MMM 2022 August 15-17, 2022
Montreal, Canada
19th IFAC Symposium on Control, Optimization and Automation in
Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing
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Last updated on August 22, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Tuesday August 16, 2022

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TuP1Pl  Plenary Session, Montréal 4 Add to My Program 
Reinforcement Learning with Applications in Process Control  
Chair: Aldrich, ChrisCurtin University
08:00-08:50, Paper TuP1Pl.1 Add to My Program
Reinforcement Learning with Applications in Process Control

Huang, Biao (Univ. of Alberta)
TuP2Pl  Plenary Session, Montréal 4 Add to My Program 
A Big Step Ahead in Metal Science and Technology through the Application of
Artificial Intelligence
Chair: le Roux, DerikUniversity of Pretoria
08:50-09:40, Paper TuP2Pl.1 Add to My Program
A Big Step Ahead in Metal Science and Technology through the Application of Artificial Intelligence

Colla, Valentina (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)
Tu_Coff1_  Coffee Break, Bonaventure Add to My Program 
Coffee Break (Tu 1)  
TuA01  Regular Session, Montréal 4 Add to My Program 
Mineral Processing: Modelling  
Chair: Chioua, MoncefPolytechnique Montreal
Co-Chair: Popli, KhushaalUniversity of Alberta
10:00-10:20, Paper TuA01.1 Add to My Program
Learning Phase in LIVE Digital Twin: Belt Conveyor Systems

Bondoc, Andrew (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Tayefeh, Mohsen (Ontario Tech University), Barari, Ahmad (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
10:20-10:40, Paper TuA01.2 Add to My Program
Improving First-Principle Model Accuracy Using a Hybrid Approach: A Case Study to High Pressure Grinding Rolls in Mineral Industry

Mohammadi, Ahad (Polytechnique Montréal), Chioua, Moncef (Polytechnique Montreal)
10:40-11:00, Paper TuA01.3 Add to My Program
An Observer to Detect Infrequently-Occurring Disturbances in Grinding Operations

Tubbs, Bill (University of Laval), Desbiens, Andre (Universite Laval), Bouchard, Jocelyn (Université Laval)
11:00-11:20, Paper TuA01.4 Add to My Program
Explaining Convolutional Neural Network Predictions of Particle Size in the Underflow of a Hydrocyclone

Olivier, Jacques (Curtin University), Aldrich, Chris (Curtin University), Liu, Xiu (Curtin University)
11:20-11:40, Paper TuA01.5 Add to My Program
A Phenomenological Model for Particle Kinetics in Drum-Type Wet Low-Intensity Magnetic Separation

Guiral-Vega, Juan Sebastian (Université Laval - Corem), Bouchard, Jocelyn (Université Laval), Poulin, Eric (Universite Laval), Ure, Alexander (Corem), Du Breuil, Clémence (Corem), Pérez-Barnuevo, Laura (Université Laval)
TuA02  Regular Session, Montréal 2-3 Add to My Program 
Non-Ferrous and Other Materials  
Chair: Lachance, LucION Commodities
Co-Chair: Bouchard, JocelynUniversité Laval
10:00-10:20, Paper TuA02.1 Add to My Program
Real-Time Optimal Resource Allocation Using Online Primal Decomposition

Dirza, Risvan (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Rizwan, Md (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Skogestad, Sigurd (Norwegian Univ. of Science & Tech), Krishnamoorthy, Dinesh (Harvard University)
10:20-10:40, Paper TuA02.2 Add to My Program
Fuzzy Logic Control in Metal Additive Manufacturing: A Literature Review and Case Study

Al-Saadi, Taha Mubarak (University of Sheffield), Rossiter, J. Anthony (Univ of Sheffield), Panoutsos, George (University of Sheffield)
10:40-11:00, Paper TuA02.3 Add to My Program
On the Accuracy of the Infill Pattern’s Density in Additive Manufacturing

Farahnak Majd, Yasaman (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Tsuzuki, Marcos de Sales Guerra (University of Sao Paulo), Barari, Ahmad (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
11:00-11:20, Paper TuA02.4 Add to My Program
PID Tuning Using Highly Oscillatory Data

Kinsey, Todd (Freeport-McMoRan), Lachance, Maxym (BBA), Rice, Robert (Control Station)
11:20-11:40, Paper TuA02.5 Add to My Program
Intelligent Setting of ORP under Multiple Operation Modes

