Third IFAC Conference on
Modelling, Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems
Tokyo, Japan
September 15-17, 2021
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Last updated on July 11, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Wednesday September 15, 2021

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WeA1 Room 1
Modeling and Identification of Nonlinear Systems I Regular Session
12:25-12:40, Paper WeA1.1 
Enabling Invariant Models to Describe Time-Varying Dynamics: A Case Study

Abreu, Petrus Emmanuel Oliveira Gomes BrantFederal University of Minas Gerais
Reyes Dreke, Victor DanielTechnological University of Eindhoven
Aguirre, Luis AntonioUniversidade Federal De Minas Gerais
Garcia, ClaudioPolytechnic School of the Univ of Sao Paulo
12:40-12:55, Paper WeA1.2 
Analyzing the Influence of Measurements in Dynamical Parameter Identification Using Parametric Sensitivities

Wiesner, MarekUniversity of Bremen
Schäfer, KaiUniversity of Bremen
Bergmann, WiebkeUniversity of Bremen
Berger, ArneUniversity of Bremen
Shulpyakov, PetrUniversity of Bremen
Dittert, CarlaUniversity of Bremen
Büskens, ChristofUniv of Bremen
12:55-13:10, Paper WeA1.3 
Measures of the Functional Correlation in Non-Parametric Non-Linear System Identification

Chernyshov, KirillV.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences
13:10-13:25, Paper WeA1.4 
Fault Identification in Nonlinear Systems Not Satisfying Matching and Minimum Phase Conditions

Zhirabok, Alexey N.Far Eastern Federal Univ
Zuev, AlexanderFar Eastern Federal University
Shumsky, AlexeyFar Eastern Federal University
13:25-13:40, Paper WeA1.5 
Rational Function Approximation of the Relay with Hysteresis Nonlinear Element

Perev, KamenTechnical University of Sofia
13:40-13:55, Paper WeA1.6 
Simultaneous Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics and State Distribution Using Jensen-Shannon Divergence

Kashima, KenjiKyoto University
Watanabe, MoeKyoto University
Maruta, IchiroKyoto University
WeA2 Room 2
Optimal Control Regular Session
12:25-12:40, Paper WeA2.1 
Multi-Performance State-Feedback for Time-Varying Linear Systems

Conord, ThomasLAAS-CNRS, Université De Toulouse
Peaucelle, DimitriLAAS-CNRS
12:40-12:55, Paper WeA2.2 
Globally Optimal Control of Nonlinear Input-Affine Systems under Quadratic Objective Functions Based on Trajectory Database

Otsu, TomohiroKyoto University
Maruta, IchiroKyoto University
Fujimoto, KenjiKyoto University
12:55-13:10, Paper WeA2.3 
Implementation Approach of Fractional Nonlinear Systems to Stable Manifold Method

Nishida, GouNihon University
Takamatsu, TakahiroNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Sakamoto, NoboruNanzan University
13:10-13:25, Paper WeA2.4 
Time-Energy Optimal Control of a Non-Linear Surface Vehicle Subject to Disturbances

Taitler, AyalTechnion - Israel Institute of Technology
Ioslovich, IlyaTechnion
Karpas, ErezTechnion
Gutman, Per-OlofTechnion-Israel Inst. of Technology
13:25-13:40, Paper WeA2.5 
Nonlinear MPC for Offset-Free Tracking of Systems Learned by GRU Neural Networks

Bonassi, FabioPolitecnico Di Milano
Oliveira da Silva, Caio FabioPolitecnico Di Milano
Scattolini, RiccardoPolitecnico Di Milano
WeA3 Room 3
Mechatronics and Robotics I Regular Session
12:25-12:40, Paper WeA3.1 
Chain of Four Integrators As a Possible Essence of the Under-Actuated Planar Walking

Celikovsky, SergejInstitute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Acad
Anderle, MilanInstitute of Information Theory and Automation of the CAS
12:40-12:55, Paper WeA3.2 
Undershoot Responses of Circular Path-Following Control for a Vehicle Based on Time-State Control Form

