Third IFAC Conference on
Modelling, Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems
Tokyo, Japan
September 15-17, 2021
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Last updated on July 11, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday September 17, 2021

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FrA1 Room 1
Adaptive Control, Learning Systems and Their Applications (I) Invited Session
Organizer: Gao, WeinanFlorida Institute of Technology
Organizer: Fukui, YoshiroKyushu Institute of Technology
12:25-12:40, Paper FrA1.1 
Model-Free Composite Control for a Class of Semi-Coupled Two-Time-Scale Systems: An Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach (I)

Zhao, JianguoChina University of Mining and Technology
Yang, ChunyuChina University of Mining and Technology
Zhou, LinnaChina University of Mining and Technology
Gao, WeinanFlorida Institute of Technology
12:40-12:55, Paper FrA1.2 
Learning-Based Control of Multiple Connected Vehicles in the Mixed Traffic by Adaptive Dynamic Programming (I)

Liu, TongNew York University
Cui, LeileiNew York University
Pang, BoNew York University
Jiang, Zhong-PingTandon School of Engineering, New York University
12:55-13:10, Paper FrA1.3 
Policy Iteration and Event-Triggered Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Large-Scale Systems (I)

Zhao, FuyuNortheastern University
Gao, WeinanFlorida Institute of Technology
Liu, TengfeiNortheastern University
Jiang, Zhong-PingTandon School of Engineering, New York University
13:10-13:25, Paper FrA1.4 
Stability Analysis of Homogeneous Finite-Time PID Control Using a Small Gain Theorem (I)

Fukui, YoshiroKyushu Institute of Technology
13:25-13:40, Paper FrA1.5 
Resilient Tracking Control for Nonlinear MASs under Networked Denial-Of-Service Attacks (I)

Deng, ChaoNanyang Technological University
Li, XinyaoNanyang Technological University
13:40-13:55, Paper FrA1.6 
Robust Adaptive Trajectory Tracking of Nonlinear Systems Based on Input-To-State Stability Tracking Control Lyapunov Functions (I)

Satoh, YasuyukiTokyo Denki University
Iwashita, MakotoTokyo University of Science
Sakata, OsamuTokyo University of Science
FrA2 Room 2
Networked Nonlinear Systems I Regular Session
12:25-12:40, Paper FrA2.1 
Convergence of Distance-Based Formations in Case of Failure of Sensing Distances: Rigidity Theory Perspective

Kwon, Seong-HoGwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST)
Park, PooGyeonPohang Univ. of Sci. & Tech
Back, JuhoonKwangwoon University
Ahn, Hyo-SungGwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
12:40-12:55, Paper FrA2.2 
Consensus of a Nonlinear Multi-Agent System with Output Measurements

Rehak, BranislavThe Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Theory A
Lynnyk, VolodymyrInstitute of Information Theory and Automation of the CAS
12:55-13:10, Paper FrA2.3 
Synchronization in the Frenkel-Kontorova Model with Application to Control of Nanoscale Friction

Do, LoiCzech Technical University in Prague
Hurak, ZdenekCzech Technical University in Prague
13:10-13:25, Paper FrA2.4 
Sufficient Metric Conditions for Synchronization of Leader-Connected Homogeneous Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems

Giaccagli, MattiaUniversity Lyon 1 - LAGEPP
Andrieu, VincentUniversité De Lyon
Astolfi, DanieleCNRS - Univ Lyon 1
Casadei, GiacomoÉcole Centrale Lyon
13:25-13:40, Paper FrA2.5 
A Simple Approach to Increase the Maximum Allowable Transmission Interval

Hertneck, MichaelUniversity of Stuttgart
Allgower, FrankUniversity of Stuttgart
13:40-13:55, Paper FrA2.6 
Resilient Synchronization of Pulse-Coupled Oscillators under Stealthy Attacks

Iori, YugoTokyo Institute of Technology
Ishii, HideakiTokyo Institute of Technology
FrA3 Room 3
Distributed Parameter Systems Regular Session
12:25-12:40, Paper FrA3.1 
Dissipative Port-Hamiltonian Formulation of Maxwell Viscoelastic Fluids