Liu, Guoxin (Central South University), Long, Shuang (Central South University), Zhang, Xulong (Central South University), Chen, Zhiwen (School of Automation, Central South University), Sun, Bei (Central South University), Yang, Chunhua (Central South University)
Tu_Lun_  Lunch, Ville-Marie Add to My Program 
Lunch (Tu)  
TuP3Pl  Plenary Session, Montréal 4 Add to My Program 
Women in STEM: Challenges and Avenues of Action  
Chair: Prévost, Carole GabrielleBBA
13:00-13:50, Paper TuP3Pl.1 Add to My Program
Women in STEM: Challenges and Avenues of Action

Langelier, Eve (Université De Sherbrooke)
Tu_TB_  Transition Break, Bonaventure Add to My Program 
Transition Break  
TuB01  Regular Session, Montréal 3 Add to My Program 
Mineral Processing: Optimization  
Chair: Yamaguchi, OsamuJFE Steel Corporation
Co-Chair: le Roux, DerikUniversity of Pretoria
14:10-14:30, Paper TuB01.1 Add to My Program
An Optimization for Ore Blending Problems

Kumano, Akira (JFE Steel Corporation), Yoshinari, Yusuke (JFE Steel Corporation), Yamaguchi, Osamu (JFE Steel Corporation)
14:30-14:50, Paper TuB01.2 Add to My Program
Mineral Processing Circuit Optimization Using Orthogonal Experimental Design Method

Xie, Weiguo (University of Minnesota)
14:50-15:10, Paper TuB01.3 Add to My Program
Controlling a Grinding Mill Circuit Using Constrained Model Predictive Static Programming

Noome, Zander Meindert (University of Pretoria), le Roux, Derik (University of Pretoria)
15:10-15:30, Paper TuB01.4 Add to My Program
Economic Model Predictive Control of a High-Pressure Grinding Rolls Circuit: Energy Considerations

Thivierge, Alex (Université Laval), Bouchard, Jocelyn (Université Laval), Desbiens, Andre (Universite Laval)
15:30-15:50, Paper TuB01.5 Add to My Program
Extremum Seeking Control of a Flotation Circuit Using Peak Air Recovery

Wepener, Daniël Adriaan (University of Pretoria), le Roux, Derik (University of Pretoria), Craig, Ian Keith (University of Pretoria)
TuB02  Regular Session, Montréal 4 Add to My Program 
Statistical and Data-Driven System  
Chair: Sbarbaro, Daniel G.Universidad De Concepción
Co-Chair: Duchesne, CarlUniversité Laval
14:10-14:30, Paper TuB02.1 Add to My Program
A Data-Driven Approach for the Simultaneous Stochastic Optimization of Mining Complexes

Yaakoubi, Yassine (COSMO - McGill University), Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos (McGill University)
14:30-14:50, Paper TuB02.2 Add to My Program
Multivariate Specifications in the Mineral Processing Field: An Introduction

Paris, Adéline (Université Laval), Thivierge, Alex (Université Laval), Duchesne, Carl (Université Laval), Poulin, Eric (Universite Laval)
14:50-15:10, Paper TuB02.3 Add to My Program
Application of Multivariable Data Analysis in Mineral Processing

Azhin, Maryam (Unversity of Alberta), Lopetinsky, Robert (Sherritt Technologies), Stiksma, John (Sherritt International Corporation), Amjad, Faraz (NTWIST), Hassanzadeh, Bardia (NTWIST Inc), Tirumalaraju, Siddhartha varma (NTWIST Inc), Meenavilli, Chowdary (NTWIST Inc)
15:10-15:30, Paper TuB02.4 Add to My Program
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging Data Fusion for Improved Mineralogical Analysis of Copper Concentrates

Fuentes, Rodrigo (Universidad De Concepción), Luarte, Danny (Universidad De Concepcion), Sandoval, Claudio (Universidad De Concepción), Myakalwar, Ashwin Kumar (Universidad De Concepción), Alvarez, Jonnathan (Departamento De Quımica Analıtica E Inorganica, Facult), Yañez, Jorge (Universidad De Concepcion), Sbarbaro, Daniel G. (Universidad De Concepción)
15:30-15:50, Paper TuB02.5 Add to My Program
Online Just-In-Time Learning Framework for Ore Characteristics Estimation in Oil-Sands Industry

