7th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control July 11-14, 2021
Bratislava, Slovakia
7th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
July 11-14, 2021, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Last updated on July 18, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Monday July 12, 2021

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Building Control Applications Regular Session
Organizer: Kerrigan, Eric C.Imperial College London
Organizer: Atam, ErcanImperial College London
Organizer: Falugi, PaolaImperial College London
Organizer: O'Dwyer, EdwardImperial College London
Organizer: Zagorowska, MartaImperial College London
09:00-09:15, Paper MoOffline1T1.1 
Virtual Storage Plant Aggregating Electrical Energy Storages and HVAC Systems Providing Regulating Reserve and Voltage Regulation (I)

Wang, Xiao (Wuhan University), Zhang, Tongmao (University of Manchester), Parisio, Alessandra (The University of Manchester)
09:15-09:30, Paper MoOffline1T1.2 
Predictive Control Co-Design for Enhancing Flexibility in Residential Housing with Battery Degradation (I)

Falugi, Paola (Imperial College London), O'Dwyer, Edward (Imperial College London), Kerrigan, Eric C. (Imperial College London), Atam, Ercan (Imperial College London), Zagorowska, Marta (Imperial College London), Strbac, Goran (Imperial College London), Shah, Nilay (Imperial College London)
09:30-09:45, Paper MoOffline1T1.3 
Deep Learning Explicit Differentiable Predictive Control Laws for Buildings (I)

Drgona, Jan (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Tuor, Aaron (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Skomski, Elliott (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Vasisht, Soumya (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Vrabie, Draguna (United Technologies Research Center)
Robust MPC Regular Session
09:45-10:00, Paper MoOffline2T1.1 
Robust MPC for Networks with Varying Communication Capabilities

Koegel, Markus J. (Otto-Von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg), Quevedo, Daniel (Queensland University of Technology (QUT)), Findeisen, Rolf (Otto-Von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)
10:00-10:15, Paper MoOffline2T1.2 
Transient Performance of Tube-Based Robust Economic Model Predictive Control

Klöppelt, Christian (Leibniz University Hannover), Schwenkel, Lukas (University of Stuttgart), Allgower, Frank (University of Stuttgart), Muller, Matthias A. (Leibniz University Hannover)
10:15-10:30, Paper MoOffline2T1.3 
Restricted Structure Polynomial Systems Approach to LPV Generalized Predictive Control

Grimble, Michael (University of Strathclyde, Industrial Control Centre), Alotaibi, Sultan (University of Strathclyde), Majecki, Pawel (Industrial Systems and Control, Ltd)
10:30-10:45, Paper MoOffline2T1.4 
Feedback-Optimizing Model Predictive Control for Constrained Linear Systems

Asuk, Amba (University of Sheffield), Trodden, Paul (University of Sheffield)
10:45-11:00, Paper MoOffline2T1.5 
Zero-Order Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Ellipsoidal Uncertainty Sets

Zanelli, Andrea (University of Freiburg), Frey, Jonathan (University of Freiburg), Messerer, Florian (University of Freiburg), Diehl, Moritz (University of Freiburg)
11:00-11:15, Paper MoOffline2T1.6 
Reducing the Computational Effort of Min-Max Model Predictive Control with Regional Feedback Laws

König, Kai (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Monnigmann, Martin (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
11:15-11:30, Paper MoOffline2T1.7 
Robustness of Model Predictive Control to (Large) Discrete Disturbances

McAllister, Robert D (University of California - Santa Barbara), Rawlings, James B. (Univ. California Santa Barbara)
11:30-11:45, Paper MoOffline2T1.8 
Does the Effort of Monte Carlo Pay Off? a Case Study on Stochastic MPC

Baumann, Michael Heinrich (Universität Bayreuth), Gruene, Lars (Univ of Bayreuth)
Plenary Session 1 Plenary Session
Chair: Pannocchia, GabrieleUniversity of Pisa
13:00-14:00, Paper MoLive1T1.1 
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: How Important Is the Model?

Kugi, Andreas (Vienna University of Technology)
Plenary Session 2 Plenary Session
Chair: Pannocchia, GabrieleUniversity of Pisa
14:00-15:00, Paper MoLive2T1.1 
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Stochastic Differential Equation Models

Jorgensen, John Bagterp (Technical University of Denmark)
Keynote Session 1 Keynote Session
Chair: Klauco, MartinSlovak University of Technology in Bratislava
15:30-16:00, Paper MoKey1T1.1 
Uncertainty Propagation by Linear Regression Kalman Filters for Stochastic NMPC

Quirynen, Rien (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)), Berntorp, Karl (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs)
16:00-16:30, Paper MoKey1T1.2 
Offset-Free Nonlinear Model Predictive Control by the Example of Maglev Vehicles

Schmid, Patrick (University of Stuttgart, Institute of Engineering and Computatio), Eberhard, Peter (University of Stuttgart)
Plenary Session 3 Plenary Session
Chair: Kerrigan, Eric C.Imperial College London
16:30-17:30, Paper MoLive3T1.1 
Anticipating and Predictive Behavior

Bajcsy, Ruzena (University of California Berkeley)
Motion Control and Robotics Regular Session
17:30-17:45, Paper MoOffline3T1.1 
Control of Fixed-Wing UAV Attitude and Speed Based on Embedded Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Reinhardt, Dirk Peter (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Johansen, Tor Arne (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
17:45-18:00, Paper MoOffline3T1.2 
Mixed-Integer Optimization-Based Planning for Autonomous Racing with Obstacles and Rewards

Reiter, Rudolf (University of Freiburg), Kirchengast, Martin (Graz University of Technology), Watzenig, Daniel (Graz University of Technology), Diehl, Moritz (University of Freiburg)
18:00-18:15, Paper MoOffline3T1.3 
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of BLDC Motor with State Estimation

Ubare, Pramod (College of Engineering Pune), Ingole, Deepak (KU Leuven), Sonawane, Dayaram (College of Engineering Pune)
18:15-18:30, Paper MoOffline3T1.4 
Aperiodic Communication for MPC in Autonomous Cooperative Landing

Lapandić, Dženan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Persson, Linnea (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Dimarogonas, Dimos V. (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Wahlberg, Bo (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
18:30-18:45, Paper MoOffline3T1.5 
Model Predictive Control for a Mecanum-Wheeled Robot Navigating among Obstacles

Moreno-Caireta, Iņigo (Universitat Politčcnica De Catalunya), Celaya, Enric (Institut De Robōtica I Informātica Industrial (CSIC-UPC)), Ros, Lluís (Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Científicas)
18:45-19:00, Paper MoOffline3T1.6 
Stabilizing a Multicopter Using an NMPC Design with a Relaxed Terminal Region

Nguyen, Ngoc Thinh (University of Luebeck), Prodan, Ionela (INP Grenoble)
19:00-19:15, Paper MoOffline3T1.7 
On MPC without Terminal Conditions for Dynamic Non-Holonomic Robots

Rußwurm, Franz (TU Chemnitz), Esterhuizen, Willem (Technische Universität Chemnitz), Worthmann, Karl (Technische Universität Ilmenau), Streif, Stefan (Technische Universität Chemnitz)




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