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Paper WeBSP.4

Guerra, Thierry Marie (Univ Of Valenciennes Hainaut-Cambresis), Blandeau, Mathias (LAMIH UMR UPHF CNRS 8201), Pan, Juntao (Univ. of Three Gorges), Nguyen, Anh-Tu (LAMIH UMR CNRS 8201, University of Valenciennes)

Practical Approach of Input Delay Nonlinear Systems: Application to Spinal Cord Injury Sitting Stability

Scheduled for presentation during the Invited Session "Recent advances in fuzzy model-based design: theory and applications" (WeBSP), Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 16:30−16:50,

5th IFAC International Conference on Intelligent Control and Automation Sciences, August 21-23, 2019, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

This information is tentative and subject to change. Compiled on October 16, 2021

Keywords Nonlinear control and its application, Fuzzy logic control, Medical, biomedical and biological systems


This paper is concerned with the design of an application-oriented control law for a biomechanical model of people living with spinal cord injury sitting stability. A major difficulty is to stabilize the resulting open-loop unstable nonlinear system with a delayed control input. A solution is proposed based on Padé approximation of delays to obtain a set of design conditions in the form of linear matrix inequalities which can be effectively solved by convex optimization techniques. Numerical simulations are conducted to show the effectiveness of the proposed control law compared to previous works.


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