TECIS 2021 20th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability ICS RAS, Moscow, Russia. September 14-17, 2021
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Last updated on October 6, 2021. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

TECIS 2021 Keyword Index

A   B   C   D   E   H   I   M   O   R   S   T   Y  

Artificial Intelligence and ApplicationsTh1A.3, Th1A.5, Th2A.2, Th2A.3, Th2A.4, Th2A.5, Th2B.1, Tu3A.1, Tu3A.4, Tu3C.1, Tu3C.5, TuPl2T1.1, Wed1A.5, Wed1A.6, Wed1C.5, Wed2A.3, Wed2C.1, Wed2C.5, Wed2C.6, Wed3A.3, Wed3A.5
Automation and Control in Oil and Gas IndustryTh2B.5
Biomedical SystemsWed2B.1, Wed2B.2, Wed2B.3, Wed2B.4
Control & Political StabilityTh2B.1, Th2B.2, Th2B.3, Th3B.2, Th3B.3, Th3B.4, Th3B.7, ThPl3T1.1, Tu2B.1, Tu3A.1, Tu3B.1, Tu3B.5, Tu3C.1, Wed3A.3
Control and Automation to Improve StabilityTh1A.2, Th1A.4, Th2B.6, Th3B.1, Th3B.5, Th3B.6, ThPl3T1.1, Tu2A.1, Tu2A.2, Tu2A.4, Tu2A.6, Tu2B.5, Tu2C.2, Tu2C.4, Tu2C.5, Tu2C.6, Tu3A.1, Tu3A.2, Tu3A.3, Tu3A.4, Tu3A.5, Tu3A.6, Tu3B.4, Tu3B.5, Tu3B.6, Wed1C.3, Wed2A.1, Wed3B.2, Wed3B.3, Wed3B.5, Wed3B.6
Cost Oriented Automation(COA)Th1C.2, Wed1C.2, Wed1C.4, Wed1C.6, Wed2A.1, Wed2A.2, Wed2A.3, Wed2A.4, Wed2A.5, Wed2A.7, Wed2B.4, Wed3A.1, Wed3B.1
Cross-cultural Aspects of EngineeringTh1C.1, Th1C.2, Th1C.4, Th1C.6, Th1C.7, Th2A.5, Th3A.1, Th3A.4, Wed1A.4, Wed3A.1, Wed3A.2, Wed3A.3, Wed3A.4, Wed3A.5
Decision Support Systems for SME’sTh1B.3, Th2A.3, Th2B.5, Th3B.1, Tu2C.1, Tu2C.3, Tu3A.6, Tu3C.2, Wed2A.2, Wed2A.6
Engineering EthicsTh1C.3, Th1C.4, Th1C.5, Th1C.6, Th1C.7, Tu3C.5, TuPl1T1.1, Wed1A.3, Wed1A.4, Wed1A.5, Wed1T1.1
Enterprise Integration and Networking, SoftwareTh1A.1, Th1A.4, Tu3A.5
Human Aspects of Safety and Risk EngineeringTh1A.1, Th1A.3, Th1A.6, Th2A.4, Th2B.3, Th2B.4, Th2B.6, Th2C.2, Th2C.4, Th3A.1, Th3C.4, Tu2A.5, Tu2B.4, Tu3B.5, Tu3C.5
Innovation ManagementTh1B.1, Th1B.4, Th1B.5, Th2B.7, Th2C.5, Th3A.3, Th3B.6, Th3C.1, Th3C.2, Th3C.3, Th3C.4, Tu2A.5, Tu2B.5, Tu2C.3, Tu3C.1, Tu3C.2, Tu3C.3, Tu3C.4, Wed1A.4, Wed3A.5, Wed3A.6, Wed3C.3
