CPDE 2022 4th IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by
Partial Differential Equations
September 7-9, 2022  |  Kiel, Germany
Photo: Jürgen Haacks, Kiel University
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Last updated on September 5, 2022. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

Technical Program for Friday September 9, 2022

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FrPaKU Hans Heinrich Driftmann Hörsaal
Robust Output Regulation of PDE Systems Plenary Session
Chair: Le Gorrec, YannFEMTO-ST, ENSMM
Co-Chair: Ramirez, HectorUniversidad Federico Santa Maria
08:30-09:30, Paper FrPaKU.1 
Robust Output Regulation of PDE Systems

Paunonen, LassiTampere University
FrSaKU Hans Heinrich Driftmann Hörsaal
Control Design Regular Session
Co-Chair: Le Gorrec, YannFEMTO-ST, ENSMM
09:30-09:50, Paper FrSaKU.1 
Composite Disturbance Rejection Control of Korteweg-De Vries-Burgers Equation under Event-Triggering Mechanism

Zhang, JingUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
Kang, WenBeijing Institute of Technology
09:50-10:10, Paper FrSaKU.2 
Robust Fault-Tolerant Control of Wave Equation without Estimations of Plant and Failure Parameters

Han, ZhijiUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
Liu, ZhijieUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
Meurer, ThomasChristian-Albrechts-University Kiel
He, WeiUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing
10:10-10:30, Paper FrSaKU.3 
Trust-Region RB Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization and Optimal Input Design

Petrocchi, AndreaUniversität Konstanz
Scharrer, MatthiasVirtual Vehicle Research GmbH
Volkwein, StefanUniversität Konstanz
FrSbKU Hans Heinrich Driftmann Hörsaal
Linear Control Design Regular Session
Chair: Vazquez, RafaelUniversidad De Sevilla
Co-Chair: Meurer, ThomasKiel University
10:50-11:10, Paper FrSbKU.1 
Distributed Damping Assignment for a Wave Equation in the Port-Hamiltonian Framework

Redaud, JeanneUniversité Paris Saclay, CNRS, CentraleSupélec
Auriol, JeanCNRS, Centrale Supelec
Le Gorrec, YannFEMTO-ST, ENSMM
11:10-11:30, Paper FrSbKU.2 
Backstepping-Based Exponential Stabilization of Timoshenko Beam with Prescribed Decay Rate

Chen, GuangweiZhejiang University
Vazquez, RafaelUniversidad De Sevilla
Krstic, MiroslavUniv. of California at San Diego
11:30-11:50, Paper FrSbKU.3 
Backstepping Control of a Hyperbolic PDE System with Zero Characteristic Speed

de Andrade, Gustavo ArturFederal University of Santa Catarina
Vazquez, RafaelUniversidad De Sevilla
Karafyllis, IassonNational Technical University of Athens
Krstic, MiroslavUniv. of California at San Diego
11:50-12:10, Paper FrSbKU.4 
Observer-Based Stabilization of an Orr-Sommerfeld Equation Cascaded by Both the Squire Equation and ODE with Boundary Control

Huang, JianpingCentral South University
Zhou, Hua-ChengCentral South University
FrScKU Hans Heinrich Driftmann Hörsaal
Applications (2) Regular Session
Chair: Ramirez, HectorUniversidad Federico Santa Maria
Co-Chair: Koch, StefanGraz University of Technology
13:30-13:50, Paper FrScKU.1 
Model-Based Temperature Control in Thermal Processing of Silicon Wafers

Koch, StefanGraz University of Technology
Schaum, AlexanderKiel University
Kleindienst, MartinLam Research AG
Reichhartinger, MarkusGraz University of Technology
Meurer, ThomasKiel University
Moreno, Jaime A.Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico-UNAM
Horn, MartinGraz University of Technology
13:50-14:10, Paper FrScKU.2 
A Control-Oriented Model of a Distributed Parameter Heating Process

Weiss, RuvenUniversity of Applied Sciences
Diehl, MoritzUniversity of Freiburg
Rieger, HaraldHOMAG AG
Reuter, JohannesUniversity of Applied Sciences
14:10-14:30, Paper FrScKU.3 
Data-Driven Control-Oriented Reduced Order Modeling for Open Channel Flows

Baumann, HenryChristian-Albrechts-University
Schaum, AlexanderKiel University
Meurer, ThomasKiel University




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