Nakata, RyoShinshu University
Tanemura, MasayaShinshu University
Chida, YuichiShinshu Univ
12:55-13:10, Paper WeA3.3 
Parameter Estimation for Multibody System Dynamic Model of Delta Robot from Experimental Data

Saleh, MohamedPHD Candidate - Harbin Institute of Technology
Elshami, MohamedSchool of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technolo
Bai, QingshunSchool of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technolo
Xuezeng, ZSchool of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technolo
13:10-13:25, Paper WeA3.4 
Parameter Identification Via Nominal Integrator of Hydraulic Cylinder Dynamics

Sakai, SatoruShinshu University
Obara, MasakiShinshu Univ
Chikazawa, KentaShinshu University
13:25-13:40, Paper WeA3.5 
Simplified Procedure of Sensitivity-Based Parameter Estimation of Multibody Systems with Experimental Validation

Nada, AymanBenha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University
13:40-13:55, Paper WeA3.6 
Nonlinear Control for the Extended Model of the Load-Suspended UAV Based on the Experiments

Eikyu, WataruTokyo City University
Sekiguchi, KazumaTokyo City University
Nonaka, KenichiroTokyo City University
WeA4 Room 4
Nonlinear Observer and Estimation Regular Session
12:25-12:40, Paper WeA4.1 
Coupled Tanks State Estimation Using a High-Gain Like Observer

Ania, AdilMouloud Mammeri Univetrsity of Tizi Ouzou
N'Doye, IbrahimaKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Zemouche, AliCRAN UMR CNRS 7039, University of Lorraine
Hamaz, AbdelghaniUniversity of Mouloud Mammeri Tizi-Ouzou
Laleg, Taous-MeriemKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
12:40-12:55, Paper WeA4.2 
A Novel Chaotic System Based on Binomial Functions for Detection of Ultra Weak Signals

Pancoatl-Bortolotti, PedroINAOE
Costa, AntonioUMass Dartmouth
Enriquez-Caldera, RogerioINAOE
Guerrero Castellanos, Jose FermiAutonomous University of Puebla (BUAP)
Tello-Bello, MaribelUniversidad Anahuac, Puebla
Lopez-Hernandez, MonicaINAOE
12:55-13:10, Paper WeA4.3 
State Observation of Affine-In-The-States Time-Varying Systems with Unknown Parameters and Delayed Measurements

Bobtsov, AlexeyITMO University
Nikolaev, NikolayITMO University
Ortega, RomeoITAM
Efimov, DenisInria
13:10-13:25, Paper WeA4.4 
Observer Design for Positive Uncertain Discrete-Time Lipschitz Systems

Krokavec, DusanTechnical University of Kosice
Filasova, AnnaTechnical University of Kosice
13:25-13:40, Paper WeA4.5 
A Functional Equation-Based Computational Method for the Discrete-Time Nonlinear Observer

Rehak, BranislavThe Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Theory A
Lynnyk, VolodymyrInstitute of Information Theory and Automation of the CAS
13:40-13:55, Paper WeA4.6 
mathcal{H}_infty Switched-Gain Based Observer vs Nonlinear Transformation Based Observer for a Vehicle Tracking Model

Mohite, ShivarajUniversity of Lorraine
Zemouche, AliCRAN UMR CNRS 7039, University of Lorraine
Haddad, MadjidSEGULA Technologies
Alma, MarouaneUniversité De Lorraine, France
Delattre, CédricUniversité De Lorraine (IUT De Longwy)
Singh, NavdeepVeermata Jijabi Technological Institute
WePl Room 1
Plenary Session WePl Plenary Session
14:05-15:00, Paper WePl.1 
Two New Stability Analysis Techniques

Mazenc, FredericINRIA-L2S-CNRS-CentraleSupelec,
WeB1 Room 1
Modeling and Identification of Nonlinear Systems II Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper WeB1.1 
System Identifiability and Structure Identification: Input and Output Variables Selection Based on Consistent Measures of Dependence

Chernyshov, KirillV.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences
15:25-15:40, Paper WeB1.2 
Estimation and Mapping of System-Surface Interaction by Combining Nonlinear Optimization and Machine Learning

