collision Avoidance

Farrage, AbdallahAssiut Univ., Toyohashi Univ. of Technology
Takahashi, HidekiToyohashi Univ. of Technology, Kobelco Construction Machinery
Terauchi, KenichiKobelco Construction Machinery
Sasai, ShintaroKobelco Construction Machinery
Sakurai, HitoshiKobelco Construction Machinery
Okubo, MasakiKobelco Construction Machinery
Uchiyama, NaokiToyohashi Univ. of Technology
ThC3 Room FH 3
Micro/Nano Systems Regular Session
Chair: Ren, JuanIowa State University
Co-Chair: Zou, QingzeRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
10:50-11:08, Paper ThC3.1 
Machine Learning in Modeling and Real-Time Control of Nano-Positioning Systems

Ren, JuanIowa State University
Yin, RuochengIowa State Univesity
11:08-11:26, Paper ThC3.2 
Standing Surface Acoustic Waves Enabled Alignment of Nanomaterials

Li, JialiMississippi State University
Bo, LuyuMississippi State University
Li, TengMississippi State University
Righi, HajarMississippi State University
Tian, ZhenhuaVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
11:26-11:44, Paper ThC3.3 
Integrated GaN HEMT Cascode Power Module Stability Analysis under Negative Gate Bias Stress for Power Electronic Applications

Elangovan, SuryaNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Jang, Wen-YeaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao T
Cheng, StoneDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao T
Yao, Jao-HaoDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao T
11:44-12:02, Paper ThC3.4 
Oriented AFM Scanning on a Large Sample with Cooperative Rotating Stage and Auxiliary Optical Microscope

Chen, Huang-ChihNational Taiwan University
Fu, Li-ChenNational Taiwan University
12:02-12:20, Paper ThC3.5 
Adaptive Discrete Mapping of Dynamic Nanomechanical Property of Soft Materials on Atomic Force Microscope

Zou, QingzeRutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Wang, JingrenRutgers the State University of New Jersey
Guo, SenliSenli.guo@bruker.com
ThD1 Room FH 1
Plenary Session: Prof. Rolf Findeisen Plenary Session
Chair: Sawodny, OliverUniv of Stuttgart
13:30-14:30, Paper ThD1.1 
Safe - yet Optimal and Flexible Control and Planning for Mechatronic Systems Fusing Machine Learning and Predictive Control

Findeisen, RolfTU Darmstadt
ThE1 Room FH 1
Ocean Wave Energy IV Invited Session
Chair: Zou, ShangyanOregon State University
Co-Chair: Brekken, TedOregon State University
14:40-14:58, Paper ThE1.1 
Development of a Cylindrical Wave Energy Converter for Experimental Investigation of Fluid Structure Interactions in Linear and Nonlinear Waves

DeVries, LeviUnited States Naval Academy
14:58-15:16, Paper ThE1.2 
Optimal Power Analysis of a Wave Energy Converter with a Controllable Power Takeoff Based on Active Motion Rectification (I)

Yang, LishengVirginia Tech
Huang, JianuoVirginia Tech
Mi, Jia2768804508
Hajj, MuhammadStevens Institute of Technology
Bacelli, GiorgioSandia National Laboratories
Zuo, LeiVirginia Tech
15:16-15:34, Paper ThE1.3 
Deep Reinforcement Learning Control of Wave Energy Converters (I)

Zou, ShangyanOregon State University
Zhou, XiangMichigan Technological University
Weaver, WayneMichigan Technological University
Abdelkhalik, OssamaIowa State University
15:34-15:52, Paper ThE1.4 
Design of a Two-Body Wave Energy Converter Featuring Controllable Geometry (I)

Tom, NathanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
15:52-16:10, Paper ThE1.5 
Control Co-Design of Power Take-Off Parameters for Wave Energy Systems (I)

PeŮa-Sanchez, YeraiUniversity of the Basque Country
GarcŪa Violini, DemiŠnUniversidad Nacional De Quilmes
Ringwood, John V.Maynooth University
ThE2 Room FH 2
Vibration Control II Regular Session
Chair: Trumper, DavidMassachusetts Inst. of Tech
14:40-14:58, Paper ThE2.1 
Near-Optimal Control of Atomic Force Microscope for Non-Contact Mode Applications