Intelligent Systems and ApplicationsTh1A.1, Th1A.2, Th1A.3, Th1A.4, Th1A.5, Th1A.6, Th1B.3, Th1B.6, Th2A.1, Th2A.2, Th2A.3, Th2A.4, Th2A.5, Th2B.1, Th2B.3, Th2B.5, Th2C.1, Th2C.2, Th2C.6, Th3A.4, Th3B.6, Tu2A.3, Tu2B.2, Tu2C.1, Tu2C.3, Tu3A.3, Tu3A.4, Tu3A.6, TuPl2T1.1, Wed1A.5, Wed1A.6, Wed1C.5, Wed1C.6, Wed2A.2, Wed2A.3, Wed2A.4, Wed2A.5, Wed2A.7, Wed2B.2, Wed2B.3, Wed2B.6, Wed2C.1, Wed2C.4, Wed2C.5, Wed2C.6, Wed3B.4
Managing the Introduction of Technological Change to Improve StabilityTh1B.4, Th1B.5, Th2B.6, Th2B.7, Th3A.3, Th3B.2, Th3B.3, Th3B.4, Tu2A.4, Tu2A.5, Tu3A.2, Tu3A.3, Tu3A.5, Tu3C.3, Wed2A.5, Wed3C.3
Mechatronic Systems and RoboticsTh1B.2, Th1C.2, TuPl1T1.1, Wed1C.3, Wed1C.4, Wed1C.6, Wed2A.7, Wed2B.1, Wed2B.4, Wed2C.1, Wed2C.2, Wed2C.3, Wed2C.4, Wed2C.6, Wed2C.7, Wed3B.1, Wed3B.2, Wed3B.3, Wed3B.4, Wed3B.5, Wed3B.6, Wed3B.7
Models & SimulationTh1A.2, Th1B.1, Th1B.2, Th1B.3, Th1B.4, Th1B.5, Th1B.6, Th2B.2, Th3A.2, Th3B.1, Th3B.2, Th3B.3, Th3B.4, Th3B.5, Th3B.7, Tu2B.6, Tu2C.2, Tu2C.4, Tu2C.5, Tu2C.6, Tu3B.1, Tu3B.2, Tu3B.3, Tu3B.4, Tu3B.6, Wed1A.3, Wed1C.1, Wed2B.3, Wed2C.2, Wed2C.3, Wed2C.7, Wed3B.5, Wed3B.6, Wed3C.1, Wed3C.2
Open Innovatin and ApplicationsTh2C.2, Th2C.3, Th2C.4, Th2C.5, Th3A.2, Th3A.4, Th3C.1, Th3C.2, Th3C.3, Tu3C.3, Wed1C.2
Robotics and Handling DevicesTuPl1T1.1, Wed1C.1, Wed1C.2, Wed1C.4, Wed1C.5, Wed2B.1, Wed2C.2, Wed2C.4, Wed2C.5, Wed3B.3, Wed3B.4, Wed3B.7, Wed3C.1
Semi-Automated Assembly and Disassembly (EoL)Tu3C.2, Wed3B.1
SME-oriented AutomationTu2C.1, Wed3B.2
Social NetworksTh1C.4, Th2C.1, Th3A.2, Tu2A.1, Tu2B.1, Tu2B.2, Tu2B.3, Tu2B.4, Tu2B.5, Tu2B.6, Tu3C.4, Wed3A.4
Sustainable Design and ControlTh1B.1, Th1B.2, Th1B.6, Th1C.3, Th2B.2, Th3B.7, Tu2A.1, Tu2A.2, Tu2A.3, Tu2A.4, Tu2B.1, Tu2B.6, Tu2C.2, Tu3A.2, Wed1A.3, Wed2A.1, Wed2A.4, Wed3B.7, Wed3C.2
Tele-medical SystemsTh2C.1, Th2C.3, Th2C.4, Th3C.1, Th3C.2, Th3C.3, Th3C.4, Th3C.5, Wed2B.5, Wed2B.6
Young Engineers in ControlTh1C.5, Th1C.7, Wed1C.1, Wed1C.3, Wed3C.1, Wed3C.2, Wed3C.3




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