Dierkes, EvaUniversity of Bremen
Meerpohl, ChristianUniversity of Bremen
Flaßkamp, KathrinSaarland University
Büskens, ChristofUniv of Bremen
15:40-15:55, Paper WeB1.3 
A New Modeling Approach for Stability of Micro/Nano Bubbles

Dogan, MustafaIstanbul Technical University
Bunyatova, UlviyeBaskent University
Ferhanoglu, OnurIstanbul Technical University
15:55-16:10, Paper WeB1.4 
Structural Reduction of CRNs with Linear Sub-CRNs

Hangos, Katalin M.Computer and Automation Research Institute HAS
Liptak, GyorgyHungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science And
Szederkenyi, GaborComputer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian
WeB2 Room 2
Control of Nonlinear Systems I Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper WeB2.1 
Reactive Collision Avoidance for Nonholonomic Vehicles in Dynamic Environments with Obstacles of Arbitrary Shape

Haraldsen, AuroraNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Wiig, Martin SyreNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Pettersen, Kristin Y.Norwegian Univ. of Science and Tech
15:25-15:40, Paper WeB2.2 
A Construction of Strict Lyapunov Functions for a Bilinear Balancing Model

Ito, HiroshiKyushu Institute of Technology
15:40-15:55, Paper WeB2.3 
Quantitative Robustness Analysis of Model Following Control for Nonlinear Systems Subject to Model Uncertainties

Willkomm, JulianTU Ilmenau
Wulff, KaiTU Ilmenau
Reger, JohannTU Ilmenau
15:55-16:10, Paper WeB2.4 
On Asymptotics of Small-Time Reachable Sets for Nonlinear Systems with Isoperimetric Constraints

Gusev, MikhailN.N.Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Bran
WeB3 Room 3
Mechatronics and Robotics II Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper WeB3.1 
On Speed Estimation from Incremental Encoders with Tunable Error Bounds

Savaresi, DarioPolitecnico Di Milano
Centurioni, MarcoPolitecnico Di Milano
Formentin, SimonePolitecnico Di Milano
Savaresi, SergioPolitecnico Di Milano
15:25-15:40, Paper WeB3.2 
Application of Neural Network Fitting for Pitch Angle Control of Small Wind Turbines

Salem, Mohamed E. M.Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, 13511, Eg
El-Batsh, Hesham M.Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, 13511, Eg
El-Betar, Ahmed A.Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, 13511, Eg
Attia, Ali M. A.Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, 13511, Eg
15:40-15:55, Paper WeB3.3 
Carleman Linearization Approach for Output Voltage Prediction of a CMOS Inverter

Lambe, AmrutaSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Guja
Medewar, PrashantSardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Guja
Sharma, Shambhu N.National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat
Patel, Hirenkumar G.Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, Guja
15:55-16:10, Paper WeB3.4 
Output Robust Tracking Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Pyrkin, AntonITMO University
Isidori, AlbertoUniversity of Rome "La Sapienza"
Borisov, OlegITMO University
WeB4 Room 4
Switching Control Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper WeB4.1 
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous-Time Self-Triggered Control

Wang, RanKyoto University
Takeuchi, IbukiKyoto University
Kashima, KenjiKyoto University
15:25-15:40, Paper WeB4.2 
Integral Control of Stable MIMO Nonlinear Systems with Input Constraints

Lorenzetti, PietroTel Aviv University
Weiss, GeorgeTel Aviv University
15:40-15:55, Paper WeB4.3 
Dynamic Event-Triggered Output Feedback Control for Stochastic Nonlinear Systems

Liu, Kun-ZhiDalian University of Technology
Zhang, DianfengYantai University
Gao, Yong-FengDalian University of Technology
Sun, Xi-MingDalian University of Technology
15:55-16:10, Paper WeB4.4 
Stability Analysis of DC Microgrids with Switched Events

Toro, VladimirUniversidad Nacional De Colombia
Mojica-Nava, EduardoUniversidad Nacional De Colombia
Rakoto-Ravalontsalama, NalyIMT Atlantique




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