NMPC 2018 6th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control 19th - 22nd August 2018. Madison, Wisconsin (USA)

6th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
August 19-22, 2018, Madison, WI, USA

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Last updated on August 15, 2018. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

NMPC 2018 Keyword Index

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AerospaceMoAPo1.5, MoAPo1.29, MoMP1.1, MoMRa1.2, TuAPo1.3
AutomotiveMoAPo1.6, MoAPo1.10, MoAPo1.16, MoAPo1.20, MoAPo1.25, MoAPo1.26, MoMRb1.1, MoMRb1.3, TuAP1.1, TuMRb1.3
Autonomous TransportationMoAPo1.25
Big Data and Predictive ControlMoMK1.1, TuAP1.1, TuAPo1.1, TuAPo1.27, TuAPo1.28, TuEK1.1
Biological SystemsMoAPo1.13, MoAPo1.32
Cooperative controlTuAPo1.25
Cyber-Physical SystemsMoMRa1.2
Cyber-physical systemsTuAPo1.25
Cyber-Physical SystemsWeAP1.1, WeMRa1.1
Decentralized controlTuAPo1.25
Dedicated Hardware Implementation of Model Predictive ControlMoAPo1.27, TuAPo1.8, TuAPo1.18
Dedicated Optimization Solvers for Model Predictive ControlSuEK1.1, SuEP1.1, SuEPo1.2, SuEPo1.3, TuAPo1.3, TuAPo1.7, TuAPo1.9, TuAPo1.10, TuAPo1.11, TuAPo1.14, TuAPo1.15, TuAPo1.16, TuAPo1.17, TuAPo1.18, TuMK1.1, TuMRa1.1, TuMRa1.2, TuMRb1.1, TuMRb1.4, WeMP1.1
Distributed Model Predictive ControlMoAP1.1, MoAPo1.12, MoAPo1.24, SuEPo1.5, SuEPo1.6, SuEPo1.13, TuERa1.2
Economic Predictive ControlMoAPo1.12, MoAPo1.19, SuEK1.2, SuEPo1.14, SuEPo1.18, SuEPo1.23, SuEPo1.31, TuAPo1.2, TuAPo1.16, TuAPo1.23, WeMRa1.2
Electrical Power SystemsMoAPo1.8, MoAPo1.15, MoMRb1.4
Energy Efficient BuildingsMoMRb1.2
Explicit Model Predictive ControlSuEPo1.2, SuEPo1.7, SuEPo1.32, TuAPo1.13, TuAPo1.31, TuERb1.2
Explicit model predictive control, energy control, stabilizationMoAPo1.31
Fluid DynamicsMoAPo1.8
Formation control: mobile robots, UAVsWeMRb1.3
Gaussian processesTuAPo1.26
HealthcareMoAPo1.13, MoAPo1.28, MoMRa1.1, TuAPo1.4
Hybrid Model Predictive ControlMoAPo1.14, MoAPo1.29, SuEPo1.25, TuAPo1.15, TuMRb1.3
Learning and Predictive ControlSuEPo1.21, TuAK1.1, TuAK1.2, TuAP1.1, TuAPo1.1, TuAPo1.4, TuAPo1.24, TuAPo1.26, TuAPo1.28, TuAPo1.32, TuERb1.1, TuERb1.2, TuERb1.3
Machine learningTuERb1.3
Model predictive controlTuAPo1.25
Modular designTuAPo1.25
Modularisation and Predictive ControlMoAP1.1, TuAPo1.31, TuERa1.2, WeAP1.1