Valluru, Jayaram (University of Alberta), Shehzad, Babar (Syncrude Canada Ltd), Huang, Biao (Univ. of Alberta), Xu, Fangwei (Syncrude Canada Ltd), MacGowan, John (Syncrude Canada Ltd)
Tu_Coff2_  Coffee Break, Bonaventure Add to My Program 
Coffee Break (Tu 2)  
TuC01  Regular Session, Montréal 3 Add to My Program 
Chair: Brito-Parada, Pablo RafaelImperial College London
Co-Chair: Haasbroek, Adriaan LodewicusStone Three
16:10-16:30, Paper TuC01.1 Add to My Program
Comparison of Online and Offline Pulp Sensor Metrics in an Industrial Setting

Horn, Zander Christo (Stone Three), Haasbroek, Adriaan Lodewicus (Stone Three), Nienaber, Ernst (Stone Three Digital), Auret, Lidia (Stone Three Digital), Brooks, Kevin (APC SMART, University of the Witwatersrand)
16:30-16:50, Paper TuC01.2 Add to My Program
A K-Shot Learning Approach to Recognition of Flotation Froth Conditions with Convolutional Neural Networks

Liu, Xiu (Curtin University), Aldrich, Chris (Curtin University)
16:50-17:10, Paper TuC01.3 Add to My Program
Observable Dynamic Models of Reagent Effects for Model-Based Froth Flotation Control

Venter, Jaco-Louis (University of Pretoria), le Roux, Derik (University of Pretoria), Craig, Ian Keith (University of Pretoria)
17:10-17:30, Paper TuC01.4 Add to My Program
State Estimation of a Flotation Column Using Fundamental Dynamic Models

Azhin, Maryam (Unversity of Alberta), Silva-Aires, Pedro (University of Alberta), Popli, Khushaal (University of Alberta), Afacan, Artin (University of Alberta), Liu, Qi (University of Alberta), Prasad, Vinay (University of Alberta)
17:30-17:50, Paper TuC01.5 Add to My Program
Anomaly Detection and Process Inference Paradigm for Improved Decision Support in Froth Flotation Systems

de Blois, Sébastien (Jumine), Gravel, Olivier (Corem)
TuC02  Regular Session, Montréal 4 Add to My Program 
AI and Machine Learning  
Chair: Prévost, Carole GabrielleBBA
Co-Chair: Lachance, LucAlgosys
16:10-16:30, Paper TuC02.1 Add to My Program
Digitization and Its Impact on Industrial Process Control

Kadali, Ramesh (Teck Resources Ltd), Popli, Khushaal (University of Alberta)
16:30-16:50, Paper TuC02.2 Add to My Program
CAMaaS: How to Turn a Camera into a Sensor

Bouchoucha, Arbi (BBA Inc), Benoit, Serge (BBA), Prévost, Carole Gabrielle (BBA)
16:50-17:10, Paper TuC02.3 Add to My Program
Advanced Modeling and Machine Learning in an Objective to Supplement Process Control Optimization

Westhaver, Kurt (XPS - Expert Process Solutions), Hyde, Alan (XPS - Expert Process Solutions), Lazare, Nicolas (XPS Expert Process Solutions), Tracey, Alexi (XPS Expert Process Solutions), Marin, Tanai (XPS Expert Process Solutions), Niaz, Usman (XPS Expert Process Solutions)
17:10-17:30, Paper TuC02.4 Add to My Program
Intelligent Supervisory Control Approach for Industrial Processes' Operation Optimization

Nadim, Karim (Polytechnique Montreal), Ragab, Ahmed (Polytechnique Montreal), Ghezzaz, Hakim (Natural Resources Canada), Ouali, Mohamed-Salah (Polytechnique Montreal)
17:30-17:50, Paper TuC02.5 Add to My Program
Decision Fusion Using Polygon Generation & Deep Learning

Elhefnawy, Mohamed (Polytechnique Montreal), Ragab, Ahmed (Polytechnique Montreal), Ouali, Mohamed-Salah (Polytechnique Montreal)
Tu_BQ_  Social Event, Ville-Marie Add to My Program 
Chair: Bouchard, JocelynUniversité Laval




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