Le Gorrec, YannFEMTO-ST, ENSMM
Ramirez, HectorUniversidad Federico Santa Maria
Yuz, Juan I.Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Maschke, BernhardUniv Claude Bernard of Lyon
12:40-12:55, Paper FrA3.2 
An Irreversible Port-Hamiltonian Model for a Class of Piezoelectric Actuators

Caballeria, JavierUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Ramirez, HectorUniversidad Federico Santa Maria
Le Gorrec, YannFEMTO-ST, ENSMM
12:55-13:10, Paper FrA3.3 
Stabilization of the Wave Equation by the Mean of a Saturating Dirichlet Feedback

Vanspranghe, NicolasUniversité Grenoble Alpes, GIPSA-Lab
Ferrante, FrancescoUniversité Grenoble Alpes
Prieur, ChristopheCNRS
13:10-13:25, Paper FrA3.4 
Experimental Observations of Lagrangian Coherent Structures and Fluid Transports in Perturbed Rayleigh-Benard Convection

Watanabe, MasahitoWaseda University
Yoshimura, HiroakiWaseda University
FrPl Room 1
Plenary Session FrPl Plenary Session
14:05-15:00, Paper FrPl.1 
Design of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent System for Distributed Computation and Control

Shim, HyungboSeoul National University
FrB1 Room 1
Control with Limited Information Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper FrB1.1 
An Extremum Seeking Scheme with Global Convergence Properties

Mimmo, NicolaUniversity of Bologna
Marconi, LorenzoUniv. Di Bologna
Notarstefano, GiuseppeUniversity of Bologna
15:25-15:40, Paper FrB1.2 
Iterative Learning Control Not to Interfere with Feedback Control

Fujimoto, YusukeThe University of Kitakyushu
15:40-15:55, Paper FrB1.3 
Output-Feedback Repetitive Control for Minimum-Phase Nonlinear Systems with Arbitrarily Relative Degree

Astolfi, DanieleCNRS - Univ Lyon 1
15:55-16:10, Paper FrB1.4 
Preliminary Evaluation of Composite Learning Tracking Control on 7-DoF Collaborative Robots

Liu, XinSun Yat-Sen University
Li, ZhiwenSat Yet-Sen University
Pan, YongpingSun Yat-Sen University
FrB2 Room 2
Networked Nonlinear Systems II Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper FrB2.1 
On the Use of MPC Techniques to Decide Intervention Policies against COVID-19

Liu, ZonglinUniversity of Kassel
Stursberg, OlafUniversity of Kassel
15:25-15:40, Paper FrB2.2 
Geometry-Based Robust Control of a Multi-Agent System of Quadrotors

Galkina, DariaITMO University
Tomashevich, StanislavIPME RAS; ITMO University
Borisov, OlegITMO University
15:40-15:55, Paper FrB2.3 
A Distributed Network Flow for Nonnegative Least Squares Solutions

Jahvani, MohammadQueen's University
Guay, MartinQueen's Univ
15:55-16:10, Paper FrB2.4 
Decentralized Autonomous Navigation of Swarms of Non-Holonomic Robots for Sweep Coverage of Unsteady Environmental Boundaries

Matveev, Alexey S.St.Petersburg Univ
Semakova, AnnaThe Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical C
FrB3 Room 3
Aerospace Control Systems Regular Session
15:10-15:25, Paper FrB3.1 
A Novel Attitude Representation in View of Spacecraft Attitude Reconstruction Using Temperature Data

Posielek, TobiasGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Reger, JohannTU Ilmenau
15:25-15:40, Paper FrB3.2 
Design of Sliding Mode Techniques for a CMG-Based Testbed Attitude Control System

D'Ortona, AntonioPolitecnico Di Torino
Capello, ElisaPolitecnico Di Torino, CNR-IEIIT
Satoh, SatoshiOsaka University
15:40-15:55, Paper FrB3.3 
Trajectory Tracking Control of Quadrotor Via Minimum Projection Method

Hayashi, TakuyaTokyo University of Science
Ikeda, RyoyaTokyo University of Science
Nakamura, HisakazuTokyo University of Science
15:55-16:10, Paper FrB3.4 
Region of Attraction Analysis for Adaptive Control of Wing Rock System

Li, DongyangNanjing University of Science and Technology
Ignatyev, DmitryCranfield University
Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield University
Wang, ZhongyuanNanjing University of Science and Technology




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