Motion ControlMoAPo1.5, MoAPo1.6, MoAPo1.9, MoAPo1.10, MoAPo1.14, MoAPo1.16, MoAPo1.18, MoAPo1.22, MoAPo1.27, MoMP1.1, MoMRa1.2, MoMRb1.1, SuEPo1.12, WeMRb1.3, WeMRb1.4
Multi-mode systemsTuERb1.3
Nonlinear model predictive controlTuERb1.3
Optimization and Model Predictive ControlMoAPo1.12, MoAPo1.13, MoAPo1.30, MoMRb1.4, SuEP1.1, SuEPo1.14, SuEPo1.16, SuEPo1.17, SuEPo1.22, SuEPo1.28, SuEPo1.31, SuEPo1.32, SuER1.2, TuAK1.2, TuAPo1.1, TuAPo1.2, TuAPo1.13, TuAPo1.14, TuAPo1.16, TuAPo1.17, TuAPo1.18, TuAPo1.29, TuERa1.1, TuMK1.1, TuMRb1.1, TuMRb1.2, WeMP1.1
Output feedbackTuAPo1.26
Output Feedback Predictive ControlSuEPo1.26
Power ElectronicsMoAPo1.15, MoAPo1.23, WeMRb1.4
Predictive controlTuAPo1.26
Process ControlMoAPo1.19, MoAPo1.22, MoAPo1.30, SuEPo1.1, SuEPo1.5, SuEPo1.6, SuEPo1.7, SuEPo1.11, SuEPo1.14, SuEPo1.18, SuEPo1.19, SuEPo1.21, SuEPo1.23, TuAPo1.2, TuAPo1.19, TuAPo1.20, TuAPo1.22, WeMRa1.2
Real-Time Implementation of Model Predictive ControlMoAPo1.6, MoAPo1.16, MoAPo1.20, MoAPo1.23, MoAPo1.24, SuEP1.1, SuEPo1.2, SuEPo1.2, SuEPo1.3, SuEPo1.5, SuEPo1.10, SuEPo1.17, SuEPo1.28, SuER1.2, TuAPo1.5, TuAPo1.7, TuAPo1.8, TuAPo1.10, TuAPo1.11, TuAPo1.14, TuAPo1.17, TuAPo1.19, TuAPo1.22, TuMRa1.1, TuMRb1.1, TuMRb1.3, TuMRb1.4, WeMRa1.1, WeMRb1.4
RoboticsMoAPo1.21, MoAPo1.24, MoAPo1.25, MoAPo1.26, SuEPo1.15, SuEPo1.25, SuEPo1.29, TuAK1.2, WeMRb1.3
Robotics, Learning based predictive controlMoEK1.1
Robust Model Predictive ControlMoAP1.1, MoAPo1.32, MoMRb1.1, SuEPo1.1, SuEPo1.2, SuEPo1.10, SuEPo1.11, SuEPo1.24, SuEPo1.26, SuEPo1.31, SuER1.1, TuAPo1.23, TuAPo1.24, TuAPo1.27, TuAPo1.29, TuAPo1.30, TuAPo1.32, TuERa1.2, TuERb1.1, TuERb1.2, WeAP1.1
RobustnessTuAPo1.26, TuERb1.3
Scheduling and ManufacturingMoAPo1.19, MoAPo1.32, MoMK1.1, MoMRb1.2
Stability and Recursive FeasibilityMoAPo1.9, SuEPo1.7, SuEPo1.8, SuEPo1.9, SuEPo1.10, SuEPo1.15, SuEPo1.16, SuEPo1.17, SuEPo1.19, SuEPo1.22, SuEPo1.25, SuEPo1.26, SuEPo1.27, SuEPo1.29, SuER1.1, SuER1.2, TuAPo1.4, TuAPo1.5, TuAPo1.19, TuAPo1.20, TuAPo1.24, TuAPo1.29, TuAPo1.30, TuERb1.1, WeMRa1.2, WeMRb1.1, WeMRb1.2
Stochastic Model Predictive ControlMoAPo1.27, MoAPo1.30, SuER1.1, TuAPo1.20, TuAPo1.22, TuAPo1.27, TuEK1.1, TuERa1.1
Sub-Optimal Model Predictive ControlMoAPo1.8, SuEPo1.12, TuAPo1.5
Systems of systemsTuAPo1.25
Tracking and Path Following Predictive ControlMoAPo1.10, MoAPo1.18, MoAPo1.21, MoAPo1.22, MoAPo1.26, MoMRb1.4, SuEPo1.23, SuEPo1.29




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