Sutton, JoshuaVirginia Tech
Boker, AlmuatazbellahVirginia Tech
Al Janaideh, MohammadMemorial University
14:58-15:16, Paper ThE2.2 
A Novel Bearingless Interior Permanent Magnet Slice Motor for Pump

Kant, KrishanMIT
Weinreb, BenjaminCharles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc
Hegy, MichaelEnsion Inc
Gartner, MarkEnsion Inc
Trumper, DavidMIT
15:16-15:34, Paper ThE2.3 
A Study on Levitation Mechanism of Bending Magnetic Levitation System: Fundamental Consideration on Dynamic Analysis of Vibration Characteristics

Ogawa, KazukiTokai University
Miyazaki, RikuTokai University
Kohmei, FunadaTokai University
Ikeda, KeigoHokkaido University of Science
Uchino, DaigoTokai University
Kato, TaroTokyo University of Technology
Endo, AyatoFukuoka Institute of Technology
Narita, TakayoshiTokai University
Kato, HideakiTokai University
15:34-15:52, Paper ThE2.4 
Proposal for an Automatic Turning Method for a Stand-Up Type Mobility Vehicle

Nakagawa, ChihiroOsaka Prefecture University
Suzuki, SampeiOsaka Prefecture University
Shintani, AtsuhikoOsaka Prefecture University
15:52-16:10, Paper ThE2.5 
Proposal of Cross-Wall Magnetic Suspension without Direct Detection of Target (I)

Mizuno, TakeshiSaitama Univ
Mizutaru, KosukeSaitama University
Ishino, YujiSaitama University
Takasaki, MasayaSaitama Univ
ThF1 Room FH 1
Structure Health Monitoring and Diagnosis Regular Session
Chair: Avitabile, PeterUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
Co-Chair: Tian, ZhenhuaMississippi State University
16:30-16:48, Paper ThF1.1 
Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Health Prognostics

Hu, ChaoIowa State University
16:48-17:06, Paper ThF1.2 
Order-Reduced Modeling-Based Multi-Level Damage Identification Using Piezoelectric Impedance Measurement

zhou, kaiMichigan Technological University
Zhang, YangUniversity of Connecticut
Tang, JiongUniversity of Connecticut
17:06-17:24, Paper ThF1.3 
Damage Detection Assessment Using Sparse Measurements Expanded to Full Field

Avitabile, PeterUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
17:24-17:42, Paper ThF1.4 
A Bayesian Approach to Fault Diagnosability Analysis in Adaptive Structures

Stiefelmaier, JonasUniversity of Stuttgart
Gienger, AndreasUniversity of Stuttgart
BŲhm, MichaelUniversity of Stuttgart
Sawodny, OliverUniv of Stuttgart
Tarin, CristinaUniversity of Stuttgart
17:42-18:00, Paper ThF1.5 
Numerical Study of Ultrasonic Guided Waves in a Composite-Plastic Lap Joint

Righi, HajarMississippi State University
Li, TengMississippi State University
Jiang, ZhipengMississippi State University
Li, JialiMississippi State University
Tian, ZhenhuaMississippi State University
ThF2 Room FH 2
Vibration Control III Regular Session
Chair: Watanabe, ToruCollege of Science and Technology, Nihon University
16:30-16:48, Paper ThF2.1 
Self-Powered Synthetic Admittances for Linear Feedback Control

Ligeikis, ConnorUniversity of Michigan
Scruggs, JeffUniversity of Michigan
16:48-17:06, Paper ThF2.2 
Feed-Forward Augmented Double-Loop Feedback Controller for Seismometer-Type Absolute Displacement Sensor

Negishi, KaichiNihon Univ
Tanaka, KoichiNihon Univ
Watanabe, ToruNihon Univ
17:06-17:24, Paper ThF2.3 
Time-Constrained Optimization of Sit-To-Stand Movements in Contact with the Environment

Inoue, YunoKeio University
Takahashi, MasakiUniv of Keio
17:24-17:42, Paper ThF2.4 
Acceleration and Displacement Feedback Loop Controller Synthesis Based on Frequency Domain Design for a Shaking Table

Shimono, KeisukeThe University of Tokyo
Okamoto, MinekiNational Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College
Tagawa, YasutakaTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
17:42-18:00, Paper ThF2.5 
Experimental Performance of a Clutch Inerter in an Isolation System

Shell, JonathanUniversity of Tennessee
Wierschem, NicholasUniversity of Tennessee




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